How to Friendzone a Girl like a Gentleman and Not Break Her Heart

Learning how to make friends with women is an important skill to learn. Because it will happen many times in your life. but let her have her dignity

how to friend zone for women

If you haven’t experienced this situation yet. I’ll tell you—I’m surprised! I swear I’ve been friendzoned many times, and I’ve friendzoned many friends too. It’s not easy to do and even harder to do with you. know how it feels is friendzoned will definitely make you better at that. do friend zone And learning how to friend zone with women will help you in life.

How do you feel at friend zone?

Okay, to be honest, it sucks. I always feel stupid to believe that there’s more between us. And I have a bad habit of believing that things are better than they really are. I always thought that I had failed in job interviews and that the job was definitely mine. Or I believe the person I’m interested in must interested in me too Those things didn’t just happen. It would be wonderful if that were true. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Once you’ve been friendzoned, you may not be able to be that person’s friend. It can be very difficult to overcome the embarrassment of being rejected and staying in the friend zone. So the best solution is to avoid it altogether, run away, just cancel the mission. Seriously, don’t waste your time. [Read: This is why you should never use the word friendzone]

Okay, that’s really bad advice. That’s just my experience. Usually I gradually Fade into the background and stay away from the person for a while. Maybe months or years after talking to them again. but for the most part I just don’t mention them. I know this is not the best solution. But I’ve never used conflicts so well. [Read: How to handle sexual tension between friends like a platonic pro]

how to friend zone for women

Now you know what it feels like to be friendzone. *At least it feels like being friendzoned* Make a strategy to friendzone with that girl in your life appropriately. Always remember: she digs into you. And she’s at a certain level of risk. please let her down softly

#1 Make sure you want to do this.Don’t just befriend her because you don’t know what else to do. Think long and hard about your feelings for this woman. because when you put someone in the friend zone It is almost impossible to recover them from the dark depths of the Great Friend Zone Canal. a little drama But this kind of situation is necessary, don’t you think? [Read: Are you more than friends or just friends?]

#2 Evaluate your relationship. Keep this idea true if you’re trying to figure out how to befriend a woman. You’ve been best friends since your age. 6 years or just met at a party a few weeks ago. The depth of your current relationship determines how gentle you have to be when you are friends with this woman.

If she’s been your best friend for years. handle carefully Because you don’t want to ruin your previous relationship. [Read: 17 clear signs you should be dating your friend right now]

#3 consider their courage What many people forget when setting up friendzoning is that it probably already did. a lot Dare to tell you how they feel. If you are a serious best friend for life. This is a big deal. She didn’t just decide yesterday that she has feelings for you. She had felt this way for a long time. again delicate

#4 Don’t be shy about leaving the conversation. If someone tells you that they like you. And you immediately close the conversation because it makes you uncomfortable. That’s not good. You have to listen to them.

Let them tell you how they feel. because if you don’t listen you made up your own mind It may look different from the reality of the situation. Maybe they’re interested in you but don’t want to be in a relationship. No friend zone needed here, listen to them.

#5 Give them privacy Don’t talk about your friends because this situation is just as embarrassing as you are not being a giant as you don’t know. when the conversation ends You don’t need to bring it back. let it go

#6 be patient with them as a young person We are faced with difficulties and confusion. so be patient One time I told my best friend that I had feelings for him. And in the end, those feelings didn’t really exist. I was just going through the typical post-college stress of growing up. He’s great about it. And I’m sure you too.

#7 Don’t say I love you like a brother If you want to know how to friendzone the right girl. Please don’t use this cringe. It’s terrible. The number of times I’ve heard of it. I can really throw [Read: 20 unmistakable signs your friend is totally crushing on you]

#8 and don’t say I don’t want to destroy our friendship. This always kills me What are you planning to do in a potential relationship that would be so bad that it would ruin your previous friendship!

If you act like a normal person Your friendship will surely be good. Sure, it might seem a bit weird at first, but if you’ve been a good friend. You will be able to be friends again. This is just a bad excuse.

#9 don’t open the door The worst thing I’ve ever encountered is a guy who immediately shuts down a potential relationship. don’t do this Open the door and go on a date for a few days or close the door entirely. Don’t let this poor woman suspect that one day you might change your mind. Tell her, “I actually don’t feel that way about you.” Be open and honest. [Read: Different ways to reject someone and what to expect afterwards]

#10 Ask her to hangout again. After you become friends with her don’t just say “We can still be friends” and don’t hit her again. A day or two after you friendzone her, text her and ask her to hangout so she can see that you still feel comfortable with her. And you value friendship more than this tough situation.

#11 Be considerate. I know it’s wonderful but puts herself in her shoes How would you like to be treated if the girl you’re interested in is your friend? Treat her the way you want to be treated and no less. [Read: 14 platonic friendship rules to be just friends without the drama]

#12 Don’t send mixed signals. It’s terrible, but often when we find that people are interested in us. We play with their emotions. whether intentional or not

When you’re drunk and want an ego boost Don’t kiss her because you know she will kiss you back. And don’t put your arms around her because you know she won’t tell you to leave her. hold on to what you say you don’t care about her

[Read: How to let a girl down gently and avoid her tears]

Now you know how to be friends with girls. I hope you consider and respect her. She’s a cool girl, but she’s not like you. I understand but always be a gentleman

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