How to Give a Sexy Lap Dance He’ll Never Ever Forget

Sometimes we need to pull out all the stops to make an impression. Learn how to do lap dancing and your guy will surely be amazed!

How to do a sexy lap dance

Most of us want to do our best to please our partners. Of course, we expect them to do the same in return. But we want to feel like we’re doing everything we can to make the relationship happy and harmonious. When it comes to bedroom life That means thinking outside the box and coming up with some hot moves that he’s never seen before. Have you ever thought of learning how to dance on the lap?

Of course, not because it’s our job to please our partner, but mainly because it makes us happy to see them happy – about anything. We really enjoyed doing everything to please them. That’s why we look for new ways. And it’s always interesting to add color to the bedroom as well. [Read: 20 Sexy things guy like in bed but won’t ask for & why they don’t]

Does the thought of learning how to dance on the lap make you embarrassed?

There’s one thing that stops most people trying to do a lap dance. Shame.

we think we look stupid But you know what? There’s no way to look silly when you’re moving so slow and sexy. By showing your man the best in what you have. He’ll find that you look so amazing that he doesn’t even think about how pouty you are inside.

Lap dancing doesn’t make you an idiot. But it makes you eager to do what you can to please your partner. It’s sexy, it’s seductive, and when done the right way. It will seriously bring explosive results in your way!

If you are very nervous Let’s drink a glass of wine first. (either one) or take a deep breath Wear clothes that make you feel good and work on the lights in the room. This will make sure it shows you the best you can. with scene settings to make you feel comfortable You will be able to focus on your movements without worrying about what you will look like.

When did the idea of ​​a sexy lap dance begin?

When you think of lap dancing It’s possible your mind is filled with images of striptease clubs with half-naked women crushing perverted old businessmen. Am I right? It’s possible that lap dancing in a relationship may have been around for years without anyone knowing. because it is private [Read: The girl’s guide to strip clubs and female strippers]

However, lap dancing in clubs and being paid has been around since the Middle Ages. Women of the lower classes are shown to men for a fee. Although prostitution is also linked to this type of establishment. But it was also the beginning of stripper and lap dancing.

That doesn’t mean you can’t take the best and use it to show your partner a good time.

How to dance on the lap and give him an unforgettable night.

Not all of us will be miraculously blessed with Shakira’s hips. Some of us have to work extra hard to get sexy dance moves that don’t make us look like fools and risk breaking our temper. [Read: Sexy strip tease 101: The right way to strip for your man]

There are many strategies involved in lap dancing that are really sexy. More than just moving your hips to the beat of erotic music. If you want to know how to do a lap dance that he will never forget. You will need these tips.

1. Create expectations in his mind.

Give your guy an idea of ​​how he’s going to experience something fun and sexy that night. It’s the perfect way to kick off his sexual expectations.

You do not need to provide your exact itinerary for the night. But sending him naughty clues throughout the day should be enough to make him more curious. Even just a picture of the lace corner from your dress is enough.

2. Set the mood

You can’t do a sexy lap dance for him without creating a sultry atmosphere. You have to set your mood so that the moment he walks in the door. He knew he was on a busy night, turning the lights low, the music soft but audible, and leaving a single chair empty to let him know what he wanted. [Read: How to grind for a guy sexily and discreetly]

3. Choose an outfit that surprises you.

I don’t mean that you should spend a lot of money on underwear that you find weird and uncomfortable. But it’s what he really likes. Seeing you in and out . You can even wear a sundress if that’s what he really likes!

4. Train your dominant attitude

Sexy lap dancing is all about power. And women have all the power during this sex act. Therefore, you must be a woman who is dominant and responsible. pull him into the house ordered him to take off his cloak and push him onto the chair you will use to dance. [Read: How to be dominant: 15 calm and firm ways to be the real alpha]

5. Before learning how to dance on the lap Practice your rules and set them up.

because you are now in charge You must create all the rules. If you don’t want him to snoop around the whole story. tell him that If you don’t want him to touch you at all. let him know and make sure he knows if he breaks those rules he must pay

This will not only entertain you. But he gets even more furious when he realizes he can’t even touch the amazing body that crushes all over him and lures him in. [Read: Naughty ways to tease your man and leave him hard]

6. Take a break first.

If you’ve never danced on his lap before and you’re feeling too nervous, have a drink! Hell has two and shoots on it. Lap dancing is only successful if you are relaxed and willing to have a good time. If you’re afraid your nerves are blocking that, drink it up. You’ll feel relaxed and ready to dance in no time!

7. Pick a sexy song that makes your hips tremble.

Add both the sexy songs and the ones you love to dance to. The goal of this is to make sure you feel comfortable enough to let go and have fun. Try playing music according to your favorite mood to make your dance moves feel genuine and easy. [Read: The absolute lovemaking playlist guide you need]

8. Start slowly and build up

You should start dancing while you are still standing a few feet away from him. This means that he can see the whole picture, then slowly dance towards him in a slow and sensual manner. [Read: 50 kinky ideas for a sexy relationship]

9. Take off your clothes slowly and tease.

Don’t rip all your clothes off at once. The purpose of a proper lap dance is to gradually Take off his clothes in a way that makes him want to rip them off. in doing this Every few minutes, take your clothes off without taking your eyes off him.

10. Spend the same amount of time both on and off his lap.

I know this can be confusing because it’s called a “lap” dance, but trust me. Really great lap dance It’s a lot of joking. And you want to make him thirsty to have you on his lap.

To do this to stand above him with his back facing him. Give him a sexy shot of your back dancing before leaning back and touching his lap. Doing this will give him the same viewing and touch time. It’s two things that can work together to create a powerful lap dance he’ll never forget.

11. Measure his reaction and change your strategy accordingly.

Some guys like having their lap dancers face the other way so they can see their butts. Others like to have a woman’s breasts in front of them. Make sure you’re evaluating the guy’s reaction and adjusting your body accordingly to keep him happiest. [Read: How to ride a man and look sexy doing it]

12. Practice before you act.

To feel comfortable with the movement and find the right moment to take off the clothes. Practice when you’re alone. You can also practice in front of friends you trust and get advice from them if you’re really nervous about it.

13. Be sure to choose a sturdy chair!

I can’t tell you how many of my friends have tried to do a sexy lap dance for their girlfriends just to break a chair or fall over. You want to make sure that the chair can support both of your weight. [Read: Fun sex games to play with your boyfriend]

14. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself – stick with what you feel comfortable with.

Don’t try belly dancing like Shakira if you don’t have much mobility in your hips. Just do what you can to feel sexy. Don’t go overboard with music, dress, or dancing. Simple is always the best

15. Choose the right lighting

No matter what time of day you’re trying to learn how to do lap dancing, You have to choose the right lighting. Candles are perfect because they are instantly sexy right from the start. The full light might be enough to make you feel nervous – it’s intense and if you feel uncomfortable. You won’t enjoy it that much. However, the candles and fairy lights provide an extremely flattering half-light from the beginning.

16. Always work your hips.

Although there are no specific movements to remember when learning how to lap dance. Usually it is at the hip. hip loop Jerking up and down, moving around and basically doing everything slowly. in this part of the body You will get the right trick.

Hips are the sexiest part. of the female body Maybe it’s because it’s directly connected to the butt! If you want to move your shoulders parallel to your hips. Like a belly dancer, go for it. Usually, moving your hips means moving your butt, and that’s a good place to start. [Read: How to grind with a guy sexily and discreetly]

17. Cut out the distractions when learning how to lap dance.

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t choose when you’re going to be distracted or when one has to be somewhere. Your lap dance doesn’t need a time limit. Make sure he left his phone in another room and that you turned off the phone. If one of you has to go somewhere That’s the wrong time and you have to change your schedule! The chances of your lap dancing becoming something else are very high, so keep that in mind.

18. Don’t forget to have fun!

Don’t think too much about your insecurities! Lap dancing should be fun. If you have a good time Your partner will also have a good time. Relax and have fun!

There are no rules for learning how to dance on the lap.

Most importantly, you can’t do anything wrong when you learn how to lap dance. All you have to do is move your body, take off your clothes (or just do some sexy moves if you want) and drive him crazy. The fact that you’re willing to do it for him should be enough to get you started. [Read: How to spice up the bedroom: 22 tips to set the bed on fire]

There are no rules, you don’t have to turn your back on him. You don’t have to face him. You don’t have to follow any guidelines, you just go with what feels good to you. Watch his reaction and if he seems excited. push a little more he will not be bored So you don’t have to worry.

if you want Practice in the mirror ahead of time. But know that your willingness to wag your hips for him alone is enough to drive him crazy.

[Read: 20 naughty ways to tease your man and leave him horny]

Showing your guy a sexy lap dance that he’ll never forget is one of the best ways to get the night going in the right direction. And these tips on how to do lap dancing the right way will help you look amazing. and he will remember that night for a long time.

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