How to Get a Girl in Bed: Give Her the Control & Work Your Magic

You’ve been dating a girl for a while. But you can’t seem to get her to bed, right? Knowing how to get a woman in bed isn’t just about having dinner and watching a movie.

how to get a girl to bed

If you’ve ever watched a romantic comedy or teen movie. You know how they portray women. you use a pickup truck Buy her a drink and Bam, she’s yours. Now in some cases it may work. It depends on your sexual chemistry and the moment itself. However, in some cases, the trick to knowing how to get a girl to bed with you feels like climbing Everest.

how to get a girl to bed

The problem is that many people expect sex on the first, second, or third day. when in fact She doesn’t owe you anything. She doesn’t need to sleep with you because you bought her a drink. She doesn’t need to give you a blowjob because you tell her she looks good. If you really want to sleep with a girl There are two things that will increase your chances.

I’m telling you they will work 100% or not? No, because in the end She chooses what she wants. not as difficult as you think But you have to change the game.

#1 Don’t make it a target I know you want to sleep with her. If that’s the only thing going on in your mind it will show She knows you’re interested in her. Obviously, at some point She knows you will move Put all thoughts of having sex with her in mind and really talk to her. Of course, we know you want to have sex with us. But don’t make it clear We are not meat [Read: How to tell if there’s serious chemistry between the two of you]

#2 Not just you alone. You’re not the first to try to get in her pants. And if you’re trying to figure out how to get women to bed This is something you should accept right away. I recommend ditching the pickup line because she’s heard it a thousand times. If you want her attention Do the opposite of other men. trying to get in touch with her [Read: How to make a girl like you without asking you out]

#3 What do you want? You have to figure out what she is looking for from a man. We all have needs. Including you. For example, you might be looking for a woman who is adventurous in bed. which is necessary for you It means you listen and ask questions. try to get to know her You have to see what drives her. what motivates her What prompted her mind?

#4 fulfill her need Once you know what she wants, meet them. For example, if she wants adventure and spontaneity in life. Give that thing through a conversation or activity. Show her that you’re the one who meets her needs. That way, you don’t look like all the guys. You’re interested, you do something.

#5 Push her, but not too much. This is a delicate line that you balance. If you want an adventure give that to her But to the point that she was able to cope. if you push her too much she backed out This is the case for men who want to go home with a woman. If they keep asking her to come home with them, she’ll usually decline the offer. She no longer felt in control. But she felt compelled. [Read: How to seduce women with words – A guide from a woman]

#6 don’t jump on her If you want to know how to get girls in bed This is a general rule that you cannot ignore. Don’t attack her like you haven’t eaten in weeks. This rule applies to your first date. at her home playing with her on the sofa. or just about to have sex you are seducing her This is the whole point. But you can’t rush it. First, it kills the sexual tension you create. Second, it might scare her.

#7 If she invites you in, calm down. When a woman invites a man into the house it’s a big deal Home is a private matter. This means that when you walk in the door, be respectful. Don’t suddenly be naked at the door. You almost had sex with her. But you almost didn’t have sex with her either. Just because she invites you over doesn’t mean she’s having sex with you.

#8 you can kiss her If you are at her house at your home or anywhere You can kiss her. Listen, she’ll tell you if she’s satisfied with it. continue Use your hands. However, don’t immediately start touching her ass and breasts. Go slow, you’re not in a hurry, focus on creating sexual tension. [Read: How to get a girl to kiss you by subtly arousing her]

#9 take your time If you’re in the hot, hot makeup routine. Don’t be in a rush to have sex. In fact, you should play slowly and enjoy foreplay with her. Her feelings will increase. Just like yours and the sex chemistry is off the roof. Play amongst themselves and explore during foreplay.

#10 It is little giving and receiving. You want to kiss her and touch her. But you also want to pull back sometimes and give her some space. She will walk towards you and continue. It’s like a light game. push and pull If you take a little break, there’s nothing wrong with that. Laugh or talk for a bit and continue. You create a connection between you. [Read: Fractionation seduction and how men can seduce women using emotions]

#11 Every woman has a wall. Knowing that each woman is different and has their own boundaries for sex, etc. Some women have no problem with a makeup session. But don’t feel comfortable having sex right away.

You’ll find that the two of you continue to be intimate. Take one step back and continue your makeup session. know your boundaries

#12 Know the female anatomy. You should do some research in advance and know where to touch a woman. We have a lot of sensitive areas. erogenous zone You should be familiar with areas such as the neck, thighs and chest are highly sensitive to stimulation. So pay attention to those areas. Kissing, licking, gnawing, or grabbing them can drive her insane. [Read: The top 10 erogenous zones that drive women wild]

#13 Show her that you are responsible. Many women have no problem having sex with men. However, they are just afraid to contract an STI, which is completely understandable. If you’re doing everything right but never carry a condom and wonder why she doesn’t want to sleep with you. Here’s a pretty good reason, protective. It’s sexy when a guy really cares about his health and the woman he sleeps with.

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Now you know what to do to increase your chances of getting a woman to bed. if i were you I’ll start using these tips right away.

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