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Are there any guy friends you hope to spark with? You can learn how to flirt with male friends easily and get the results you want.

how to flirt with a guy friend

Flirting with a guy friend is not difficult. But it’s harder than you’d expect. The flirting part is easy. But keeping him interested is the hard part. I have some tips on how to flirt with male friends.

Men can be innocent The guy you’re friends with will become even more curious.

It depends on how long you’ve been friends. He may not even process the idea that you might be romantically interested in him.

Flirting, though, is about the balance of attraction and subtlety. But when it comes to learning how to flirt with male friends effectively, [Read: These are the flirting signs guys miss all the time]

How not to flirt with a guy friend

Now there’s really no wrong way. When it comes to flirting with male friends, however, there are certain flirtatious attitudes that can be too subtle or strange to someone you already know.

For example, don’t take a pickup truck with a guy friend. Not only does it make you feel unusual. But he might also see it as a joke. If you are honest about your interest in this guy friend. Rejection can hurt you. But the fact that he doesn’t even know you’re flirting can be serious too.

don’t go too forward Flirting with a guy friend is an insult. You want him to get a picture You want to touch him to see if he’s flirting back. However, you shouldn’t be too pushy as this might shock him. [Read: What do guys think of their female friends? 15 secrets revealed]

when learning how to flirt A guy friend who moves too fast can sabotage what could turn out to be good. Most men are not very good at making changes. Making your flirtation too obvious can drive him away. Slow burns are most effective when trying to add more male friends.

Don’t leave another woman Letting him know that you don’t like his ex or the girl he’s bad at won’t help you at all. First of all, we’re into the 21st century. Let’s embrace the power of young women, don’t let other women down. The attention of men, no matter how cute they are.

Telling your guy friends that his ex is a snobby guy or a girl he likes to be comfortable with. will only make you look bad Most men don’t want to hear that you’re talking badly about women in general. let alone the woman he feels He’d rather make that kind of comment to attack his judgment or taste than to attack these women.

The perfect way to flirt is to respect each other. Whether you’re flirting with a guy friend to start a date or just for some mutually-interested friends. Respect and generosity are at the forefront. [Read: How to ask a guy to be friends with benefits without getting turned down]

How to flirt with a guy friend in detail

as i said Learning how to flirt with guy friends is all about controlling your subtlety and attractiveness. Give him the idea to see you as more than a friend. It begins with a delicate courtship.

#1 Make eye contact. Eye contact may seem like a must for any conversation. But it’s something we tend to overlook. When you’re talking to your favorite guy friend about anything. to look into his eyes Don’t stare like a creep. But build that visual connection.

Looking into someone’s eyes for even three seconds can have a huge emotional impact.

#2 change your look I’m not saying you have to color your hair or buy a new wardrobe. But do little things to get his attention. May apply lip gloss or style your hair in a new way. This is something he may not have noticed or mentioned. But some of him will process these changes. [Read: Atypical secrets to owning your beautiful you]

#3 Look into his interests. Maybe you connect as friends through your love of sports? office. Try to branch out from the place if you know love. star wars, look into it I don’t recommend changing who you are to suit him. But showing him that you’re trying to connect with him will definitely say something.

#4 confident. You may feel comfortable around him. him because he is your friend But showing off your stupid side without shame is really flirting. Some people may think that being silly around the guy you like will put you in the friend zone. But being yourself 100% is the opposite.

#5 invite him It depends on how close you are. He may have come to your house several times. Now invite him alone. You don’t have to jump on him when he walks through the door. But inviting him into your safe space in person shows your trust and comfort with him. [Read: The signs your guy friend is totally into you]

How to flirt with guy friends and build relationships

When you’ve pretended to flirt with a guy friend. Instead, try to be a little more clear. Unconsciously, he may come to the idea that you can be more than just a friend.

Therefore, gradually Finding a way from friends to more by flirting will give him time to understand the same point.

#1 Body language. Whether you’re high five or hugged Increasing physical affection is an important element of flirting with male friends. Lean behind him when you watch TV. Brush his arm when he says something funny. Even crossing your legs towards him is a sign of gravity. [Read: 18 body language signs that prove he likes you]

#2 pull him out when you are in the group of friends You should not focus only on him. But make it a point to talk to him personally. Group settings are great when you’re in a solid relationship. When you try to flirt with a guy friend Keeping those parts apart is the best way to go.

Letting him see you out of the group will help him see you through a different lens. Hopefully there will be more romance. [Read: 21 moves to charm any guy and make him fall for you]

#3 compliment him Compliments go further than you think. Let him know that he smells good. Tell him he looks good in that shirt. Let’s say you’re impressed with the way he’s dealt with something recently. You don’t have to force compliments on him. But being honest and straightforward about what you like about him or her. will tell him that you will not deny him [Read: 25 compliments for guys they’ll never, ever forget]

#4 ask him for help Doing something together is a sure way to grow and connect. Ask him for help on projects like building something. or even driving to pick up things Spending time exploring and learning together will inspire a new level in your relationship. [Read: How to encourage a guy to make the first move]

#5 frankly When you feel that you have reached the limit of flirting and sensitive signals. Tell him how you feel. It’s only good to hint at your feelings. If you want really good results Tell him that you are interested in him as more than a friend.

Let him know that he can take the time to think about it and process this new information. Despite all the signs But it may take some time to follow you.

[Read: All the sneakiest ways to get a guy to ask you out in no time]

Learning how to flirt with a guy friend is pretty easy. Just take your time and be patient with him for seeing you as more than a friend.

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