How to Flirt with Your Girlfriend: Make Her Feel Wanted and Sexy

Having a girlfriend doesn’t mean you stop flirting. Here are 20 awesome and foolproof ways to learn how to flirt with your girl!

how to flirt

We’ve all been there. Your little relationship, where you’ve been with someone for a while, is too comfortable. You know the feeling, right? When you know you used to enjoy great dating. amazing conversation and flirting the night before you hop in bed for hot, hot sex. Now you sit quietly in your pajamas and eat dinner straight from the pan? It’s possible to rekindle the fire and learn how to flirt with your girl again.

Why is effort important in a long-term relationship?

Unfortunately, most long-term relationships change over time. Even if there are good things A lot about being comfortable with your other half. One downside is that you stop trying to flirt.

Lack of effort often manifests in the way you treat each other. While you still love each other deeply You stop messing with going out on dates. watch television in the evening and hardly talk at all Even when you leave the warm nest you call home. You spend the evening chatting with your friends and not communicating, flirting, or having fun like you do. [Read: The 14 common reasons why relationships fail]

How to flirt with a girl – 20 secrets that work like a charm

Of course, just because you don’t do this doesn’t mean your relationship is wrong. However, it can start to become a problem for some couples who miss out on the passion and spark they’ve experienced.

It’s undeniable that the relationship will work. Maintaining a healthy relationship is a great way to keep your partner interested and attracted to you. So it’s worth trying.

But if you have ever encountered a relationship problem. What can you do to rekindle that spark and add some fun to your relationship?

#1 Tell her how attractive you are. If you haven’t complimented her in a while. Now it’s time It’s hard to feel attractive if your partner never bothers to tell you. Be sure to tell her how attractive you are to her. Especially when you see that she’s doing her best. But when she’s wearing no make-up and just hanging out with messy clothes? [Read: 100 sweet things to say to your girlfriend and make her feel loved]

#2 Show love. Flirting doesn’t have to be about what you say to your girlfriend. It’s also about physical love. Make sure you kiss and hug her throughout the day. Hold her hand when you go out and snuggle up on the couch together in the evening. [Read: 16 non-sexual touches to feel connected and loved]

#3 flirting foreplay Introduce flirting into your bedroom routine. Being flirty and having a little fun and teasing before you feel bad and dirty makes sex extra hot and fiery. and more fun

#4 Make eye contact when you are with friends. So it might be that you sit apart to meet your friends. See each other all the time! all is good and good But make sure you look at her from time to time and give her a sly smile that she’s still the girl that catches your eye.

#5 Try flirting over text. to add some color Why not try flirting through text messages? This is a great way to start flirting if you’re a little nervous because you have all the time in the world to think about what to say!

#6 confident. Remember that confidence is everything. Even if you last flirted with a girl a long time ago But now you’ve made up your mind. proceed with confidence Don’t worry about fooling yourself either. The worst-case scenario is that she finds your efforts sweet and funny. You still get tons of brownie points for trying. [Read: The 9 subtle differences between a confident and arrogant man]

#7 natural Often in long-term relationships The spontaneity will stop, so if you want to know how to flirt with a girl again. Why not surprise your girlfriend with an unplanned date? or just doing something stupid And it’s natural when you go out.

#8 turn off your phone Make sure you are not distracted with your daily life. when you are together Turn off your phone and leave your laptop nearby to make sure you pay attention to each other. And you tend to have more fun and colorful conversations.

#9 smile. sometimes simple things For example, her sly and sly smile from time to time works wonders. Why not give it a try! [Read: 15 cute things to text your girlfriend when you’re missing her]

#10 Appreciate her. Being a flirt isn’t just about winking, chatting online, and being a flirt! Showing your girlfriend how much you appreciate her and how lucky you are to have her makes her feel valued.

#11 Buy her flowers. Every girl loves bouquets and this sweet gift will keep you in the good books. Definitely hers!

#12 Go on a date. Spending time dating other people will remind you of what it was in the first place. It will take you back in time to a time when you naturally flirted with your girlfriend.

#13 Write her a love letter. The most romantic thing about writing a love letter to her is old school flirting!

#14 Get defensive. Women love to feel safe and protected around men. So hugging her shoulder or guiding her as you walk makes her weak in her knees. [Read: How to seduce your lady like a gentleman]

#15 Be a gentleman. If you want to know how to flirt with a classy girl. Forget being a sassy flirt. Why not be a good, old-fashioned gentleman?

#16 Leave a note. Leaving a cute post-it around the house, or even writing a message in the bathroom mirror, is the cutest way to flirt.

#17 Make her laugh. Don’t underestimate how good humor can be when it comes to sparking flirting in your relationship.

#18 Give her full attention. Remember, if you’re embarking on a flirtation mission with your girlfriend, do your best and give her your full, undivided attention.

#19 Dress up. Efforts will not be overlooked. Why not have them both get dressed and go find something tasty somewhere? [Read: How to surprise your girlfriend *and score some brownie points*]

#20 Have interesting conversations.An intellectually stimulating conversation is another great way to flirt. Make sure you really find time to talk. Soon you will find yourself already flirting.

[Read: The 15 ways you can make your girlfriend feel loved and needed]

Of course, if you don’t really practice It might feel forced and a little awkward at first. but hold on She will appreciate your efforts regardless. Before long, learning how to flirt with your girl will become more natural until it’s as easy and exciting as it used to be!

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