How to Have Fun with Friends: 40 Ways to Beat Boredom

There is nothing better than having fun with friends. But sometimes we run out of ideas. Quit using your phone and use these ideas.

How to have fun with friends

It’s very important to have fun with your friends. They are people you know you can trust with anything. And you can share your hopes, fears and dreams too. They are also the ones who will be your biggest fans and support you even if your thoughts are crazy. You will laugh with your friends, cry with them. angry at them from time to time But always forgive them at the end.

Of course, one of the best things about having friends is having people to share the fun times with, but sometimes you end up doing the same thing. time after time You meet up for a drink or go for coffee or a movie. Or are you just sitting still? and stare at your phone

Try something new. [Read: Best things to do when you’re stuck at home]

The importance of having fun with friends

It may seem obvious that you should have fun with your friends, but it can be easily overlooked. Instead of planning and trying new things. You just go to each other’s houses and play video games or scroll through social media.

Doing the same thing can be easy and comfortable. But getting out of your comfort zone and planning will bring you closer together.

How do you learn about each other or support each other if you barely look up from the screen?

Trying new things, learning new things, and just making sure you have fun spending time together. will bring you closer together and meet your social needs rather than doing the same old thing. [Read: What makes a good friend]

How to have fun with friends

If you want to keep making those amazing memories and have fun with your friends, that’s why we’ve created a list of fun things to do. Plenty for you to have fun with your friends. And you won’t be stuck with what to do anymore! [Read: How to make real friends outside your social networks]

1. Let’s have dinner together .

Cooking is fun and can be a serious therapeutic. Why not throw a dinner party for your friends? You can go out to cook a three-course dinner and have a little “come with me” style healthy competition to see who cooks best.

Enjoying a delicious meal with friends is one of the best ways to kill time. So you can be sure to have fun with your friends this way.

2. Join a book club

If you want to do something a little smarter and you love books. Why not set up a book club among friends? Pick a book to read every few weeks and meet up over tea and cake *or wine!* for a chat. You’ll feel super sophisticated and fun at the same time!

3. go horseback riding

Even if you’ve never ridden a horse before. But it’s also a fun activity and a great experience to share with friends. Most riding schools are perfect for beginners as it’s a gentler hike than a dreaded gallop. Why not give it a try?

4. Let’s go on a trip

Get out in the fresh air and have fun hiking on the slopes! [Read: Best friend bucket list – 15 adventures for you and your BFF]

5. Going abroad

exploring new places And great adventures are what friendship means. Why not explore a new city somewhere?

6. Take an art class

Even if you are a terrible art But it can be very therapeutic and fun. Why not search for art classes in your area and find a class that you and your friends can do? can join You never know. You may discover hidden talents!

7. Let’s go on a trip

throw stuff in the bag pack a friend in the car and go out to the street The best road trips are those that you don’t plan too much… Just look where the road will take you! [Read: 7 life lessons you’ll learn on an awesome road trip]

8. go on vacation

There’s nothing better than sunshine, sea and sand with your best friend. Hop on a plane and chase the sun. You will come back feeling relaxed and rejuvenated with good memories.

9. go camping

Take a walk in the forest and go camping together. There is no better experience than sitting and chatting around the campfire until a few hours – be sure to bring a tent! [Read: 32 crazy things to do with friends – Life is short, live it up!]

10. Afternoon snack

Cooking is a relaxing activity that is perfect for socializing. It doesn’t cost much. So it’s good if you’re watching pennies. And the best part is You’ll finally make a delicious cake for yourself! Bravo!

11. Go to the theater

Why not just imagine and take your friends on a date with friends at the theater? You might choose something that looks nice and elegant. theatrical performance Or something fun and silly, you decide!

12. Have a Spa Day

Get massages, face masks, pedicures – you call it that. There’s nothing like a spa when you want to have fun with friends.

13. Picnic

Another good one if you are trying to save money. Grab some food from the local store and head out to the park. You can spend an entire afternoon basking in the sun. enjoy picnic food And talk about gossip!

14. Host a clothing exchange.

Found that most of your salary goes to your clothes? Us too! Why not get your best friend to trade for clothes? It’s a great way to keep up. and you will get new items For your wardrobe too! [Read: 32 awesome sleepover ideas for a fun night with friends]

15. Do some volunteer work.

You’ll feel good about yourself and it’s a fun experience too. There are many volunteer opportunities. So why not consider them together and pick one that you think you both will get the most out of it?

16. Play Board Games

A simple but great option if you want to have fun with friends.

17. Movie Marathon

Movie nights can be fun. Gather your friends and pick a movie you know they’ll like – don’t forget the popcorn! [Read: 14 signs you’re a homebody and need to get out more]

18. Play a new sport

Playing a new sport together can be rewarding in a number of ways. You’ll get fitter and healthier while spending quality time together too.

19. Enter a Sports Challenge

Sign up for a fun run, triathlon or marathon together. That way, you can spend a lot of time together training. support and motivate each other And you’ll feel great when you succeed too!

20. Learn a new language

Learning a new skill like language can be a great way to connect with friends – why not? [Read: The 26 naughtiest things you can say in a foreign language]

21. Go Biking

Hit the road and explore the surrounding area with your bike.

22. Create Playlists

Everyone has different songs that they like to listen to. Why not take the time to create the perfect playlist for each other?

23. Be a Tourist Today

You may have lived in the same city for many years. But have you ever explored the city through the eyes of a tourist? Pretend You’re Visiting go on a sightseeing tour and visit all the attractions – a fun day is guaranteed!

24. Go on a scavenger hunt

You might think treasure hunts are just for kids – but you’d be wrong. Give their friends various missions that they must find. yours across the city Divide the team and move on. The loser buys the first round of drinks for the winner!

25. Go to a festival

Music, camping, great food and drink. and good times What more do you need when you want to know how to have fun with your friends! [Read: 18 ways to become more spontaneous in life]

26. Go to a gig

Singing or dancing all night with your beloved band is a great way to cement your friendship!

27. Get Pets Together

If they’re really close, why not raise them together? You can take turns taking care of them. That way, you’ll have something that will always bond with you… just like that!

28. Play Bar Trivia

Test your general knowledge with Pub Quiz. even if you are not good But it still makes for a fun evening out. [Read: Do you really know them? 20 fun questions to ask your friends]

29. Travel down memory lane

Spend the evening together looking at old photographs. and talk about all your memories together Sometimes it’s fun to remember why you were such a good friend in the first place.

30. Organize a reunion

Haven’t seen your friend in a long time? Why not hold a gathering? You are sure to have a blast!

31. Clean up some springs.

Cleaning may not sound like fun. But you can abandon dusting. Instead, go into your closets and cabinets. Throw away old food in the refrigerator. view old photo album and rediscover what you forgot [Read: How to enrich your life and build real bonds]

32. Try a new recipe

Whether you’re a chef or you can barely boil water. Let’s try new recipes together. Be bold and cook with ingredients you’ve never heard of before. see how it came out Even if it’s not delicious, you can order pizza and laugh about it.

33. Go hiking

You don’t have to live near a mountain to do this. Get together with friends and have fun at the gym. Compete with each other. loser buys dinner

34. Go to the Museum

History, arts, and even science centers are often an inexpensive and fun way to enjoy culture with friends. You might learn something, if not, you’ll step in. [Read: 15 ways to make friends as an adult]

35. Fix things

The squeaky door or broken staircase that drives you crazy can finally be fixed. Make friends. Watch YouTube videos on how to fix them. and work together I will feel good working and having fun.

36. Build something

Whether you’re doing a small DIY project or building a bookshelf. It will definitely be more fun with friends.

37. Create Art

Art doesn’t have to be expensive or luxurious. Make friends, go out and paint on canvas. This might be your new favorite.

38. Go open house

Even if you don’t want to buy a house. But exploring your area with your friends can be a lot of fun. See what’s to see and get free snacks while you’re at it. [Read: The art of true and meaningful friendships]

39. Visit your parents.

Okay, maybe your parents aren’t the funniest. But maybe they will have fun. bring friends to visit parents They will eat delicious food. tell a joke And it will make you feel like going back to middle school.

40. Take an Online Quiz

Buzzfeed has thousands of online quizzes that can tell you when you are getting married. What color is your personality? And which Disney character do you like the most? Bringing them together was a lot of fun. and you will never run out

[Read: Do you think alike? 20 questions to ask your best friend]

You’ve got 40 ways to have fun with friends. It’s time to get out of your groove and try something new. Which one will you try?

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