How to Get Over Someone You See Every Day Without Losing It

Dating someone in the office looks romantic and naughty. until you break up Here’s how to beat the person you see every day without losing it.

How to beat the person you see every day

Remember when your friends told you not to date the kids in your sociology class? Or when your whole family tells you that you’re dating that person from work is a terrible idea. They’re right. Dealing with heartbreak can seem difficult. But learning how to win the hearts of the people you see every day isn’t easy.

Dating someone you see every day seems like a good idea until you break up. Now you’re forced to see them interacting with others while making you stink every day. Or worse, they start a new relationship. And you have to watch it bloom with envy in the next few weeks. It’s basically the worst.

It’s hard to beat the one you love on a good day. Learning how to beat the people you see every day makes your job a lot harder. After all, there is no distance potential. And what are you going to do? Follow these eight tips to beat the person you see every day.

How to beat the person you see every day

When you’re at home or in the comfort of your inner circle, you feel good. You feel confident that your ex-girlfriend’s memories last for a short time. What am I thinking?” That is… until you see them at work.

Seeing your ex every day brings back an emotional baggage that covers a wide range of feelings. You may fall in love with them over and over again. Or you might want to tear their eyes off and step on their new iPhone. everything depends on the day

The point is, seeing your ex every day is unhealthy. Here’s how to win the hearts of the people you see every day.

#1 Go through the grieving process—but do it personally. There are many stages of grief you must go through in order to overcome the breakup. And while publicly disrespecting your ex at your co-worker might seem like one of them, it really isn’t.

You intend to experience the grieving process and go through a numbing examination of what went wrong. You are allowed to feel hurt and guilt and sadness. Just don’t do it at work. This is unprofessional. After all, you don’t want to lose your job and your partner, right? [Read: Dealing with heartbreak: 12 steps to do it the right way]

#2 Guess the worst This may sound cynical. But imagining the worst that could happen between you and your ex can help you decide in advance how to deal with them. From the little to the great What would you do if these situations appeared in public?

– You run into your ex in the elevator.
– You got into a fight with your ex at work.
– You had sex breakup with your ex at work.
– You cry for your ex at work.
– You and your ex try to hurt each other emotionally/physically at work.
– Your ex started dating someone you see every day.
– Your ex won’t talk to you or admit you in public.

Facing these potential realities will give you time to consider how to deal with them if they happen. Pro tip? Don’t have sex with your ex, especially in public. [Read: Sex with your ex – When it’s okay and when you HAVE to stay clear]

#3 keep it professional You don’t want to be a jealous girl in the break room or a guy who sends rude texts before your ex’s exams. Okay, maybe you *want* to be that person—but don’t.

Stay professional when you are at work. Your coworkers, boss, and ex are quietly thanking you. for your maturity [Read: 15 very effective rules to forget someone you once cared for]

#4 Don’t let people choose a side That’s what friends are for. Not a colleague! Besides, you’re not 15 anymore, there’s no reason to play. “You’re not allowed to talk to them anymore!” Games with people in your social circle. Avoid childish gossip. And set a standard for your coworkers or fellow students to follow by being honest with your ex.

#5 don’t be too kind you are an adult you got this You’re being honest with your ex to avoid awkward silences. You treat them like you treat a man who quit smoking a million times or a woman who drinks milk every day during the day. Be polite, but not too close.

Just make sure you’re not being too sincere. You don’t want people to understand that you still like them. Is this a good person? They must not look past your tricks. [Read: 14 things to keep in mind when you bump into your ex]

#6 Find a hobby after work. admit it Your work takes up most of the day. This makes it a lot harder when you’re spending most of your time with people you don’t want to see again in your life, so it’s always a good idea to find new hobbies. that you do every day after work

This will provide you with something to look forward to after a long day. It’s good to know if you’re having a frustrating day. You will be able to release your emotions later. Join an exercise class, shoot archery, or join a sports team. whatever you like You’ll love knowing that there’s more to your day than staring at your ex while you work.

#7 Got a new job. It can be a bit extreme. But if being near Your ex-boyfriend all day made you stop growing emotionally. Your best bet is to find work elsewhere. You can also ask your awesome boss if you will be moved.

If you’re going to college with your ex and sitting far away from him in the classroom isn’t enough. Try asking your teacher to switch you to a night class instead. [Read: How to move on and deal with a break up with a smile]

#8 don’t do it again Most breakups cause heartache, confusion, anger, discomfort, and an over-analysis of the situation. This pain seems to intensify when you have to meet people. This continues every day, there is no escape! May this break-up in the office teach you an important lesson in never starting love at work again.

[Read: What you need to do when a relationship with a coworker ends]

Breaking up sucks on good days, on bad days, you still have to work with that person, oops, no one said it would be easy. But with these small steps, you can slowly and surely learn how to beat the person you see every day.

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