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ghost; The downfall of modern dating We know it’s terrible. But how do you deal with it when he doesn’t text back one day at a time?

when he didn't text back for days

We’ve all been there. You talk to men regularly You are used to receiving good morning messages and feeling a real connection. and then suddenly nothing So what is your right to ask for help when he doesn’t text back one day at a time?

At first you thought he was just busy. Then you notice he’s on Instagram, so you reach out while still being cool. But still he never replied 24 hours later. And you start to wonder what happened while still hoping he’ll text you tomorrow to say sorry.

But the apology never arrived. and two days passed You want to reach out and be like, “What?!” but you don’t want to look crazy. You convince yourself that you don’t need to talk to him every day. And that’s normal. But it’s eating you and making you feel bad.

If you’re wondering how much I know about your feelings because I’ve been there not once not twice but more than I can count It’s a special dating experience for men who won’t text back for days. and it makes you feel bad

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You don’t just feel that your deep and meaningful conversation is a hoax. But you still question yourself. You wonder what you said or did wrong. Does he have a boyfriend you don’t know? You wonder if he was killed and lying in a ditch somewhere, or if he was just a fool.

I can tell you now He’s just a major fool. And there is one way to deal with a guy like that. maybe two or three But they all have the same results.

What do you think when you don’t text back for days?

Let’s understand here and now. The fact that he hasn’t texted you for several days doesn’t reflect you at all. I know it feels that way, but it doesn’t.

When he didn’t text back for days It represents his true self. you did nothing wrong You are amazing.

Remind yourself that his irreverent behavior belongs to him. And this is not what happened to you. This is not what you deserve.

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The way you react to this is what makes you stronger both inside and out. When he didn’t text back for days Don’t back down and delve into your insecurities.

Instead, focus on the amazing things about you. Think about how tight he must be to not text you. Don’t try to make excuses for him unless he works as a volunteer doctor in a country without wifi or anything like that. But other than that, there are no excuses.

It can be harsh or slurred for some people. But I always said that if he had time to do nonsense He will have time to text you back. He could simply say, “Sorry, I’m very busy today” and finished.

A simple message that takes five seconds to write and send will ease your anxiety and put you at ease. But the fact that he didn’t do it tells you everything you need to know about him. [Read: 15 reasons why guys ghost and turn into cowardly pricks]

The next thing you need to think about is the future. Instead, think about all the amazing conversations you had before he didn’t text back for days. think about the future If you will go forward with him Will this lack of respect become your new normal?

If he hasn’t texted you back for several days. What does that mean for what will happen in the future? Will he stand up or meet your parents an hour late? Will he keep his word?

A guy who doesn’t text back for days is a major red flag signal for a potential relationship. And I know what you’re thinking… He’s not good at texting. Just that thought made me frown. [Read: Why did he stop texting me? 13 rules you should follow]

Everyone is comfortable with their phones now, and in fact, no one is sending bad messages. My almost 70-year-old father texts back. most importantly if he misses you He will send you a message And I’m sorry it’s cruel But if he doesn’t text you He didn’t miss you That is, it’s plain and simple.

I didn’t mean to bother you. But do you know how they say it’s show business for actors who have been rejected for auditions? I must say that is modern dating. It just happened and doesn’t reflect how amazing you are.

you deserve better [Read: How to respond to rejection and do the right thing even if it hurts]

What to do when he doesn’t text back for days?

Now you know what to think if he hasn’t texted back for days. Let’s focus on what needs to be done. Do you want him to know that you deserve more respect? You don’t want him to be satisfied?

It depends on your personality and the level of annoyance you have with this idiot. There are two things you can do when he hasn’t texted back for days.

#1 Take the next step. just forget about him I know it won’t be easy but you will do it Focus on yourself. Enjoy the people in your life reaching out and treating you the way you deserve. Don’t tell him that he disrespects you. [Read: How to know when to stop texting a guy – Did you text too much?]

#2 tell him out It might not be the most mature way of dealing with it. But we all deserve to stop messing with it. Go ahead and type a message telling him that he is an idiot who will be alone forever because of how he treats women.

Tell him you deserve to be with someone who cares and puts more effort into texting. Just writing makes me feel better and not sending. But if you want to go, go Just be prepared for either response or defense. [Read: When a guy stops texting you – The sad, mad and pissed off girl’s guide]

#3 Keep it simple. If you don’t want to vent your annoyance because of your lack of full respect. Say something like, “Listen, I had a lot of fun talking to you. But I need someone to keep in touch and want to talk to me . Obviously not you. Good luck with everything.”

There, you honestly have a way of telling him that he’s an idiot and that you deserve better. This is a passive way to let him know that his behavior is unacceptable. [Read:  How to stop feeling ignored by someone you love]

#4 Don’t let him make excuses Some guys who don’t text back for days will offer excuses. They might say they didn’t know it was that serious, or that they were actually very busy. or their phone is broken but you are smarter than that

You know that if he wants to reach out, he’ll find a way. There are about 10 ways to contact someone online. So if he cared enough, he probably had. He might try to save his face. But don’t let his lies haunt you. [Read: 15 kickass ways to ghostbust a ghoster like a real badass]

#5 Don’t do that to other people. Okay, this might not be the way to deal with you when he doesn’t text back for days. But it will keep you in good space. Next time you’re talking to a guy you don’t like. instead of not responding when things Boring or you don’t care anymore? Let him know.

If that’s the respect you need That’s what you have to give to the world.

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So when he doesn’t text back for days, forget him. You deserve better and you know.

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