How to get rid of an erection – 10 Quick and Easy Tips

Is your erection causing minor problems? Sometimes they “pop up” (literally) at the worst moment. Learn how to get rid of mistakes and avoid embarrassment.

unwanted erection

Want to learn how to get rid of mistakes? We understand. Although wearing harsh clothes is an eye-catcher when it comes to sexy time with your lover Setting up a tent in normal pants in social situations can be awkward. Forget the disgusting gaze and appearance. Imagine if you accidentally bumped into a guy. Then tell me you won’t panic and call 911. No doubt you want to know how to get rid of an erection so you can go. Your day without any special drama.

Sadly, male physiology can sometimes be uncooperative. As much of the information our penis about LovePanky often tells you, men’s penises have their own thoughts. Your “boys” don’t care if you’re presenting a report at a board meeting. standing in a crowded elevator poses for wedding photography Or even go on a date with someone you’ve had a crush on for a long time. He will rise like Greece’s debt whenever and wherever he wants. All you can do is pray to heaven and hope that no one will notice. Your “adversity”??

Fortunately, there are ways you can help calm the Hulk in your pants, and no, it doesn’t involve introspection. [Read: How to keep an erection up for longer in 20 ways]

Before learning how to get rid of mistakes Why did it happen?

Although the surprise glitch can be very inconvenient. But it is still a normal body function. Before you learn how to get rid of mistakes Know that it’s just a normal part of your body and a normal process. It doesn’t make it any less annoying, we know.

In fact, having a lot of guilt means that you are a strong, youthful, reproductive man. Easy erection means you have enough testosterone. which is responsible for waking up in the morning as well The next time you get really annoyed, think: You’re luckier than a guy who can’t get up during sex and needs Viagra to perform in bed. [Read: 8 stiff facts about morning erections you need to know about]

but to be specific There are a number of other *and obvious* reasons why you might get a random test. In addition to normal testosterone secretion, these include:

1. Thought provoking ideas

Because there are times when you can’t forget what you and your partner did last night or porn before you figure out how to get rid of your erection. Keep your erotic thoughts down and you won’t get it in the first place!

2. What did you see or who was rousing?

Some guys can control the hustle and bustle they get from the hot-clad woman at the next table. Still, some guys can’t help it. [Read: How to give a guy a boner: 20 moves for instant erections]

3Just because life wants to make your day a little harder.

Sometimes there is no reason it just happened Again, it’s a sign that your man is doing a good job. That won’t give you peace of mind when you’re trying to learn how to get rid of the big mistakes you don’t need. But it still holds true regardless.

How to get rid of an erection that you really don’t need

The rule is, the further away you are from home, the harder it is. Having public empathy can be challenging. Of course, the difficulty will be alleviated at some point. But the desperate situation calls for desperate measures. [Read: Why does losing an erection bother men so much?]

choice 1 – How to get rid of mistakes? calm the erection

Your first option when trying to figure out how to get rid of the mistakes made during the bad times is to try to calm down. That’s always the best option. because you don’t need to hide it it will disappear by itself

1. Think of something that contradicts itself.

If the culprit behind your mistake is your own mischievous imagination. Give yourself a little time to make excuses to turn your situation around. Think about something that will make you break up. It could be something depressing or funny. Perhaps it was a naked old woman. puppy dying Or how do you still be single at 28 when you think of these thoughts? Your mistake will be easily deflated. Your self-confidence may not be within your reach. but wait At least you learned how to get rid of the erection you don’t want! [Read: 23 Sexy tips to dirty talk and say the sexiest words]

2. Try to cool down a bit.

Extreme cold temperatures are a very effective way of eliminating your unwanted mistakes. The science behind this is that cold temperatures constrict your blood vessels. This means less blood flow to stimulate an erection — Ergo’s limp penis. Wipe the stains with a wet tissue. Or press a cold can of cola. at your target Just do this secretly. Being caught rubbing a can of soda on your crotch can be more shameful than noticing your guilt.

3.Trying to walk away

Walking with mistakes can be difficult. But it can also help you get rid of unwanted friends. both exercise and distraction A little pacing can help your little one calm down. while you are doing Think a little bit about your sexual response. You might be reminded of the time Mufasa died in the Lion King – which usually does the trick! [Read: The average penis: 10 Easy answers that’ll make you a know-it-all]

4. Pinch and squeeze (yes, really)

The opposite of pleasure is pain. Unless you’re into BDSM, the slightest punishment on your genital area in the form of squeezing and pinching will inevitably cause it to wither. Of course, you have to do this in a comfortable private room. Unless you want to be accused of jerking off.

5. Let’s do the math in your head.

When learning how to get rid of an erection This can be quite effective—especially if you’re not good at math. Mental calculations require a lot of concentration and concentration. This takes your brain away from what keeps you awake. By the time you remember 10 .N.S. The decimal place of pi is sure your penis will calm down. However, this is not suitable for theoretical physicists who have difficulty seeing calculus equations. That’s just against production. [Read: Floppies and 10 awkward things that happen during sex]

choice 2 – Hide the erection

There are times when time is of the essence. And you have little room to set up and calm your “moby dick.” The only solution is to hide it and hope it goes unnoticed. mistake That’s the only option.

6. Sit down and lean forward.

Using this gesture that looks like a library nap. It allows you to cover your erection by tilting the length of your penis. There’s also a chance your beer belly might help hide it out of sight.

7. Cross legs

Cross-legged like a gentleman will definitely hide that bulge in your pants. Plus, the constricted position reduces blood flow to the protrusion. Make it easier and faster to calm down It might make people think that you really want to pee if you’re a little too tight. Relax! [Read: How to get harder erections: 11 tips & tricks for a rock hard tool]

8. Cover it up with something

This is very straightforward. Carry a man’s purse, jacket, file, clipboard, book, or hat and cover up your guilt until the excitement subsides. You can get creative by pretending to be clumsy in your pocket on your lap, reading a book, or just typing on your laptop.

9. try to pull up

Elevating your penis will make it less noticeable during a tight fit. rather than letting it point down or to the side This reduces the bulge at the crotch. which other pants may peel off as pants that do not iron well

10. Apologize and find a sanctuary in the men’s room.

Sometimes learning how to get rid of mistakes means running away and hiding for a while. Call it the diarrhea or bladder you’ve been carrying for the past hour as the most reliable excuse for you to run to the bathroom. Then wait until the bulge of the crotch is reduced. [Read: How to tell if a guy has a boner and is hot and bothered by you]

Don’t panic, it happens to all men.

Now that you’ve figured out how to get rid of an erection you don’t really need, you may feel embarrassed or stressed out. Don’t. It happens to all men many times in their lives. You are definitely not alone. However, don’t assume that it’s over for you. Because we can guarantee that it will happen again sometime! It’s part of being a man.

The good news is that you now know how to get rid of the glitch that pops up when you least expect it. You can use that information whenever you want. Assure you that you can overcome what can be a rather stressful experience.

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Accidentally pointing your trash at someone is not something you should do in public. That’s why men take precautions to prevent any unwanted displays of fertility to unsuspecting individuals. Learning how to get rid of an erection isn’t difficult. Just use these 10 tips. Calm down, hide it, or *bonus tip* wear bigger pants.

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