How to Get to Know a Guy You Want to Date

Interested in a guy who invites you on a date but wants to get to know him better before you act? Read about how to get to know the guy you want to date here.

how to get to know a guy

Getting to know a man for who he really is It’s always a tricky business.

Every woman knows that a guy always does his best when he’s dating a girl. or even trying to find a date with a woman

But that’s who he really is. Or is it just an act of hiding his true self until he can convince you to fall in love with him?

If you want to get to know a guy better before falling in love with him. This is everything you need.

How to get to know a guy better

It’s not easy to get to know real men.

The easiest way to get to know him is to talk to him and let your instincts work.

but sometimes We all need a little advice to get started in the right direction.

Use these tips and you should be able to clear all your doubts within the first few days.

before meeting him

If he invites you on a date And you have a little more time before Friday night. Here are the first two things you can do to get to know him better.

#find him online

Take a moment and see if he has an online presence. Maybe he has an active blog or Twitter account. It can reveal a lot about him and the way he thinks. If you already know him Make him friends on Facebook and check out his conversations and pictures. These moves will tell you everything you need to know without meeting a man.

#ask a common friend

Talk to a few regular friends and ask them in a friendly way. Try to be cautious and create a conversation that has something to do with him. instead of asking him directly If he hears you asking about him He’ll do his best to show a clean appearance when you meet him.

on your first day

First dates are the best time to test your compatibility and get to know your guy better.

#Ask a question on his important day

There are a few first date questions. And then there are questions about first dating that can reveal a lot of information about a person. use these important date questions and see if there is hope for future relationships.

#What is your first impression?

This might seem rather shallow. But if you intend to spend a lot of time in his arms He must look good enough for you. First impressions are lasting. And if his attempts to make a first impression fail miserably? There may be many more awkward dates in the future as well. [Read: How to get to know someone on a date]

# Does he know his dating etiquette?

How did he behave on the day? Does he do his best to make sure you’re having a good time or is it just a gem? While some women may love men who need a little work, But most women don’t like dating men for the real pleasure of making a better man out of him.

Pay attention to his manners and way of speaking. Did he suddenly use foul language or behave rather vulgarly? And does he have a sense of humor? These little things can say a lot about who he is. [Read: Is he a good date for you?]

# Is he staring at your girly part?

Some guys just can’t stop themselves from staring inappropriately even on the first date. If a guy sees you as a piece of meat and not a woman who deserves respect. He might not be the right guy for you. Eating some thoughtful fool’s grass is perfectly acceptable and even flattering. But the staring and drooling is something that should not be overlooked. [Read: The real reason behind why men like breasts]

#Is he flirty or overly flirty?

A lot of guys read a lot of stories about being a great guy and trying to fake a personality to look good on a date. Is your date one of them? If a man is flirtatious like there is no tomorrow or looks very fake There’s a high chance that he’s not the person he’s portraying as himself.

#Is he trying too hard?

A few men may be plump in this category. While some men are born eloquent and courageous modern knights. But some people try to please you too much on the first day. Sometimes, their wanting to please you can be embarrassing. Especially if he really doesn’t know how to behave in dating.

Unless he was a great known for his bravery. He could be one of two things. He might be very interested in you. Or you might be one of the few women who has shown interest in him.

when you get to know him better

When you’ve passed your first date and are still in the middle of nowhere. Here are some important signs you need to keep in mind if you want to know how to get to know your guy better.

#How does his friend treat him?

Do his friends treat him with respect, or do they ridicule him in a non-glamorous manner? If his friends really don’t respect him. He’s not a serious person. On the other hand, if his friends treat him with dignity or even brag about him. He was also a man with all alpha potential.

# Has your interest in yourself decreased?

How did this guy behave with you when you both passed your first date? Does he treat you the same way he did on his first date or does his new alter ego come in? If a man changes too quickly It’s possible that he was just pretending to be more holy than he really was. [Read: Men and why they chase]

#How does he behave with female friends?

Does he have a lot of flirtatious friends? Or do you find him feeling silly with many of his female friends? Although this may seem like a sign of his charm and intelligence, But it can also lead to instability. If he’s a savvy person who forgets his girlfriend when another woman comes on the scene. [Read: Does your guy have a flirty woman friend?]

#Is he easily angry?

If he gets offended easily, even if you’re both in public. to stay away from him He might have a lot of problems, or he might just be a spoiled kid who always has what he wants. But you don’t need a guy like that in your life. If he’s offended when you put him down or pull his leg. He’s the kind of child your mother warned you about. he’s not a bad boy He was just a spoiled child with a swollen ego.

#Is he dating someone else or has a past?

Now it’s not easy to know. The guy you like might be in another relationship in another state or involved in a long distance relationship. or worse He may be married or have children. Always keep an eye out for important signs. After all, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

[Read: Is he married or dating someone else?]

#Remember his flaws and face them.

Is he shy or does he avoid talking about certain things? Or is there something that instinctively bothers you about his behavior?

If there are any bugs or concerns that bothers you about him Try to find out before you get into a relationship with him. Talk to him or speak informally in conversations when he’s with friends for an unbiased explanation. Try to dispel all doubts if you want to get to know a guy. But if you still feel like you don’t know anything Back away for a while until he is safer to recover.

[Read: Is he really into you?]

If you really want to understand how to get to know a guy better. There is no easier and more thorough way to get to know a guy. Use these tips and get to know him. and if you are ready Just do it!

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