How to Have a Casual Relationship Without Getting Hurt or Betrayed

There is no easy way to say this. But learning to have a friendly, pain-free relationship is very difficult. Some people never manage

How to have a comfortable relationship without hurting

Sometimes people are put in your path that you want to be with badly. This feeling may drive you to do things that you would recommend others not to. For example, starting a relationship casually. that had no chance to go anywhere Just in return for spending time with that person. Now, we don’t want you to suffer unnecessarily in a bad casual relationship, and pain will happen no matter which side of the coin you’re on! You have to learn to be in a relaxed relationship. without injury But I know it’s very hard

Of course, you can tell yourself that they will change their minds. They will want to be with you when they know you properly. that almost never happened We won’t say it never happened. because somewhere in the world maybe once or twice But once or twice, it’s not worth living with it and spending your life in vain.

It’s a common situation of concern. in fact Most people have been there at some point. The point is, casual relationships require a certain level of strength and emotional control, or you risk getting hurt. [Read: How to know if you can handle casual dating]

Wait, what is a casual appointment?

There are many different variations in this theme. But when you’re casually dating You will not bind each other. You may be exclusive or you may not. But somehow there was no expectation from either side (hopefully) the dating would go on. It’s definitely not a relationship.

The problem is mostly in casual dating situations. one likes the other more They might even love them. That was a recipe for disaster because it was possible that the other party wanted the situation. It’s truly ‘no commitment’. Spending a lot of time with someone or even sleeping with them doesn’t mean they’ll change their mind and want to be with you in a committed relationship. [Read: What does casual dating mean to a guy? Are you about to be hurt?]

Of course, this is not the case in all casual dating, it suits some people very well. But if you are someone who accidentally gets into a boat situation. or you catch the feeling It won’t end well.

The best intentions can still hurt you.

Okay, we’ll admit, sometimes people tell you they want a casual relationship. because they really don’t know So what do they want? After spending some time in this casual relationship, they develop feelings and want a real relationship. It happens, but it’s not a normal situation.

We’re not going to lie and say it won’t happen. It does. The problem is that tolerating this possibility is risky. [Read: How to read the signs your casual relationship is getting serious]

Most people who say they want a casual relationship They always say this because that’s what they want—no commitments. Entering a relationship like this in the hopes that there is a greater risk that you are wasting valuable time with people who want the same things as you.

End lecture. If you’re sure you want to get into this relationship casually, keep your eyes open. Maybe you don’t know what you want right now. Do you think that a casual relationship It might be all you need to give your life a point of excitement as you figure it out. If this is the case and you’re sure, go for it. [Read: Casual dating – 15 reasons why it’s the best thing ever]

How to get together so that it doesn’t hurt … hope

Before we delve into the matter We want to say here and now, following these steps does not mean that you will avoid all kinds of emotional distress. casual relationship It’s hard if you develop feelings. That’s our disclaimer. Now let’s explore a little more.

1. Understand what you get from the start

Know your starting point to be able to deal with this sort of arrangement. that’s what it is An arrangement that means that you spend time with someone without a promise of feeling connected. Have a good conversation with yourself and settle in your knowledge that this is not the beginning of great love. [Read: Why dating multiple people is actually really healthy]

2Get to know yourself – can you handle this without developing feelings?

If you are easily addicted after sex or develop feelings quickly. This kind of manipulation will end in tears. The number one rule for having a casual relationship without getting hurt is knowing yourself. If you’re sure you can handle it and feelings aren’t out of the equation, go for it. approach with extreme caution

3. Let’s talk seriously

No one wants to sit down and have a serious conversation with someone about what might lead to them. But if you want to be sure what you’re doing to know the facts Ask this person what they want. Do they want a future relationship? Want to be single but have special privileges such as friends with welfare?

Make sure they are open and honest with you. Then do the same with them. Getting all the facts will be the basis of your journey in knowing how to have a friendly, painless relationship in the end. [Read: Casual vs serious: What’s your current dating speed?]

4Ask yourself if you can handle seeing them with other people.

If you go outside and bump into someone else How will you feel? Will it blow air out of your lungs?

if you see this They didn’t do anything wrong because they didn’t make any particular promise to you. Informal means no obligation. But how will that make you feel?

5. Don’t let them become your world.

Don’t cancel plans with your friends or family to see this person. If you start doing that You make them an important part of your life. Feelings are developing or are not far behind. Casual means you see them when you have nothing to do. It doesn’t mean that you are decisive in planning and giving up your life for them. Chances are they won’t do this for you either. [Read: How to know for sure if you can handle casual relationships]

6. Do not mix your circle of friends.

Do not introduce this person to your regular circle of friends. And make sure you set this apart. If you start bundling together, things will get muddy and difficult when it’s all over. and they will at some point Having a separate solution, such as your social group You will avoid making these groups too important in your life.

7. Always practice safe sex.

Of course, it goes without saying that any sex That you have with this person should be extraordinarily safe. STDs and pregnancy don’t go together well in casual relationships. These tend to be life-changing and that’s not the point of dealing with it as such.

Put your health and future first. Keep everything safe and protected. That’s even more important if the dating situation isn’t unique. [Read: Pulling out is completely safe and other bad sex advice]

8. Don’t think about important events.

If you start to think, “Oh, it’s been three months since we met,” then you’re entering a rocky area. Avoid common relationship milestones and don’t let them get into your mind. Save this type of milestone for any future relationship. A union that means a lot to you in the future.

It might sound cold and it could be that you’re in a relationship with the person you’re talking to. But if you want to keep your heart, stay away.

9. Do not put a sign

This is not a relationship So don’t call it a relationship. We are calling this a ‘Casual relationship’, but we don’t mean it in the traditional sense. you are not together You are not half of the union. You are not in that situation. ‘Let’s see what happens.’ No, you’ve chosen to stay on friendly terms. that’s all it is [Read: 15 signs you’re more than friends with benefits and getting attached]

10. Keep everything as light as possible.

It’s not the best idea to talk to your average friend about emotional or heavy things. that happened in your life if so You will enter the emotional realm which signals danger to your heart. Keep everything light and fun. and if you can This manipulation can become a distraction from the heavier things in life.

11. Minimize your meetings.

Your minimum is up to you. It’s a good idea to limit how much you see this person. to avoid the creeping feeling Twice a week is enough. But if you can manage

In general, the more time you spend with someone. The more likely you are to develop an emotional bond. That’s not the way to have a casual relationship without getting hurt! [Read: Learn how to set boundaries in dating]

12. Know your limits and walk away. If you start to feel something

Be honest with yourself and know when it’s time to walk away. casual relationship Most will be good over time. Then they are naturally exhausted or some walk away because they develop feelings. It’s hard for a casual relationship. To become a love affair is not impossible. But there is a high risk of holding on to that idea.

If you start to feel the bubble of emotion Help yourself and quit while you’re ahead. [Read: How to leave someone you love – The guide to help you decide]

Is casual dating always bad?

not at all!

We may portray casual dating in a negative light, but that’s just because you want to learn how to date in this way without getting hurt. Emotions are very tricky and they creep in without warning.

However, for those who want something more comfortable And have fun in life. At the moment, casual dating can be a good choice. It allows you to spend time having fun with the people you admire and always have good sex. But knowing it won’t turn into a love affair, knowing that at some point it will end.

[Read: These 14 casual dating rules make or break your casual relationship]

Understanding how to have a comfortable relationship Without hurting yourself, it’s really about knowing yourself and your limits, being honest, open, and not expecting more than you promised.

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