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The annoying thing about fictional characters’ interests is that they don’t really exist in life. But what if there is a way to meet your crush in real life?

cartoon character crush

Having a character draped over it is a rite of passage for many of us. whether you are a man or a woman You probably had the first one before the age of 10 *and now you should too!*

The most popular today is Christian Gray, preceded by Edward Cullen and beyond them. There are thousands and thousands more that make millions of girls and men swoon at the idea of ​​a person.

Crushing a character is not a bad thing. You can’t help but be impressed with amazing individuals that may or may not exist. whether they are vampires or werewolves.

They may seem like the ultimate dream and are out of reach. But the writers and artists who create the ones you like may take their personalities or mix them from real people.

So, even if the idea sounds crazy, it’s not too hard to believe that you’ll find someone. that in real life It is difficult to find a supernatural person. But we’re talking personalities here. not superpower

If you are looking for that We may still be able to help you. [Read: 20 fictional ideal personality traits that are based off real life]

Why are you crazy about the characters in the novels?

Although it’s just a passing period for many, there are those who totally fall in love with the characters they like.

Most people might look funny. But secretly having a crush on someone who doesn’t really exist is normal. Why do you think so many people are crazy about their celebrities? Their identities do not exist most of the time.

The most basic reason why you’re interested in fictional characters is because they embody the traits you hope your future partner might have.

Obviously, the first thing people noticed was the appearance of the character. whether written or not When authors portray their characters as the most charming people in the world. You’ll see that’s true.

Money is the deciding factor for being crushed as well. look at billionaires Vampires with hidden investments and super-talented celebrities, and you know what I’m talking about.

Besides that, their charm can also be a great motivator. Rich or not, it’s not a problem. Even their morality isn’t a big deal, see Draco Malfoy, Christian Gray and Loki.

Who wouldn’t look like this? But the important thing is that these people are just pieces of the bigger puzzle: the world.

with or without superpowers They all work as we do every day. They embody attraction, power, charisma, and attitude, all you’ll find in a boy who may be sitting next to you. [Read: 12 Prince Charming traits that make all girls swoon]

Your favorite imaginary character and what it means in real life.

It all depends on what you see in the people you like in today’s novels. Are you interested in their appearance? Their personality? Their money? Their Chitauri scepter?

Anything that upsets the stomach We have the answer to finding this elusive creature in real life.


whether they were born rich or not This kind of motivation is fleeting. What you are looking for is a man who can give you financial security. Look for a man who has the potential to give you a good life. If you feel that you deserve a lavish lifestyle It’s not a man’s job to do it for you. It’s yours.


If you impress a guy who can easily stop a bullet with his chest or fly you to the moon and back. *Hopefully in a spacesuit* You may also be interested in the concept of masculine strength. You want to be protected and cared for. Such a man is easy to find He is the one who does everything for you and takes care of you whenever you need it. if there is something else Caring for you more than he does for himself is the best superpower. [Read: 25 signs and qualities that make for a great real life boyfriend]

flirtatious personality

If you look at the characters that most people like. You will see that most of them have the ability to dissolve you instantly. This superpower is called sex appeal. If a man is confident enough to pull it off You can have your own son by your side. with mischievous eyes

Confidence is the key to having an impact on women. You can easily find a guy like that. Because you can feel his intensity when he looks at you with wants and needs. [Read: 10 really easy ways to increase your sex appeal in no time]

good looking killer

If you can’t figure out what your crush looks like? Show that you are ready for the reward. You are always interested in their overall shape. which consists of different attractive features It’s almost impossible for you to find a guy who looks like a graphic novel or celebrity. But you can always find someone with the same attractive traits. even if there are fewer numbers Just remember that appearance is not very valuable. Having a type is a much better way.

courage and courage

Seeing or reading about your crush defeating monsters or holding villains behind them can be hot. It’s the equivalent of a lion killing a gazelle for his partner and, uh, other friends, showing you that you’re just meeting the primary need for an alpha male.

This means that you want a man who is dominant and has the necessary qualities that make up an assertive partner. not only that You need someone who can protect you and keep the bad guys out. To find a man like this in real life You have to look at how he treats you and how much he values ​​you. Make sure he protects you but doesn’t choke. [Read: 30 characteristics in a man that make him a real alpha]


And the number one requirement? The ability to push the boundaries of your romance. villain or not The main crush in the novel is usually the one who talks raving. It can take you to unfamiliar places where fairy lights and bamboo fountains sound in the background. that is easy to fix in real life

Just have your partner book at a really lovely spa. And be sure to tell them to add some romance from time to time. Asking isn’t a bad thing, and if they’re not willing to try. There are even budget-friendly options. They may not be your person. [Read: 25 really romantic ideas to make your date melt!]

But how do you find him?

These are just some of the things that make up your favorite characters. In real life, you’ll have to deal with the good and the bad of everyone you meet.

Paying attention to your crush who doesn’t exist at all can be a great distraction. Until you find the person you are destined to be with.

If you want someone who really knows about the universe your crush lives on. Go to your local fan club or find people related to you online. *But be extra careful and safe when surrounded by strangers!*

but until then It’s okay to dream of someone similar to your crush. But don’t let it eat you.

One day, you’ll meet someone who will make your dreams come true without the need for carved jaws and sparkling igneous/sediment/transformation.

[Read: 12 bad girl traits every guy wants to see in his girl]

Sometimes, your interest in fictional characters can tell you more than meets the eye about your own romantic fantasies. Include your wants and desires for the guy you’re dating. So who is your favorite character in the novel? And what do you think that means?

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