How to Get Laid on Tinder: 11 Must-Follow Rules to a Sexy Hookup

The time you have to meet someone at a bar and go home with them is over. Now, it’s all about how you put yourself on the Tinder app and dating.

how to get put on tinder

I don’t know what happened The smartphone came out, and then the app, and all of a sudden, I found myself sitting on the toilet swiping left and right.

What can I say? I am guilty of pleading the fifth and one in a million with a little flame. that shines on their phone Why do I use Tinder to meet people? Haha, that’s a lie. I mean meeting people…for…sex.

People are now present in hopes of finding love or meeting the people who live in the city. But it’s mostly for sleeping, so if you’re looking for someone to have sex with. But you can’t seem to get past the virtual encounter. I’m here for you

How to stay active on Tinder – 11 rules you must follow

A lot of people are on Tinder, but sometimes it’s hard to score. Well, dating. Yes, that’s it. Date. Yes, I know. You want sex. It’s time to put this app to use. And here’s how to use Tinder. [Read: Creative Tinder lines to snag you a date on the first try]

#1 make your profile clear If you just want sex Please specify in your profile carefully. you can say “Adventurous and outdoorsy guy looking for fun.” That’s easy and everyone can understand what “fun” means too if you’re looking for a casual relationship. You really have to make it clear. So that you can attract women who want the same.

#2 picture says 12,000 words I spend most of my time swiping to the left because profile pictures are just awful. No, I’m not saying they’re ugly. I’m saying I don’t want to talk to guys with the first picture of their dicks or the guy posing next to a Mercedes. It’s lame.

So you have to choose an image that doesn’t really play out as a fantasy. A woman can read that a mile away. Keep your photos that you are doing something strong. face photo which shows who you are [Read: Good Tinder bios that get you dates – 12 tweaks for a perfect bio]

#3 Swipe out who you think is really attractive. seems reasonable But if you want to know how to pose on Tinder, don’t you think you want to do it with people you find interesting?

I mean, I’ve seen some guy friends while they’re on Tinder… they’re swiping right all the time. But when this is true, they are not attracted to those girls. Swipe at the person you are really sexually attracted to. Because it’s easier for both of you at the end of the day. [Read: Online dating woes – 8 most common Tinder horror stories]

#4 send message to her If you’re matched with someone, don’t waste your time – message her. She’s not around Tinder all day, and so are you. The longer you wait to text her. It’s even more obvious that you’re texting her because other girls aren’t working.

You have to be a little smarter, guys. No woman wants to feel that she is your second choice. [Read: How to start a Tinder conversation and snag a date every time]

#5 Use something from her profile to start a conversation. Don’t start a conversation with “hello.” Nothing will flourish from that. Instead, look at her profile and use the information she provides to create ideas or openness. or if you are visiting that city Ask questions about where to eat or drink.

#6 She may not contact you right away. Just because she’s a dtf doesn’t mean you’re going to have sex with her that night. It doesn’t work that way. You have no right to have sex with her when you want. It’s a two-way street

so you have to be patient There will be some girls who will jump right at you. While some people need more time to be comfortable. Just keep that in mind when you want to figure out how to pose on Tinder. [Read: Signs a girl likes you on Tinder – 15 things to keep an eye on]

#7 no dick pic Don’t send pictures of your dick. Unless she implies that she wants to see your dick. Or she sends you a nude photo of herself.

Do you know how scary it is to have a normal conversation with someone and then suddenly you see a dick on your phone? Know when to show off your dick and not show it.

#8 get her number You don’t want to spend too much time on Tinder. Your goal is to move conversations to Facebook or send messages quickly.

Look, as a woman There’s a guy I’ve been talking to and suddenly I’m not interested, so I’m incomparable. Do they have my number? No. Which is great for me because I don’t have to do anything. However, for them, they have no choice.

#9 is their own person. This is very important Especially when making all appointments online. It seems that some men feel the need to act like they aren’t. Just be yourself.

In the end, she’ll know you’re not who you say you are, so if you don’t usually throw money in the air, don’t show up on Tinder. [Read: The 9 best hookup apps for the hot and horny]

#10 Don’t waste your time. If you text a girl and she doesn’t reply Or she texted her with just one word. Keep moving forward. Unmatch her and focus on others. Think of Tinder like speed dating… just keep going. [Read: 15 Tinder tips you can NOT ignore if you ever want a date]

#11 Don’t introduce your place as a first date. It depends on how your conversation goes. You probably don’t want to suggest meeting at your location on the first day. Even if she just wants to have sex with you. But it’s better not to treat her like a piece of meat.

go out for a drink Even at the bar across from your house. Just build a relationship and be nice. If she says “your place or mine,” that’s a completely different story where I suggest you pick a place — and be quick.

[Read: How to get lucky on the first date – 15 secrets to get laid]

If you come this far Now that you have enough information to know how to position yourself on Tinder, it’s not as difficult as you might think. So start swiping!

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