How to Get a Girl to Kiss You And Take The Pressure Off

Knowing when to kiss can be daunting. Make it easier by learning how to get a girl to kiss you instead. Risk-free, super fun!

how to make a girl kiss you

first kiss is never easy It’s confusing, cumbersome, and can go both ways. she might kiss you back Or she might just move her head away and give you nightmares. If you want to skip the scary part You have to learn how to get a girl to kiss you first. Then you don’t have to worry and you can jump directly to the entertainment section.

Of course, no one can claim that this is easy. It’s the awkward part of the evening when you’re not sure what to do, however, by making her take the initiative. Your burden will be gone. Then you can focus on the kisses of her life. so that you can come back again and again [Read: The perfect first kiss: 22 Tips to make it oh-so-amazing!]

Why is the first kiss a big deal?

Maybe it’s all the romantic movies we’ve ever seen. But the first kiss brought enormous pressure. when you think about it It’s just a real kiss. However, that first kiss will basically help set the tone of the rest of your early dating situation. If it goes bad, she may decide that she doesn’t want to see you again. A really bad kiss can do that.

But if it’s really good, she’ll definitely want to see you again soon!

The best course of action is to do it and not worry about it. But we didn’t program it that way. The fact that the first kiss happens in our heads to make is something hugely sexy and romantic. It means we’re worried about the way before it happens. but by taking her You are free to enjoy yourself – sneaky, right? [Read: 10 Major first kiss red flags that lead to a toxic relationship]

how to get a girl to kiss you will not have to initiate

To be honest, girls almost never start their first kiss. So even if you want a girl to kiss you You still have to use some magic and make a few moves. not easy But it’s also not impossible. You might end up in the end because she’s showing obvious signs that she wants you to wrinkle. But the key here is to get her to work her legs.

If you are dating a woman It’s always easier to end up in love. [Read: How to initiate a kiss that’ll make them remember you forever]

But if you want to kiss a girl on your first date or kiss a girl you’re interested in but haven’t asked yet, carefully read the sign she says before flirting with your first kiss.

Creating sex chemistry is the easiest way to keep her warm. Use these ten steps when you are with her. And she’ll be in your arms within an hour, give or take!

The best part about using these steps is that you can always step back the second she doesn’t respond to any movement. and protect your face! [Read: How to accidentally kiss a girl]

1. Make time to be alone

If you want a girl to kiss you back You have to create such moments. Take her to your place or see if you’ll have some quiet time. Can you replace her when it’s just you both? There should be no distractions Whether it’s your cell phone or a stranger walking in when you’re both trying to get comfortable. A dimly lit room will definitely help you out.

2. Don’t just ask her to kiss you.

While this might seem like the easiest and most daring thing to do when learning how to get a girl to kiss you, it’s not a good idea. But it almost never works. Women need to feel sexual tension and arousal before dating a man. Unless you already know she wants to kiss you. Don’t ask her to do it, however, she’ll think you’re lazy and don’t want to put in the effort! [Read: Kissing chemistry 101: How to kiss someone for the first time]

3. Sit and flirt like a sly

for a start Sit next to her, and finally, find an excuse to sit nearby, whether you’re reading a book together or showing her something on your phone. Be discreet and don’t let her know what your intentions are.

Don’t show your sexual feelings openly. You will scare her and that’s not the atmosphere you want. Talk about how good she is. about when you first saw her or about a few memorable events that both of you shared. when you warm up Let’s talk privately If you are not dating her Talk about her relationship or the last time she dated a man. if you are dating her just talk about anything It doesn’t matter [Read: Tips to flirt with a girl like a friend]

4. Touch her lightly from time to time .

Touch her fingers delicately or just play with her nails. she won’t care about it Admire her skin or her perfume. This is where you create sexual tension by gently touching her, however, if she seems to back down or seems uncomfortable touching her, stop immediately. [Read: How to touch a girl and turn her on]

5. Don’t ruin the moment by laughing or trying to be funny.

you may be funny But this isn’t the time to show off your funny bones, it kills the mood, lower your voice and speak softly. Watch out for her expressions and if she feels warm to you. You’ll see how she responds and starts talking softly too.

6. How do you get a girl to kiss you? please her

If she’s laughing, joking, or talking excitedly about the high pitched voice. She definitely won’t warm you up. Take her hand and play with her fingers. hold her finger with your hand and touch her palm or forearm. Even if she’s confused about what you’re doing. She will begin to calm down and get into the mood.

7. kiss her cheek lightly

This is a difficult first step. But it’s a step that can pave the way for her to kiss you back. It’s an important step in learning how to get a girl to kiss you. so don’t miss it When you feel like she’s warmed up with you Talk about your relationship with her. Talk about both of you and tell her that you are really happy. having known her and when you say that Turn to her and kiss softly. on her cheek and smile She will involuntarily smile in response. Wow! You’re almost there [Read: Tips to compliment a girl the right way]

If you’re too scared to kiss her cheek You can hold her hand and kiss the back of her palm. it does the same only much safer

8. Keep a close eye on her reaction.

How does she respond to your kiss? Is her face red or does she look shocked? you just kiss her cheek So she can’t really hate you.

If your face is red, you like it! If she looks confused, don’t worry, you came in too soon. Go back and stroke her fingers or play with her hair. And while you’re busy Again, mention something seductive or seductive if she seems very uncomfortable or uncomfortable. to fall back immediately

9. kiss her cheek again

If she’s excited about your kiss It’s time to start all over again. This time kiss her on the cheek. But let your lips almost touch hers. Hold for a few seconds with a kiss. [Read: 15 Types of kisses: Deciphering the truth behind their smooch]

10. Look at her reaction again.

Now that you’ve taken it a step further, does she like it? Does her eyes close with delight, or does she widen her eyes and stare at you like you’ve offended her?

If you look confused kiss her cheek again If she looks offended Step back and pretend it’s just a friendly kiss. You’ve come this far But maybe you’ll be lucky next time. [Read: A first kiss story gone wrong]

If she blushes or gets close to you give her a kiss on the lips You know she likes it and she’s showing obvious signs that she wants you to kiss her. Of course, she wasn’t the one who kissed you first. But she works hard for you.

Don’t break your sexual tension by taking a step back from your first kiss. near her lips If she likes you and wants to kiss you back. She will definitely move and kiss you.

[Read: The meaning of a forehead kiss: What makes this kiss so special?]

And we’ve got 10 easy steps to get a girl to kiss you back. Even if you’re not dating her Easier than being blind and not knowing what’s going to happen!

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