10 Primal Ways to Have Angry Sex and Do It Right!

Every couple quarrels from time to time. It’s normal! A good way to get rid of frustration is to pour it into furious sex. It might even be the best!

angry sex

make love not war At least that’s what they said. When you’re angry with your partner and argue like there’s no tomorrow. It’s so easy to forget romantic feelings! It’s normal to argue. in fact it’s good for health A good way to overcome obstacles coupled with good communication is to get rid of the pent-up emotions with furious sex.

Of course, it’s hard when you know your boyfriend is still communicating with her ex. Or when your boyfriend dumps you on a date night to play games with the guys. Fights and conflicts are inevitable in every relationship. No matter how much you love your partner They’re not perfect and so are you. In a relationship full of passion and subtle differences. There will always be a lot of controversy that will not only add heat to your relationship.

But furious sex with incredible makeup makes everything better! [Read: The art of make up sex: A guide to master the romp after the rage]

Wait, what is angry sex? (and what not)

You might be wondering what angry sex is. It’s certainly self explanatory on the tin. But usually nothing is cut and dried in life!

When you’re in the middle of an argument and your emotions skyrocket. You can scream at each other or let that passion turn into something else. Many people find that arguing makes them horny! However, for the most part, angry sex happens after an argument. And it’s a great way to edit and put things aside. [Read: Seven sexiest types of sex you can ever have]

It all depends on the emotional boost you feel. You have to go through it in some way. otherwise they will stay there and fester. getting dirty let go of those emotions and let your sex be more intense than usual Maybe or a little upset. It shows that you are dealing with that frustration. Overall, you will have a good time. You’ll feel better after that. And the problem was over after that.

Although furious sex tends to be slightly animalistic and even rough. But it wasn’t designed to hurt anyone. Remember that in all cases you still love you’re just mad at something That’s all. If at any point the partner feels threatened, hurt or in any danger, the partner must stop immediately. Furious sex is still two lovers in love. It’s a little faster and more animalistic than ever. [Read: Sweaty sex: 12 Animalistic reasons why it’s so dripping hot]

How to have angry sex the right way

Can you wipe her frown face just for the freshman? Or can you make him forgive you by making your body respond even if your beliefs don’t? Here are a few great ways to perfect furious sex and go from furious to passionate pleasure in no time.

1. Do not use sex (or no sex) to get your way

Many people will use sex to get what they want from their partner. if they want to finish something I prepared something strange. And it’s hot in the bedroom. On the other hand, people will withhold sex from their partner just so they can win a fight or to make their partner feel bad.

If you and your significant other are having a hard time. Don’t use sex to retaliate. Re-establish an emotional connection instead. To remind you that there are still some things about your relationship worth fighting for. [Read: 11 signs you’re being used for sex or money by your partner]

2. give off a tantrum

The adrenaline rush you get from arguing with your partner can become more fleshed out. In fact, the adrenaline rush from battle is similar to the adrenaline rush you get when you are aroused. Why not turn the battle into something you both enjoy? Even if you conflict?

in doing this Avoid saying harsh words that will pull your partner away. Instead, look for the erotic possibilities of this energy. Let the sexual energy take the lead and let yourself be stimulated by your partner’s tense muscles and ruddy skin. Pull your partner closer to you and kiss those angry lips away. [Read: 23 do’s and don’ts of a relationship argument you need to remember]

3. Be sure to start late

Just because you are angry and your emotions are high. That doesn’t mean you should jump the gun and have sex with your partner, even if he or she doesn’t want to. That can actually lead you to more trouble. let go slowly And look for signs that your partner will respond to your sexual desires even during the heat of the day.

Touch your hand, stroke your arm, or pull your lips closer to test the water. Let the situation spread enough for you to move. If your partner kisses you back even if angry It’s also open for raging sex that can give you both orgasms! if not then let it go [Read: The step-by-step guide to making up with make up sex]

4. A little difficult to play

Another trick in furious sex books is to play harder if you’re at the end of all your pursuits. You’re angry with your partner. Of course, you’re not going to give up that easily. However, you know you’re feeling sexual tension as well. Besides being too easy on yourself and making your partner think you’re letting go. manners Have your partner work hard for your touch and affection. This not only teaches your partner that you are not easy to please when you are insulted. But it also increases the anticipation of the sexual act, thereby exacerbating it.

5. Sae

When you start and all the angry energy is transformed into sexual energy and arousal. This is when you should move. Your partner may be confused by the sudden change in atmosphere. So it’s up to you.

Take your partner there from there or disperse as you push your partner to the bedroom. whatever it is Be quick and assertive enough so that your partner doesn’t have to think too much about what you’re going to do. [Read: 8 easy ways to avoid the awkwardness after a fight]

6. Do not overdo it.

Rage-dressed sex can finally give you a chance to re-enact. Mr. and Mrs. Smith Moments you’ve always wanted to try. However, those moves are for movies. And everything in real life has to be done and enjoyed in moderation. Be careful not to let your anger take the lead. Otherwise, you may end up hurting each other and sex will be unsatisfactory. In fact, it can lead to disaster.

7. Reconnect, do not hold back

Don’t use anger to get rid of your problems. It might just be a break. But you know you have to face the music later. And if you suppress the problem just so you can put the layout The problem is still there and may return later with more violence.

Still making the most of your intimate moments despite angry sex. You can use this constructively to release pent-up frustrations. Not only to reinforce your feelings and position in the relationship.

8. Don’t put it up in the middle of the hump.

Don’t mention anything related to your fight during your romp. There is nothing more closing to your partner than a reminder of your sins while in a frenzy. Be careful not to be too personal with other things that are dirty. You may need to take care of your unfulfilled sensuality. [Read: How to talk dirty to your girl without turning her off]

If you have grievances or just want to broadcast. Choose the right time when your head is clear and you’re not in the heat of the moment. It might also be a better idea to raise the issue when you’re enjoying your posts. Well, the problem doesn’t seem like a big deal compared to the orgasms you give each other. [Read: Pillow talk and how it can help you after a fight]

9. Get Your BDSM Skills Away

Another great way to make furious sex even more exciting is through role play. What better way to play your role than to put frustration and anger into your role?

Punish your partner’s relationship with a sexy butt slap using a sex whip. Better yet, portray a naughty student and strict teacher situation. Perhaps it belongs to police officers and criminals. and turn all your rage into a convincing gender role play. You never know It could turn into eternal happiness. [Read: The sexual role play guide for beginners]

10. Push your restraint to one side.

Anger sex is a great opportunity to get rid of your nervousness and do things you wouldn’t normally do. Dirty talk, spanking, various poses, all of which are much easier to try the first time when you’re angry and vent your anger. come out in your arousal Again, make sure your partner is okay with it and don’t push on things they don’t want to do. But if they show that they are interested Why not try something new?

Furious sex is good for health. But not if you don’t find it shut down.

Anger sex aims to shift frustration and negative energy into sexual, productive, and healing. It should serve as a reminder of what attracts the two of you to each other. and to light the fire of love and passion It should replace the fire of anger and resentment. [Read: Relationship arguments – 23 Dos and don’ts to remember]

A healthy solution for a romantic relationship. Angry sex can help reconfirm their love for each other. This should be above your small struggles and more tolerant of differing opinions. It can help you get closer together instead of breaking apart your misunderstandings.

The important thing to keep in mind is that you should stay within the limits of responsible and loving courtship. Don’t be violent with your partner through your sexual activities.

communication is key even after raging sex

So, although furious sex is a great way to get rid of frustration and pent-up emotions, it’s also a good way to get rid of frustration and pent-up emotions. It’s important to remember that you’ll be addressing the problem if it’s something that doesn’t go away on its own. trying to brush things Put it under the carpet means it will come back later. [Read: How to communicate in a relationship: 14 Steps to a better love]

However, if you feel that the problem is closed forget it There is nothing worse than talking about an ongoing, painful story. Assess the situation and how you feel about it. If you’re unhappy and feel like you don’t have the solution you’re looking for. Choose the right time and place to talk about it. and make sure your emotions are at the same level.

Furious sex is a good thing. But it’s not a major relationship problem.

[Read: 15 dirty ways to have the sexiest rough sex ever!]

If done right, angry sex can rekindle your deep love for one another. This is especially true if both of you talk about your problems after sex, but if they’re wrong, the relationship could tear your relationship with unfinished arguments and illogical excuses to avoid arguments.

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