How to Get a Boyfriend in College Without Losing Your Mind & Freedom

If you’re wondering how to have a boyfriend in college? You have to learn a lot but i have you Let’s get started class is in session

How to find a boyfriend in college

Many of us want to know how to get a boyfriend in college. For many, this is your first time alone. You are away from your parents and possibly your former high school. It seems now is the perfect time to meet the man of your dreams. But there was a problem with trying to get a boyfriend in college. As soon as it’s your goal It will come to an end from the beginning.

College is a time to explore and try new things. But it’s also about school and friendship. College is your chance to go on a date and see what you truly like and don’t like.

If looking for a boyfriend in college is your priority. Not only will you miss out on great opportunities, but you may also waste time. [Read: The questions to ask yourself to see if you’re ready for a relationship]

Why do you wonder if having a boyfriend in college is not good?

Whether you were single in high school or not. Having a boyfriend in college might sound great. You’re dating someone without your parents having a hard time breathing. no curfew and no one cares

You might want to get the most out of this newfound independence. And that makes sense. Me too, the only thing is, and I know it’s a cliche. But having a boyfriend is not a big deal.

The idea of ​​a boyfriend is more attractive than having a real boyfriend. especially in college This is your time to make friends for life. Focus on your course, your job, and your future. You have a lot to figure out. Why drag a man in? [Read: The 12 types of guys you’ll meet in college]

Relationships not only cause more drama and stress than you had in college. But it also takes up valuable time.

The fact that you absolutely wonder how to have a boyfriend in college. Tell me you’re interested in having a boyfriend to date. Not to meet the right person Having a girlfriend simply because it can lead to resentment, disorder, and even social degradation. It’s basically a waste of your college time.

You wouldn’t want to spend this wonderful time of your life worrying about guys calling you a friend, disrespecting you, or relying on you for Psych 101 notes. Sorry to be negative. But there’s a small chance that your college boyfriend will last long anyway. [Read:  College bucket list: 30 must-have items on your list]

How to find a boyfriend in college

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have a boyfriend or that you shouldn’t date in college. However, if your mood hits or you like someone, go for it. My advice is to not go for it. You can be open to the love, romance and possibilities of your boyfriend without looking.

Put your focus and energy on things that are more beneficial to you and worth your while as a girlfriend? Join a club or group Try a stand-up comedy or participate in the planning of the women’s march. Establish an education group or student government.

These will help you be more than your typical college boyfriend. and while you do these activities You might meet someone as moral as you and possibly your college boyfriend. [Read: How to get guys to notice you and fall for you]

Why You Shouldn’t Try to Get a Girlfriend in College

Meeting anyone with the intention of making them your boyfriend is self-sabotage. You’re putting pressure on a guy you barely know. And having that word, a boyfriend that pops into his head all the time coerce something that probably shouldn’t be

When you’re looking for a way to get a boyfriend in college. You are not being honest with your feelings. It’s not about the boyfriend. But about your true relationship with this child.

I know I look like Debbie Downer. but i’ve been there And I wasted my best school years insulting men who were not worth my time or tears. I was able to enjoy those years with my friends. I might have met someone who got along well if I wasn’t obsessed with flirting before I turned 21. [Read: Casual dating: 15 reasons why it’s the best thing ever]

What to do instead of having a boyfriend in college

Instead of having the goal of getting a boyfriend in college Lets change your focus. Looking at life through a new perspective doesn’t just open new doors. But it also changes the way you look at those doors.

focusing on other things in life You know you don’t need a boyfriend. You are all by yourself. you are awesome And if you find someone They won’t be your other half. They will increase your greatness 100%.

When your life is full in every way, the right boyfriend for you will find you. I know it sounds wonderful. But it’s true I’m not going to say that the second you stop looking, he’ll find you. But when you focus on something else Love has a way of making it appear in the most unexpected places. [Read: The real meaning of YOLO and how to live life to the fullest]

Where do you like it?

#1 Join the club. Sounds bad, but there are hundreds of clubs at college. and the children there were not defeated. These are just people with common interests hanging out. Find something that interests you and look at the school’s website and social media to see if they have a club. If not, create your own.

You can also make pancakes. game of thronesor sewing By bringing together like-minded people, you can create true friendships.

#2 protest. Now is the time in our lives that we must raise our voices. and as a young person You can make a difference. You are the future, so start now. There seems to be a protest and march at least once a month.

Not only can you go support these on the day of the event. But you can volunteer to help plan and spread the news.

#3 go to class this is clear But a lot of classes were cut in college. Instead of worrying about the boyfriend Instead, focus on your homework. That’s why you were in college in the first place, right?

Take courses that inspire and interest you. This way it will be exciting to get up and go more than a nightmare. [Read: 13 secrets to find your passion in the simplest things]

#4 Find a job. Not only is it always good to have a little extra cash. But if you start saving for your future now You will be very happy you can. It might not be the sexiest. But it gives you a bit of a backseat after graduating and gives you real-life experiences.

And it depends on where you find work. You can meet many interesting people.

#5 date. You might say, “Huh?” I’m not saying part-time dating. You just don’t need a boyfriend. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Now is your chance to experiment.

Dating different types of men go on a fun date Make friends and get this experience before settling down. And if you meet that person, great. If not, you’re still having fun. [Read: 17 vital secrets you should know about dating in college]

#6 attend seminar There is a serious shortage of attendees for college events and seminars. while everyone was at a football game or a frat party. There are many activities that your tuition fees can help you with. Why not get your money’s worth?

Either in the school newspaper or on the website. see latest events There are writers who read books, concerts, and even Q&A with the unexpected. These are great places to learn outside of class and meet more people outside of your daily activities.

[Read: The big differences between relationships in college vs mid-twenties]

Sorry if I made you feel bad about learning how to get a boyfriend in college. But hopefully I will inspire you to live your university life more than a man. make them about you

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