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Has a nerd caught your attention? If you’re wondering how to get a nerd to like you, these 10 tips will help you navigate and flirt.

How to make a nerd like you

Nerds are still humans. They develop interest and fall in love. and over the past decade They’ve become a brand new sexier. But being wiser and fascinated by all things intellectual People with similarities will attract their attention. This makes it a challenging task for non-sexual couples. So how to make a nerd like you might be a question to ask yourself.

when we talk about nerds The normal picture comes to mind: A man with glasses is stuck with his books and his post-graduate studies. quite uncomfortable not sociable fashion problem And most of them are devoted to unusual hobbies. Although most are just stereotypes. We have to admit that nerds are categorized that differentiate them from other societies. [Read: 13 traits that make someone a lover of wit]

Why date a nerd?

Nerds are more than stereotypes about them in the past decade. Although they have quirks and may not be very social. But nerds are the ones who drive society into the future. Their hard work and curiosity continues to bring new technologies and discoveries that advance civilization. but besides this Nerds are also the perfect life partner in many ways.

Like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Mark Zuckerberg, nerds dominate the job market and gain respectable and profitable positions in society, giving them financial security. On a personal level, their knowledge makes them adapt. Great deal with any issues that come along, because who knows you’ll need someone to fix your laptop. Finally, their extensive knowledge has made the topic longer. Make them an interesting friend.

How to make a nerd like you

#1 Avoid using the word “cunning”. Clever humiliation is usually the return of a less wise person when presented by facts, thus a huge disguise for nerds. If a nerd insults you with scientific facts and you respond with something like “You know too well for yourself” and other sayings. similar that despise intelligence Kiss your chance by saying goodbye to a foolish lady or gentleman. In fact, it’s true whether you believe it or not. [Read: 11 reasons you should definitely date a nerdy guy]

#2 Don’t try to be a “nerd” just for show. At this point, we all know that stupid people are smarter than the average person. One thing that nerds hate more than ignorance is to pretend to be wise just to get their good. They get it right through their actions and you only end up in shame. If you’re wondering how to get a nerd to like you? Your chances of acceptance are greater if you accept what you don’t know. Rather than joking to be who you are not. [Read: 15 highs and lows of dating someone who’s way smarter than you]

#3 Freely express your own quirky side.Nerds are known for their cute quirks and are friendly to people who understand their idiosyncrasies, often being bullied and teased. They will quickly accept people who aren’t afraid to show off and show their truly unconventional side.

#4 Ask for advice or information. Nerds are the source of information. If there’s one thing they love the most It will also enlighten those around them with the information they learn out of innate curiosity. So if you want a nerd to like you Ask them anything.

from theoretical physics, political science, history and something that actually works like rebooting your smartphone. Being someone who is interested in knowing things will be a nerd’s next favorite. [Read: The 18 pros and cons of dating a nerdy girl]

#5 Learn Their Language: Show Your Intellectual SideAlthough not everyone gets an A grade during school or is pursuing a Ph.D. We all have one field that we are very passionate about and curious about. After all, being a nerd is about being inquisitive and passionate about constantly seeking knowledge. Show your stupidity by sharing your passion and curiosity, even if it’s as simple as making candles.

#6 Compliment their intelligence Nerds are smart and they know it. Another thing that makes them like people is if they are aware of their intelligence. After all, it’s the best they have to offer, so if you want nerds to like you. Show that you truly appreciate the beauty and usefulness of their intelligence. [Read: 25 compliments for guys they’ll never forget]

#7 Show genuine interest in their ridiculous interests.. By default Nerds tend to befriend like-minded people because their interests are quite nerdy and have acquired taste. with this fact You can easily get along with them if you show genuine interest in their ridiculous interests instead of freaking out.

Want to know the fastest hack method to understand how to get nerds to like you? Join them once in a Dungeons and Dragons session, a DIY puzzle hunt, a renaissance excursion, and who knows, you might find a new hobby. In addition to scoring on a nerdy woman or a gentleman.

#8 Be honest with your intentions and feelings. A nerd’s mind is governed by facts and logic. and there is no room to be confused That kind of attitude makes them look like sensible computers. But if you like them and want to continue on the other side of love, that’s fine. try to be honest And to be honest with your feelings for the most part. they will appreciate it

#9 Take them to a nerd date. We’ve discussed how grabbing their attention is a way to get a nerdy kid to like you. One perfect way to do this is to take them on silly dates. Of course, nerds also enjoy the usual human dating routines like coffee, dinner, and movie dates.

But taking them on dates that excite them will make them like you more. It’s important to know what the nerdy likes first is important. Then search for places or activities that match that interest. There are many options to choose from: scientific conferences, museums, comedy, lectures, etc. [Read: 30 fun, sexy, and free dating ideas to try]

#10 Let them experience the nerdy things you like. Even though you may not be a nerdy person and have different interests than your crush But you also have the potential to show them different aspects of life that are less nerdy. but also as fun as together in the form of a new experience

The trick is to know that the nerd you like has never experienced or tried. Invite them to give it a try. and they may be given the opportunity to discover new things. thank you

[Read: What is interpersonal attraction and why we like some people and hate others]

Nerds may know more. speak a complex language and have extraordinary interests But they are also the ones who feel and fall in love with. and figuring out how to accomplish a nerdy like you by treating them right. Attract your own nerdy and just showing good times let them see

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