How to Flirt With Your Crush: 15 Easy Ways to Make Them Fall Hard

Don’t worry, we’ve been there. Wondering how to flirt with your crush? With practice, I’ve gone from tragedy to flirting queen.

How to flirt with your crush

We’ve all been in situations where we sit next to your crush and have the opportunity to say something. Of course, most of us don’t. But we sat there, sweating, contemplating, waiting for them to say something. But if you want your crush to go the extra mile. You can’t just sit there waiting for him to say something. You have to learn how to flirt with your crush in order to have the power between the two of you.

how to flirt with your crush

I remember talking to my crush for the first time. I was so nervous that I couldn’t finish the sentence. Trust me, it wasn’t easy. But when you go through that first encounter Talking to your crush will be easier. Remember that they are just people.

when you start talking It’s time to flirt with them. nothing too serious But do test the waters and see what they think about you, so it’s time to learn the ropes. Once you know what to do, it’s easy.

#1 You know how to flirt, you’re just nervous. Anyone can flirt It’s part of natural communication. Flirting is meant to create sexual tension between two people, so you really know how to flirt. it’s instinct

The real problem is that you’re nervous. This is when you stutter. laugh nervously Or end up saying something stupid now if they’re smart. They will see your concerns. And they say to help you relax. [Read: 18 calm ways to eliminate nerves instantly]

#2 do not put it on the pedestal This is another big problem when it comes to how to flirt with your crush. You know how to flirt, but the problem is, you see them almost as celebrities. They are wonderful and perfect people that you fall in love with.

I’m not saying this feeling is bad. But when you praise someone You will lose your identity in that image. rather than seeing them for who they really are.

#3 find your confidence you have to be confident in yourself It doesn’t matter if you flirt with your crush or not. The only way to flirt with them is if you feel you are worthy. They’re only human, so if you feel like getting a haircut or a new shirt will boost your confidence, then do it. Do whatever makes you feel good. That way, confidence will radiate out of you. [Read: 10 subtle body language move to appear more confident]

#4 make the first move If you don’t take the first step You will wait your whole life for them. trust me on this I fell in love with this guy and would do anything to get him to talk to me—but nothing. after a couple of years I met him at a party and started a conversation. We got it out! Are we dating? No, but the point is You shouldn’t be afraid to make the first move. Who knows what will happen to it?

#5 Don’t flirt right away This is not a competition You don’t have to rush to flirt with this person. Take your time and go at a speed you feel comfortable with. If it takes you a week before you start flirting, that’s fine.

There is no time limit for flirting. You do what makes you feel good. If you approach people This but you’re too nervous Try talking to him normally and see how it goes. [Read: 4o questions to ask your crush and subtly flirt with them]

#6 Don’t let your friends influence what you do. This is very normal when it comes to your crush. Your friends will be highly involved. By telling you what to do and what not to do, now some of your friends will be right. However, in the end, it all depends on what makes you feel good.

#7 compliment them Everyone loves compliments. It’s a great way to show someone that you care about them without saying “I’m sorry.” “I was looking at you and noticed every detail.”

It’s a subtle flirtation and a great way to keep yourself warm. what is important is You really mean what you say People can tell you’re just complimenting them politely. don’t be that person If you say it, it means so. [Read: 40 unbelievably cute things you can say to your crush]

#8 tease them You may have been told not to make fun of other people when you were young. Which when you’re five is good advice. But now you delete that from your memory. Teasing is a great way to flirt with your crush. Now don’t look down on them. to gently poke them Let them tease you back instead. This is what creates sexual tension.

#9 touch them Flirting isn’t just about what you say. But it’s also about body language. Of course, I know, deep down, you just want to rip their clothes off. But that’s not what I mean by touch. for a while We are still in square one.

Your touch doesn’t have to be aggressive. Just touch their arm when they make a joke. or lean towards them when you speak to them. Your goal is to get closer to them. Remember that you don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable. [Read: How to talk to your crush and make them fall for you in no time]

#10 If you can’t face each other send message Maybe you’re just not ready to start flirting with people. This is face-to-face, I get it. It’s easier to talk through text. You don’t have to look at them. Plus, you have time to think about what you have to say.

So if you want to be comfortable when you know how to flirt with your crush Texting might be a better way to do this without feeling nervous. Knowing how to flirt with messages is another art in itself. So learn how to type correctly in order to successfully flirt. [Read: 20 flirty ways to text your crush to get them interested]

#11 There is no magic pickup truck. no matter what you do If you stand still with your mind empty Do not use nonsense words I don’t like beggars But please don’t do it You get nothing from it and no one, male or female. look at you and think The “falling from heaven” you just used is charming. Just say hi if you can’t think of anything. [Read: The right way to start a conversation with your crush]

#12 End the conversation on a high note. You don’t have to continue the conversation if you want to, or feel like cutting it off before it gets boring. You can feel when the conversation should end. And I know you really like them. But finishing on a high note will help you a lot better in the long run.

It also adds to your mystery. You show interest but ignore them. So it adds more excitement.

#13 Eyes say it all. It really caught my eye You flirt without talking to them, why? all in sight Body language is a key factor in flirting.

When you talk, make sure to make eye contact a little longer than usual. Remember not to make eye contact for too long. just a few seconds unless they look at you “I want to kiss you” [Read: How to use prolonged eye contact when flirting]

#14 Ask for their number. If you’re not good at hinting at their numbers. Why not ask them for their number? I mean, if you’re flirting and things seem to be going well, why not? If you are still in the introduction stage You can wait before asking them. But if it feels good, just ask. The worst thing that could happen is that they say no. [Read: Texting your crush – A step-by-step guide to doing it right]

#15 Don’t try to change yourself. Many people try to change it to impress the person you like. Listen, if you don’t like shopping but they do. That doesn’t mean you drag yourself around the mall with them. If you like motorcycles You don’t need to learn how to ride. This isn’t an 80s chick movie. Don’t change who you are if you want to know the right way to flirt with your crush. Yes, you can get a new haircut or a new pair of shoes. But don’t try to be someone else.

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Now you know how to flirt with your crush. What are you waiting for? I know it’s scary, but you have to do what you really have to lose?

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