How to Get Someone to Stop Texting You: A Step-by-Step Guide

When pressed in and the plain text became a hundred. What will you do? Use these steps to get people to stop texting you. in the end.

How to make people stop texting you

Almost everyone with a cell phone receives unwanted messages. From stalkers, spammers, girlfriends and angry ex-girlfriends. Jealous friends and family The most important thing is that we don’t want these messages that bother us every day. If this makes you wonder how to get people to stop texting you, read on! We have 11 tried and true tips to help you.
How to get people to stop texting you
There is nothing more annoying and disturbing than the person who texts you relentlessly from nonsense SMS, spam and threatening messages. All this caused serious anxiety. Unlike calls where you hang up or tell people to that stop calling easily You cannot filter the messages you receive.
So you become a slave to your message notifications. not the same as calling You can’t hang up on annoying messages. But there are some things you can do to get them to stop texting you—eventually.
#1 honest. Let him know that constant texting makes you uncomfortable or distracted. Tell them what they want to say. You want them to call you or talk to you face-to-face. Don’t confuse your honesty with rudeness. And don’t let them think the same way.
Being honest about your boundaries is important. so people around Especially people who text you all the time. know what to do [Read: The art of not giving a shit: How to not care in 15 steps]#2 face them If a few words of discouragement are direct It doesn’t cut it and it still makes you feel uncomfortable. Let’s go ahead and talk to them face to face. While provoking them in anger can make things worse, persistence will help them know how you feel about their vulgar messages.
Make an appointment with them and let them know how it makes you feel. Use creative words and be firm about your boundaries if you want someone to stop texting you.
#3 not interested. Texting doesn’t mean you have to actually text them. Let the person know you’re not interested in them or you don’t like texting back and start an SMS conversation by ignoring them. no matter how many times they text you They will eventually receive the message. Unless the text is very tight, in which case you will continue with the steps below.
#4 make it look like a mistake Another effective way to get people to stop texting you is to send them an error message similar to what auto-messaging providers send them. One good example is: “SMS SERVICE ERROR 404: DESTINATION UNAUTHORIZED”.
Getting this often makes them think that there is something wrong with the service. Keep doing this every time they text you. And in the end, they might give up altogether. You can also go another route and make them think they will be charged: “SMS SERVICE ERROR 202: Message delivery failed. Additional messages will be deducted from your account.” You can also cap-lock anything for added effects. [Read: 10 ways to ignore people who ruin a perfectly good day]#5 block them Many phones and even carriers have the option to block phone numbers. These may be created to deal with the exact situation you are facing. which is normal If you can’t find the blocking option Please contact customer service to find out how to block a phone number.
#6 get app If you don’t have the option to block numbers Worry no more—there’s an app for that. Today, there are many apps available for both Android and iPhone that help you block text messages and calls.
have Mr. Numberwhich automatically blocks private or unknown numbers including Truecaller. Both are for Android, for iPhone, iOS. 9 There is a built-in option for blocking calls and messages. While carriers such as AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile offer the same service. [Read: 12 ways to ignore someone who mentally stresses you]#7 Pretend your phone is lost or stolen. Send the message sender a message that the person they’re trying to contact isn’t you. Or have you just found the phone they’re texting in a trash can or a radioactive wasteland? The downside is if the message sender doesn’t care who owns the phone and continues to torment the new recipient.
#8 give them their own medicine If you want someone to stop texting you. You can return it to them and attack them with your own brand of text combat combos. Send them the most annoying phrases or take a little extra effort by sending them hundreds of pictures of cats or pugs or Donald Trump.
The downside though, they decide to fight back and message you more or more than you send them. Now it’s just a matter of who gives up first. [Read: 7 unnervingly annoying ways guys come on too strong]#9 change your number If the above measures do not work Instead, change your number. However, you may have to go through all the moves and hassles to get a new number. transfer all contacts Change business cards and letterheads And only all nine yards will find that your texting tormentor found your new number. In this case, start with one again. [Read: 25 signs of covert narcissim: A special kind of mind game]#10 Ask for help. If they still bother you with something they can type on their phone. *As if they couldn’t get any better* you’ll get your friends, parents, colleagues and “partners” on board. Talk to other victims of such abuse for help. Or let others help you do something about your exaggeration. One good trick is to get them on board and try in class to give your tormentor a large dose of their own medicine.
#11 Let the officials involved If the above is not resolved *and boy, do you have any objection messages*, you can go to the authorities. If you know your message sender from the same school or office where you live, go to your teacher, principal, or manager and ask them to deal with the harassment your messenger brought. You can also go to court or the police to have a restraining order against them. If nothing bothers them, trust us, the prison will surrender. [Read: Toxic people: 25 early warning signs to watch out for]Keep your numbers private. Do not publish on social media. And make sure you secure the privacy settings on all your online accounts connected to your number. And next time someone asks for your number. Don’t just give them a number. You won’t even know which creeps will over-text you. And before you know it You will worry about your SMS notifications first.
[Read: 10 tips for setting boundaries with difficult people]If you’re wondering how to get people to stop texting you? These tips can help you get rid of the problem. However, prevention is always better than cure. So be careful when giving your number to anyone.

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