How to Handle a Friend Who Uses You: Take a Stand & Break the Cycle –

Have you ever noticed the little things and felt that your friendship was a one-way street? You’re probably right. Learn how to deal with friends who use you.

How to cope with friends who use you

There are many people that we meet in life. mostly good people But there are some people that we rarely come across. What to say, the world is not a perfect place. But I can give you some advice on how to deal with a friend who uses you.

I met someone I thought was my friend. But they only use me as a ruin Did I realize it right away? No, but with enough time I put two and two together. And it definitely stings when I know. I ended up letting go of those people and making new, sincere friends. I think that’s why you’re here too. [Read: 15 signs you have shitty friends and need to get new ones]

How to cope with friends who use you

It’s not easy for me to deal with the friends who use me. Who wants to admit that someone has already used it? No one. But when you know it, do it! Don’t let them walk all over you, things need to change.

So if you find that your friend is using you It’s time to act. It’s hard, but it’s going to be one of the best things you can do for yourself. you don’t need it But you have to learn how to deal with friends who use you. [Read: One-sided friendship: 15 clear signs it’s time to cut them loose]

#1 How do you feel? no matter how you know Now that you know your friend is using you, I know. It’s not a satisfying feeling. But it’s better that you know sooner. Now you need to figure out what you want to do next. Will you completely discard them? Face them? Decide what you want to do with your friendship. [Read: The scenarios when it’s okay to ghost a friend]

#2 Are they using you? Before you jump to conclusions Make sure you know they’re really using you. Sometimes, other people may get involved just to create drama. You have to be confident in yourself that this person is taking advantage of you. If you feel like they use you and something isn’t right. show that you are right

#3 separate yourself from them You will need to create a space between you and your friends. Because you find that they are using you. Set aside from them and create boundaries. That doesn’t mean you should haunt them. But you clearly need some space from them until you decide what to do next. [Read: Emotional manipulation: 14 ways people mess with your mind]

#4 you have to talk to them Whether you want to work on the relationship or end the relationship. You will have to talk to them. I know you want to reward them for the way they treat you. But you have to respect yourself and act with maturity. If you’re going to end a friendship, end it the right way.

#5 see them face to face Don’t talk to them via text message. I mean you can, but why? You have to do this the right way. Just because they are not good to you. This doesn’t mean you should act like a child, so if you want to talk to them. You should meet them. Choose a place where you can sit down and not be distracted by loud noises or other people’s words. [Read: How to spot selfish people and stop them from hurting you]

#6 frankly When you talk to them, don’t hit around the bushes. It won’t take you anywhere You have taken a bold step forward in asking them to meet with you. But you can’t stop now. when you talk to them be as straight as possible Tell them about what you noticed or what happened. [Read: How to spot a bad friend and end a friendship]

#7 don’t panic It’s easy to become emotional and surprised when you know your friends are using you. But that’s the only thing you can’t do. in these cases You have to stay calm and completely gathered. Of course, you should be protected around them, but don’t defend. This will only intensify the battle.

#8 stand up for yourself if they use you They obviously don’t respect you, so when you talk to them They may try to control the situation and change things by pointing their finger at you. Don’t let them get away with that shit. Stand up for yourself and make sure they see where the line is drawn.

#9 Know the consequences. It’s one thing to call someone for embezzlement. But you should show them the consequences of their actions. Of course, it depends on what you want it to happen. If you want to give them another chance They must see that they have violated your personal boundaries. If you want to end the relationship That’s a consequence in itself.

#10 Accept that it will be a process. Losing a friend isn’t easy. I know it might sound easy. You might think you just cut them off. But there’s a lot more to say about it than just that. you are losing friends Someone you’ve had an emotional relationship with so it takes time There will be moments when you want to call them. but you have to be strong [Read: How to deal with the heartbreak of losing a friend]

#11 Understand that they are not friends. Ultimately, you have to understand that this person is not your true friend. Hope you can use this situation as an example for new people. That way, you’ll know what to look out for to make sure you don’t get hurt. The good thing is that you can now move forward without this mean person in your life.

[Read: The 13 traits of toxic people who can emotionally harm you]

It’s time to make new friends. If you are wondering how to deal with friends who use you? Follow these steps to help you end the vicious circle.

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