How to Handle a Girlfriend that Takes You for Granted & Change Her

you really love your girlfriend But are you wondering how to deal with a girlfriend who rejects you? It’s time to bring equality to the mix.

How to deal with a spoiled girlfriend

you do everything for your girlfriend She is on the highest pedestal. And although it sounds amazing But you start to wonder how to deal with a girlfriend who rejects you.

Look, it’s easy to overlook the person you love. When they do everything for you, you forget in return. Not everyone is like this. but i’m like this

To be honest, I’m still like this. i love my partner But sometimes I do nothing for him. He would do anything to take care of me and make sure I was happy. but i don’t respond And this causes a lot of problems for us. Why? ‘Cause I’m selfish, it’s so easy [Read: These worrying signs say you’re being taken for granted in your relationship]

How to deal with a spoiled girlfriend

Is your boyfriend evil? No, she’s not, but it means she’s a little selfish. That doesn’t mean you need to end the relationship. But you should show her where the finish line is. And perhaps even causing her to change her views and actions.

you can do this; it will work though Hard work won’t come from you complaining about her being selfish. The hard work will come from focusing on yourself. That’s right. Because now you’re fueling her behavior. and that needs to stop

So if you want to know how to deal with a spoiled girlfriend, here’s how.

#1 learn to refuse Yep, this is a big deal. If your boyfriend takes advantage of you you will not deny i know this You always say yes and do your best to please her, right? I’m right. Look, that doesn’t help you. If anything does the opposite and makes things worse. Decline when you want to decline Of course she will be angry. But you’ll get through it [Read: Learn how to say no and stop always pleasing people]

#2 Don’t ignore your feelings If you’re upset or angry at her behavior. Get to know your feelings and understand why you feel this way. It’s important that you talk to her about it. Seriously, you can’t have these feelings in you without talking to your partner.

#3 please yourself You have to take care of yourself first. Take the time to practice self-care. If you like to go for a walk to go for a walk every day if you like to read Read every book you want. Or if you want to deal with a girlfriend who insults you or who is taking advantage of you? You have to give yourself first

#4 do your own thing Do you have hobbies? Is there anything you enjoy doing besides being with your girlfriend? The answer is probably yes, and if is Yes, you have to do your hobbies, if you don’t, then it’s time to do your hobbies. Show your partner that you are free. and you are happy in yourself [Read: Selfish people – 15 ways to spot them and stop them from hurting you]

#5 spend time with your friends This is a mistake many men make when they have a boyfriend. They completely abandoned their friends and cling to their girlfriend like glue. don’t make this mistake You have to show your girlfriend that you have a life outside of her. if not then You will build a dependent relationship. and no one wants that

#6 follow your words If you talk to her about your feelings or tell her you’re making some changes, you’ll be fine. You must follow your words. if not then She will never take you seriously. Whatever you say you’re going to do, do it.

#7 Don’t cancel plans for them. If you have plans with your friends and girlfriends give them a call. Don’t insure with your previous plans. Show your partner that you have life, that you have friends, and when you make plans with them. you will keep them You can’t leave everything to her when she snaps her fingers. [Read: Putting too much effort into the relationship and where to draw the line]

#8 Be the example you want them to be. If you want her to change You have to be the role model you want her to be. She won’t learn unless you teach her. Sometimes people think for themselves. don’t look around Teach her which partner you are looking for.

#9 Have them make their first move. You are always moving But when you do nothing There will be no action That’s because she’s used to you doing everything for her. Instead of being the initiator of things, let her use the steering wheel. If it’s date night, she can set things up. If you feel cheerful She was able to make the first move.

#10 Ask your partner for help. You should not run towards your partner like a beheaded rooster. If your partner needs help They can ask you Even though doing things Giving your lover without asking will be a good thing. But she clearly did it to the extreme. Let her come to you if she needs anything. don’t run to her [Read: Don’t ignore these signs of manipulation in a relationship]

#11 Create personal boundaries. Nobody likes to set boundaries. But when they are created Everything flowed better. You want personal boundaries everyone needs them And your girlfriend must know your limits. She can’t walk all over you. it is impossible You have a limit before your happiness is affected. Figure out where the lines are and not move. [Read: 15 rules you must set to create healthy boundaries in a relationship]

#12 Make yourself important. you love your girlfriend But she’s not the most important person in your life. you Must be number one in life She can be second or third. It doesn’t matter, but in the end. You are the only one who will take care of you. She also needs to see that you love yourself and will do things to make her happy. but there is a limit

#13 Treat yourself. If you’re doing everything on this list, good for you! It’s a lot of work and you might be a little tired. Taking care of yourself isn’t easy. And it’s important to treat yourself throughout the process. if not then You will be discouraged and give up on this. Lastly, it’s not a fight with your girlfriend. You are learning to respect yourself and gain the respect of others. [Read: How self-respect affects you and your relationship]

#14 Practice makes perfect. You’ll have to practice. This won’t be easy. Your boyfriend hugs her finger very tightly. and you feel the pressure But resisting the grain is not as easy as it seems. You will need a lot of practice.

#15 Talk to them. You have to talk to your partner. If she is your girlfriend You should feel comfortable enough to tell her how you feel and what happened. If you can’t talk to her Is this a relationship you really want to have? [Read: How to spot the signs of a bad girlfriend instantly]

#16 Make a choice. If you’re doing all of these and she hasn’t made any changes. Let’s do the next step. I know you like her Maybe you love her, but at some point, you have to decide that people Is this right for you?

[Read: 15 signs of a bad relationship you should never ever tolerate]

If you think your girlfriend is taking advantage of you. It’s time to change that. not easy But it’s worth learning how to deal with a girlfriend that makes you unthinkable.

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