How to Flirt with a Shy Guy: 15 Baby Steps to Help Him Talk to You

Learning how to talk to shy guys can be difficult. Learning how to flirt with a shy guy is even harder! However, it is not possible. Here’s how

how to flirt with shy guy

When it comes to people we like We really can’t control it. Our bodies and minds decide who they want to see and talk to. And we just have to mingle with it. This can be frustrating when a shy guy becomes the cornea of ​​your eye. Wondering how to flirt with a shy guy? Well, we’ll get there fast enough. First, you need to learn how to talk to a shy guy and keep him open. Then the flirting can begin!

Of course, it’s not that shy guys are always bad. It’s just that they are hard to recognize and flirt with.

Because they don’t really talk to you. or even look at you Asking them about their lives and finding their deepest desires is an easy battle to overcome. when you gain their trust You can coax them out of the shell in time.

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Why are shy people the best?

You might avoid going to shy guys just because they’re a little more difficult to recognize. You won’t regret it

Turns out they tend to have the best personalities. they are hidden But it’s worth digging in.

not only that Shy guys are always the nicest and sweetest boyfriends. because he is more reserved So he didn’t feel the need to go out and flirt with other women. because he is shy You know he’s going to like you so much that he opens up to you. You know he really likes you.

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How to flirt with a shy guy to open up

Before you hope to make a shy guy yours. You’ll have to flirt with him to see if the chemistry is right, because at this point, all you know is that you’re interested in him. Knowing how to flirt with a shy guy and make him open up to you can be really difficult. The good news is that you just have to know how to do it.

To get the most out of getting to know the friend you like. First you need to know how to talk to shy guys. That’s the first basic step. Then you have to level up and flirt in a way that doesn’t scare him. These tips will surely help you. [Read: Is he shy or not interested? 15 signs to decode his behavior]

1. Be a little shy

Do this in the sense that you should be a little shy and cautious. It’s not like you should avoid talking to him or making eye contact with him. Doing so will get you nowhere.

But if he sees you as protected as he is It can really ease his anxiety and make it easier for him to let you in. So just be a little embarrassed with him so he knows you’re just like him. When learning to talk to shy people Making him comfortable is important. He will be more comfortable if you are like him. [Read: Why guys like shy girls and find them incredibly attractive]

2. Sure he was alone.

Shy guys are a little nervous. for that reason You should always approach them when they are alone and when they are with friends.

If you try to flirt with him when he’s around other people. He will be even more shy because he will be too irritable to flirt.

3. Use body language from afar

You don’t have to approach a guy every time to flirt with him. In the case of shy men shouldn’t do that Start by waving and smiling at him from across the room.

In fact, you can even start later than that. Let him catch you looking at him and smile when you turn around. This lets him know you’re checking him out. But he doesn’t have to do anything. That gave him peace of mind. [Read: Does he like me? 18 signs to decode a guy’s body language]

4. Ask him for help with something.

As we said above Shy guys are usually really nice people. You should attract this quality in him by enlisting his help. He won’t be shy if he thinks he’s just helping you. But it gives you the opportunity to flirt while he does that.

5. Ask questions that are not directly related to him.

Asking questions is the best way to get people to talk to. It is advisable to ask questions that require more than a yes or no answer. This forces him to talk to you. And the more he talks to you The more he opened up his mind. Then you will start flirting with confidence. [Read: How to talk to a guy – 34 tips to sweet talk any guy and get them interested]

6. Don’t be aggressive

Aggressive flirting has its advantages, but only if the guy isn’t shy, if he’s shy, this will make him even more scared. And he’ll be too nervous to talk to you again.

Shy when you start flirting And the chances that he will open your heart are much better.

7. Avoid pranking techniques

Teasing is a great tool to flirt with as long as the guy isn’t really shy. If you want to know how to flirt with shy guys. Teasing will only make him more nervous and shy!

So avoid it until you know him better. [Read: 14 ways to show a guy you like him, and still be a tease]

8. Flirting infrequently

Don’t just go to him and flirt every day. He’ll be overwhelmed and will probably start avoiding you because he doesn’t like when he’s very nervous. Start every few days and increase until he responds to your flirting.

9. Smile a lot

A smile warms everyone. It doesn’t matter who is shy. If you smile at him often He will feel able to talk to you and be friends with you.

Smiling makes my heart melt. So smile at the guy you like very much. To let him see that you are kind and friendly. [Read: 13 charming ways to be more approachable to guys]

10. Delicacy is the key.

If your flirting is really obvious He might be nervous and don’t know what to do. You have to flirt in a way that makes him feel like you’re just trying to be friendly until he comes home and realizes you’re flirting with him. You do that by keeping things To be low and not make him have to talk aggressively.

11. Don’t make him the center of flirting.

If you focus all your attention on him while you’re flirting. He will blush and hide from you every time. Shy guys don’t like being the center of attention. So in order to know how to flirt with a shy guy Instead, try to talk about something else with a flirtatious hint. [Read: 30 subtle, obviously and really sexy flirting tips for girls]

12. Watch out for his body language.

You have to be an expert at reading body language to flirt with shy guys. You need to be able to tell if he’s responding to your flirting or if he’s more embarrassed by you.

in doing this Notice how he faces when he talks to you. If he’s aiming at you He is open to your progress. But if he starts to turn around Step back, as he may already be intimate and nervous. [Read: Is he attracted to you? 16 giveaways to watch out for]

13. Make him laugh

Laughter has the ability to open up even the most closed people, so tell him jokes or joke even in the group he is in. If he feels he can laugh with you. He’ll feel more comfortable with you and flirt with him more easily.

14. Be consistent

Some shy guys have insecurity issues – not all of them. But many people have problems.

So it’s a good idea to make sure he knows you’re flirting and not just being friendly. His default is to think that you are not interested in him. So be consistent with your flirting to let him know that you really like him. [Read: How guys flirt – 15 subtle things guys do to impress a girl]

15. Make eye contact

when you talk to him He might want to ignore you because that’s what shy people do. But try your best to meet his eyes. Making eye contact will create intimacy that will make him feel like he can trust you. And you can flirt in any way!

Understand his shyness and be patient.

Of course, it’s important that you understand all of your nervousness. Many are shy, some are passive, some are introverted. while the others were really shy.

There is a slight difference But talking and flirting with men who have the above characteristics. often use the same tactic [Read: 20 subtle moves to make a guy miss you and leave him obsessed]

Shyness is not uncommon and uncommon. It’s very common.

However, living with it can be very difficult. and in some cases it may deteriorate society. For that reason, be patient if he doesn’t respond to the level you want. But you get a signal that he’s interested, so do it. Don’t push him, just give him a gentle encouragement and give it some time.

Patience is important when communicating with anyone who is shy. Especially when communication turns into courtship.

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If you want to know how to flirt with a shy guy. You have to let him open up to you and trust you naturally. If you force you to flirt with him He’s more likely to run away than to flirt back.

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