Ghostbusting: 15 Ways to Ghostbust a Ghoster Like a Real Badass

Everyone seems to be fed up with ghosts. But what to do when someone comes to haunt you? Call ghostbusters or do some ghostbusting?


I’m sorry, I just had to use that expression. It’s too good to let it go Unfortunately, there is no ghostbusting service you can call who will work for you. If there is, it would be a multi-million dollar company because people are sick and tired of ghosts.

Now, you might be wondering if someone was haunting you in the first place. It’s pretty easy to figure out. Are they ignoring your calls and messages? Do they avoid meeting you in person? Like it just disappeared? Let me tell you one thing that they are alive and well. [Read: What is ghosting exactly?]

The point is, they’re trying to disappoint you in an “easy way,” but this is more important than being honest. In other words, they are too afraid to be honest with you. So they haunt you instead. [Read: What does it mean when someone is ignoring you on purpose?]

Ghostbusting Dos and Don’ts

The good thing is that people are tired of being deceived by ghosts. and they want to summon a ghost I did it for this because I used to be quite violent by ghosts. When I say harsh, I mean, the guy I like tells me he’s coming over to me and never get on a plane. Ouch, you’re right. Did I just lay back and play cool? No, I’m all crazy.

But there are better ways to deal with this than by surprising them. It’s time to suggest an exorcism strategy when you’re dealing with ghosts. This way, you’ll get them to respond and let them know you don’t like the game.

But there are right and wrong ways about ghostbusting.

#1 don’t panic I know you’re in the mood right now. because it really hurts When someone we care about our ghosts, of course, it hurts our feelings. we are not robots we are human You just have to understand that this person is a perfect pussy first and foremost. Second, showing your upset with them will only make you grieve more than necessary. [Read: Why do guys ghost? 15 reasons why guys turn into cowardly pricks]

#2 follow your instincts You know, deep, deep, when people try to avoid you. You can truly experience it when you read a single-word message or see “seen” in their message.

In some cases, they may forget to reply, etc., but in most cases What you feel is right if you think in your mind. Are they haunting me? Then the answer is yes. [Read: How to listen to your gut and inner voice]

#3 Send them a casual message. If you try to message them Don’t hit them with heavy and tragic messages, keep it light if they haunt you. It is possible that they will reply to light, open messages. instead of a message full of anger Keep the message light, positive, and relaxed.

#4 don’t jump to conclusions Listen, people live their lives. Although everyone thinks that people are addicted to their phones. But not everyone is addicted to texting. So some people can go a day or two without their phones, and they’re fine. This also means they won’t be texting you as often.

So before you think they’re haunting you Lets see what happens. Do they work without their phones? Aren’t they just texting?

#5 Do not send text messages Look, they’re haunting you, so texting them one message at a time will make you seem desperate to them. Don’t text them instead, of course, if you haven’t messaged them yet. at all You can send messages. But I’m pretty sure you’ve texted them… maybe a couple of times [Read: Double texting and second text rules – 6 ways to play it cool]

#6 Give them time to respond. as I said before People are busy with their lives. Not everyone can reply in two minutes after you send them a message, so give them time to reply. But after a few hours, that’s fine. Don’t text them until they text you back.

#7 Play a little hard to get If you feel like they are haunting you Most likely they are not interested in you. Maybe it’s because you’re too busy. So try to alternate. and play harder Send them a message, but don’t reply immediately after. Switch the power in your hands [Read: How to make playing hard to get work for you]

#8 show your humor People like to talk to people who make them laugh. I mean, why do we watch comedy? We want to laugh and have a good time. Send memes, send GIFs, make jokes about something on social media. no matter what you do Keep sending something to start a light and funny conversation.

#9 Don’t write a message saying “Why are you haunting me?” when i say this i mean Don’t send large messages to people. This is about haunting you.

First, they won’t read it all, and if they do, they’ll send it to someone. For them will be a joke. If this person really deceives you, he doesn’t. really Caring for you, that’s what you need to know. Sending them an article about how you feel or what you feel is being ignored doesn’t make a difference. You have to show them that you don’t have to mess with it. that you are challenging [Read: 17 signs you’re “benched” and being strung along right now]

#10 Don’t be cheeky. You might be nervous to show a little attitude. But why are you nervous? you have nothing to lose If they are really haunting you You can show them a slightly sassy attitude. It will definitely spark a flirtatious conversation. All you have to do is make sure you’re not insulting or insulting.

#11 Don’t send proactive messages. Come on, it’s the 21st century. What’s going on with everyone who is open and honest? Don’t be one of those people who eat passive and aggressive behavior. If you’re not happy with the way they respond or lack an answer. So be open and honest with them. There is no need to be angry or aggressive.

#12 End the conversation first. I know you want to talk to them forever. But you have to end the conversation first. listen to my plan first Before you panic everything will be reasonable

As for them, they’re familiar with you who continued the conversation after it died twenty messages ago. Cut off the conversation first. This way, you show them that you’re not. too available, and secondly You are currently controlling the conversation. [Read: 15 sneaky ways to make a man chase you and fall real hard]

#13 Confident. they are haunting you But you’re not an idiot. It’s time to text back with confidence in your sentence. If you feel like they can walk all over you. They won’t have a problem. You have to show them that you are worth more than that.

#14 Remember if they are haunting you. they don’t care about you If a worker is busy and can’t answer That’s different. But what if they ignore your messages day after day? It’s clear that they’re not interested in you at all. You have to be aware and accept it. Because it won’t change in the near future. [Read: The unassuming signs you’re dating a jerk]

#15 Know when to quit. Look, you did everything you could to get them texting you back. but at some point You have to realize that they don’t want to talk to you. is going well that’s great

But there is always a chance that they will not change even with this new strategy. If so, then quit. let them come to you

[Read: Got ghosted? All the signs and ways to deal with it]

Is someone trying to haunt you? Alright, time to put an end to this. I mean, if you don’t stand up and do something Ghostbusty, who will?

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