How to Get a Guy to Notice You: 19 Magic Ways to Hook Him Instantly

If you keep an eye on a cute guy and want to grab his attention. Learn how to get a guy interested in you and try to set up that first date!

How to get a guy to notice you

Find ways to make it easier for men to notice you if you understand how men work.

You see, guys tend to like things at first sight. They are visible creatures. It doesn’t matter if you already know the guy or not. All you have to do is play with his senses. And you’ll make him want to get your attention in no time.

Most likely, you’re keeping an eye on a guy and want to try to get your attention back on him. The good news is that it’s not super hard and won’t take long either. before you know it His eyes will be fixed on you. And you can start flirting!

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how to make a guy notice you

The next time you see a guy you need attention. You have to play it safe and carefully about your intentions. Don’t make it clear that you like him. Otherwise, he’ll treat you like a teenage girl who has a crush on you. It doesn’t matter how far you are from a teenager. He will still do!

to get attention and do he want to know you It will work wonders and make him fall in love with you too.

You have to lure him in and make him want to learn more. Make him curious and desperate to find out about you. in the beginning Use these tips to get a guy to notice you.

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You will be able to cast a spell on him and get him interested in you without saying a word!

1. Dress sexy but do it for you

You know what looks best to you and how it makes you feel. Dress well and wear the cutest outfits when you’re around him. Don’t wear overly revealing clothing. Unless you have sex on your mind. Look cute and wear something that draws attention.

and don’t worry He’ll definitely notice a well-dressed woman. However, it’s important to do this for you first. He will notice if you try too hard. And when you dress for yourself You will have full confidence. [Read: 25 sweet tips to look cute and melt any guy’s heart]

2. Make eye contact with him

Every now and then, make careful eye contact with him. Look at him once and make eye contact for a moment. and avoided staring at him for a moment He will try to look at you often. and see if you’re looking at him

But don’t look at him too often. because he will know that you like him And when he knows he doesn’t need to beat you because you’ve been slapped by him. He will lose interest in impressing you or approaching you.

Look at him once and make him look at you more often. and fall in love with you [Read: 10 subtle eye contact flirting tips to catch a guy’s eyes from afar]

3. Appears to be occupied

Men like to stare at women when she’s busy. It was the only time a man could make eye contact and admire a woman. Watching a girl when she’s busy will not be caught

After you’ve exchanged glances from time to time keep busy with friends yours or by looking at something intently Give him enough time to look at you positively and admire you when you’re abandoned.

He’ll definitely look at you up and down, and that’s fine as long as he likes what he sees!

4. Let him see your best side.

What do you like about yourself? If you want a guy to notice you and like something about you. You have to make sure you reveal your best side to him.

Maybe you’re proud of your legs. so show it off If it’s your chest, stand up straight, otherwise. Just make sure you do something to highlight your content. Now it’s physical and shallow. But when it comes to getting a guy’s attention Put physical appearance and confidence before good personality. At least at first sight [Read: What do guys like in a girl’s appearance more than anything else?]

5. Fun and lively when he’s around

Men can’t resist a fun and flirtatious woman with sweet laughter. Spend time with friends being spotted in the right places. and indulge in fun activities

Men like girls’ laughter. always get their attention Have fun with your friends and he will definitely spend all his time looking at you.

6. Spend time with guys

Indulge in men and boys activities or if you don’t like games and sports Just talk to a good looking guy. It still does the same trick.

If there’s one thing you need to know about men. That is the fact that they are very jealous and competitive. Every man wants to be an alpha male. If a few more guys get your attention. He also wants to get your attention.

Make him wisely jealous sometimes and he’ll try to find a way to talk to you. [Read: How to make a guy jealous and get his attention]

7. Always smell good

Men are attracted to women’s perfume. Pick up a few perfumes that smell good on your skin and make sure he smells good as you walk past him. He will have no choice but to float in your scent and hopefully get more of your scent!

8. Show your kindness

Men are attracted by the kindness of young women. They may not know on their own. But evolution has made men fall in love with the kind qualities in women.

Don’t be a prostitute or be distant just to show him that you’re the coolest girl at work or school. Be warm and comfortable when you talk to anyone who approaches you. You will be liked by everyone and of course by the guy you want attention too!

9. to be seen in the right place

Find a way to cross paths with your crush without making it clear. Hit him and make it look like a big coincidence. Go hang out somewhere you know he’s coming.

See if he responds and start hanging out in your favorite places. Does he linger for a moment when he is near you? If he does, then you’ve definitely made a good impression on him. [Read: 20 circumstances when a guy may never like you back]

10. Find an excuse to talk to him.

You don’t have to ask him out right away or ask someone to introduce you to him. If you’ve ever used all of these tips to make men notice you, You are sure to impress him.

Wait for him to stand in your way for once when you’re alone. and when he came near turn around and ask him for help. Men like to help young women in need.

You can request anything from a phone charger. Directions to nearby places, help with cars, help with belongings, or anything else that is unexpected.

Looks casual, but smiles embarrassedly when you ask him for help. It will definitely do more than just grab his attention. [Read: 20 easy conversation starters you can use with a guy you like]

11. Show your sweet side.

smart and cunning like you And that’s something he will definitely like. You also have to show your gentle side. If you look too serious He’s too scared to talk to you!

show your gentle side Smile and let him see that you are very approachable. The more you do this The more he had the opportunity to come into the conversation. [Read: How to talk to a guy you like and make him like you]

12. Smile!

We just talked about the sweetness. But the smile deserves all its points! smiling makes me feel uncomfortable It makes people feel like you’re a warm and pleasant person to talk to. That’s what you have to show him.

However, that doesn’t mean you should be smiling and smiling all the time. Just make sure you smile more than you frown. [Read: How to smile more often – 6 baby steps to change your life forever]

13. Don’t be a drama girl.

Some girls like to take part in all sorts of dramas and gossip. If he has noticed half of you and he sees you doing this. It may cause him to lose more interest in you.

stay away from gossip Don’t mess with other people’s dramas and just keep going. That way, they’ll notice you for the right reasons. not for the wrong reasons

14. A little clumsy

If you’re really close to him and want to know how to get a guy to really notice you. Be a little awkward But in a cute way! You can put whatever you are holding. and embarrassed, “Oh, I’m clumsy,” and laughed.

Make sure you don’t take yourself too seriously and stay clear. That way, he’ll come to the conclusion that you’re a fun girl to be with. Even if you are a bit clumsy sometimes! [Read: How to be nice – 20 easy tips to make everyone love being around you]

15. Don’t be needy

Be confident enough to go out on your own and do what you have to do. Don’t rely on your friends all the time or hide behind someone.

Men do not like women who are in need. So make sure you show him your independent side. And he will be eager and eager to make friends with strong and talented women who also have a gentle side.

16. Talk about your passion.

If you’re in a group of people and they’re there Or are you really talking to him? Talk about what you are passionate about.

Of course, make sure it’s not a very controversial thing. But when it comes to what you love Your true passion will manifest. Your eyes will shine you will be alive and you will smile unconsciously He will find all of this irresistible and he will want to learn more. [Read: How to talk to anyone and master the art of a real conversationalist]

17. Be yourself

Don’t become someone else’s clone. If you are part of a girl group Don’t dress like them just to match yourself. is their own person Dare to be who you are and own it. He will find it really charming. and he will notice you greatly.

Sometimes it can be scary to get yourself outside and be yourself. But it’s the only best thing you can do in any situation.

18. Live in the Present

You might think men really don’t care about these things. It’s a living thing that can be seen. But he still sees what you are doing! Your actions are equally important.

So put your phone down and stay present. Observe what is around you and chat. Even with people you don’t know well enough. He’ll always notice you if you’re not on the phone! [Read: How to live in the moment – 20 positive ways to live in the now]

19. Show your personality in your appearance.

Don’t be afraid to be a little quirky! cute jewelry Or bright colors are a great way to show off your personality and let them know that you have more than meets the eye.

Getting a guy to notice you is about making yourself stand out. but in a natural way You can easily do that with your appearance. As long as you are honest with yourself

Learning how to get a guy to notice you the right way. This will make you grab his attention and leave him wanting to know more. It’s much better to show your good side and what about your personality that makes you great. rather than trying to act as a character.

Men don’t want people who are always pretending or gossiping. Just be yourself, be kind, keep smiling, and let him see what he’s missing without getting close to you sooner!

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Use these tips to get a guy interested in you. And then you’ll let him miss you and wait to see you again.

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