How to Get a Guy’s Attention on Instagram Without Using Your Body

It’s the Instagram era, anyway, that means the answer to knowing how to grab a guy’s attention on Instagram is nudity, but listen, there’s another way.

How to attract a guy's attention on Instagram

Yes, yes, yes. I’m well aware of the frustration of Instagram “likes” and learning how to grab a guy’s attention on Instagram can be exhausting. Since I’m a blogger and graduated in public relations, Instagram is my thing. I have done a lot of research on how to get more likes. more followers More participation, etc. is very tiring.

The girls posted a photo of the avocado toast without filters. And they can post whenever they want. And they will get 300 likes, me? I filter photos to match my Instagram theme, posted at the time my followers are online based on my analytics. Tag the account in the picture. Place labels in pictures. Use relevant hashtags etc etc what do I get? Oh I don’t know, 50 likes? It’s so frustrating.

But do you know what happened yesterday? The girls and I went to the beach and decided to feel free and take topless photos. Slow down your roll, you guys can’t see anything in the photos. *Taken from behind* However, Do you know how many people like that picture? Almost 200. Hello. Welcome to the Internet. I hope you enjoy your stay. You may need to do yoga to relieve stress. [Read: How to get a guy’s attention no matter where you are]

Top tips for attracting men’s attention on Instagram

However, I have a mission to help you and me get the attention of your friends. Instagrammers especially them So let’s get started, shall we?

#1 Take a picture of your face Studies show that photos with faces are doubly better than photos without faces. It makes sense if you think about it. Our generation is related to other people. So face-to-face works, and guys? They definitely want to see your face. Because you are cute! [Read: How to look cute every time you snap a photo]

#2 Use a cool caption. Don’t just log in to Pinterest and search for insightful quotes to add to your Instagram captions. If you want to know how to grab a guy’s attention on Instagram, you need to be flirty and flirty. It caught his attention – maybe saucy lyrics or something like that? create

#3 Use funny captions. This is another caption option that will definitely grab a guy’s attention on Instagram. Just funny! men like to make women laugh but vice versa Guys like funny girls. so be funny [Read: How to be funny with guys and make them crave you]

#4 follow them. Maybe it’s just the guy I’m friends with. But every time a woman follows them on Instagram, They always say, “Oh, who are these? I don’t know them. They just follow me.” I don’t think they really understand that Instagram isn’t Facebook. People will follow you without your knowledge.

However, if you follow him on Instagram He will notice you! Chances are, he rarely has cute girls following him on Instagram, so you’ll stand out.

#5 like his photo This was a heavy move. But if you’re brave enough, go for it! There’s no way he’s ignoring you when his feed is full of likes from you. This shows him that you are confident and courageous. This is the quality that many men look for in a woman. a brave woman

#6 like an old picture more handsome than before Scroll down to the bottom of your feed and hit the like button. This will be reflected in his feed. And it shows that you really scrolled through this picture. Use this one with caution because he might find it funny. Plus, he might think you’re crazy. So please be careful with this. But if you can pull it off, GO GIRL!

#7 Comment on his photos from time to time. don’t be crazy but commented on some of his pictures. Even if a cute girl follows him on Instagram, it’s not normal. But I guarantee that cute girls commenting on their pictures is not normal. Also, don’t comment on nonsense. comment on something he will have to answer Even if his response is just “Thank you!”, if you want to know how to grab a guy’s attention on Instagram, be sure to leave some comments that grab attention! [Read: 10 ways to make a guy laugh without dumbing down]

#8 Scroll to his DM Haha. Classic. Let’s be serious, ladies. It doesn’t hurt! We’ve been into the 2000s for almost two decades. You don’t have to wait for a guy to come to you anymore! Be brave and text him first. Send him a message about the latest post. Or just say hey if you’re assertive. Tell him you think he’s cute or cool or whatever, man! This is definitely the way to be noticed. Because if it wasn’t a celebrity, his DM wouldn’t be full of messages from women!

#9 Don’t post too often. If you post four selfies a day, he won’t care, I’ll be honest. Men like humble women. And if you post that many selfies He will be bored to see them. If you don’t post often He will be excited when you post.

Also, if you post less It shows that you live a busy life and you can’t post on Instagram. Get him interested by posting less. It works every time!

#10 Post a cute Instagram story. Instagram has recently changed its algorithm, so your followers are seeing less of your actual posts than they used to. Instagram Stories have taken over Instagram as they are still seen in chronological order. And that means if you post in your story Chances of him seeing your post Use your outfit’s cute boomerang or kiss face. just act cute [Read: How to start a conversation on Snapchat and start flirting]

#11 Take a picture of your pet. Believe it or not, I think men like cats and dogs more than women. They die because of cute cats and dogs, so if you post a picture with or your pet. He’s always noticed and might even comment or like it! Yeah, use your pet for a date, what?

[Read: 12 things that will make him think you’re a creepy stalker]

Now that you know how to grab a guy’s attention on Instagram, you can go find a boyfriend.

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