How to Get a Guy to Kiss You When You Want Him To!

Just don’t know how to communicate when you’re dating a guy? Find out how to get a guy to kiss you when you want!

get a guy to kiss you

Been there before?

You’re on a good date with a guy, you really like him, and he seems to like you a lot.

But nothing happened!

You want him to make moves to kiss you. But he’s holding back?

He may be worried about going too fast or may be afraid to kiss you. If there is one thing that scares a man more than anything else. is a woman who hastily backed away from a kiss

No man likes that.

A guy might like you a lot. but almost always He will always wait for your signal first. Especially when it comes to leaning in for that wonderful first kiss.

Do you want to know how to get a guy to kiss you when you’re dating? You won’t go wrong when you read these tips.

how to make a guy kiss you

Finding a guy to kiss you on a date can be difficult.

If you make the first move You seem to be too easy. If you hold back and wait for him to kiss you first. There is a high chance that you may lose that opportunity immediately and forever.

Use these tips and you’ll be able to convey your message in the right way. without being too hopeless or too easy to get [Read: Signs that he’s into you]

#1 move closer

When you stand next to that guy after a date. Don’t stand only one arm away. Try to find excuses to get into his comfort zone, pretend you’re trampling and step closer. if you are sitting down Move closer to him in a clear manner and say something like: “It’s pretty cool isn’t it?” The closer you get, the more you let him know that you don’t care about small gaps. between you two And that’s a great way to warm him up and let him know you’re ready for the wrinkling! [Read: What men love most in women]

#2 Look him in the eye and use this trick.

when you sit close together Give him a deep gaze as he talks about something. Ending the day is always awkward for men and women. especially with airborne instability. Every time he said something Listen to him and look him in the eye without lowering your head. Don’t move too much and give him time to look back in your eyes and build a relationship. [Read: Ending a date in the perfect manner]

And as you both talk with your eyes locked Look down at his lips for a second or two and look back into his eyes again. He will instinctively understand that you are ready for a kiss. and may even move faster than you think

#3 touch his finger with your hand

There’s nothing like flirting touches and sexual chemistry that will make this shy guy kiss you when you want him to. Most guys are so scared to kiss a girl without realizing that she wants to kiss him back.

When you’re sitting really close together Move your finger closer to him until it’s almost the point where his finger touches you. There’s a good chance he’ll put your palm over you. But even he didn’t do that. You can tap his palm during a conversation while trying to focus on something like “I had a wonderful time with you…”?? If he had more than sawdust in his head He will know that you really like him. and interested in kissing him There’s nothing like exposure to chemicals to warm a guy to kiss. [Read: Flirt with a guy without making it obvious]

#4 whisper sweet nothings

If you’re standing next to each other and find it difficult to do any of the previous moves, this is a seductive move that will get him kissing you within seconds of you trying this move. As you stand beside him and your shoulders are almost together. Move closer to him and put your lips against his ear.

when you get close to his ear Put one hand on his cheek or near his ear and say something like, “…Thank you for a wonderful date” in a soft and very happy tone. If he doesn’t have hair on the back of his neck, We will surely be amazed. But what if he didn’t get the complete hint and ended up blushing? Take the next step. [Read: How to be a seductress]

#5 kissed cheeks for no reason

When you’re sitting next to him or standing next to each other and no one is around. that makes you feel uncomfortable To lean in and whisper something or for no reason at all. Come close to him and kiss his cheek lightly, don’t rush it or it will look like a joke! If you kiss his cheek a little and let the moment pass for a few seconds. It will create enough instant sexual tension to force him to turn to you and kiss your lips in a matter of seconds. There’s no way you can go wrong here! [Read: How to seduce a guy]

#6 Kiss him goodbye and keep waiting

If you want to know how to get a guy to kiss you. There’s no better way to do this than when you’re saying goodbye. If the guy you just met isn’t flirting or trying to kiss even when it’s almost time to leave. Now it’s time to try this perfect move.

When he comes close to hug you and kiss you on the cheek To face him gently. with your lips almost touching And even better if you can let his lips touch you. Of course, it never became apparent!

He will know that your two lips touched by an “accident” ?? And he will probably smile awkwardly at you at this point, don’t leave him. Just look into his eyes and stare as if there was something to do. And before you know it He will be embraced by your glowing lips in no time!

[Read: How to make out with a guy like a sex goddess]

Could it be any easier? Now you know how to get a guy to kiss you on a date. Go ahead and work your magic with these never-failing tips.

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