How to Have Game with Girls: 15 Ways to Seduce Women Effortlessly

Do you think you have games? as a woman I can tell you that there are some important things for men to know how to play games and to be more successful with women.

How to play games with girls

No one said being a man was easy. In fact, I felt some things were difficult for you. You are expected to make the first move. So understanding how important games are.

basically All the work is in your hands. Plus, it’s not easy to create chemistry between you and a woman. You’re trying to be funny without being aggressive. You want her to see that you are a good person. But you read that women don’t like nice guys, too. It’s a balancing act.

How to play games with girls

Now you don’t want her falling in love with you. But you want to make it through the first 15 minutes without her waving to her friends. came to help her nervously. I understand This is where you do personal research and reflect. Figure out what you’re doing wrong and right. Your success rate is a pretty good indicator.

Use the tips I will tell you and try to include them in your interactions with women. and see if anything has changed. Learning to have the game in you You just have to take it out.

#1 you shit If you don’t think you’re the best, it doesn’t work. This is what makes your game weak compared to those who keep scoring. He believes that he is the best of the best. And that’s why he gets girls. It’s that simple. It’s time to look in the mirror and see yourself in the right light. [Read: 10 eye contact flirting moves that always work]

#2 Who cares about rejection? This is another reason your game is lacking. you are afraid of rejection Honestly, who doesn’t? I’ve been rejected from left, right and middle, but I’m still trying. I still go out there and talk to men. You can’t let negativity stop you, otherwise you won’t win any girl. rejection is about to happen And it will happen to literally everyone. [Read: How to overcome the fear of rejection while approaching women]

#3 Don’t fake your reaction. Look, I’ve seen guys laugh at horrible jokes or pretend they understand something when they want to get into a girl’s pants. And I understand that you want to sleep with her. So you don’t want to create any problems. But it sounds ridiculous.

If she’s telling a joke but it’s not a joke, don’t start fake laughter. You don’t have to give her approval for a bad joke. And you don’t have to smack her ego. which is even worse Be honest with your emotions

#4 calm down When I see a guy talking to me like he’s had three cups of coffee, tell me, I’m going back. It’s too much. You can get excited. It’s okay, but don’t face her, so take a breath and lean back. When you’re nervous, it’s normal to speak faster. But show her that you’re not nervous around her. So let’s talk Do you remember James Bond? He’s a slow talker for a reason.

#5 eliminate social anxiety You’re nervous because you talk to the girl you like. as i said it is normal But your goal is to get rid of the obvious signs that you’re nervous as hell because she can see you a mile away. Put your hand out of your pocket, make eye contact, put your phone down. And don’t touch yourself all the time. [Read: 16 effortless ways you can conquer your approach anxiety]

#6 Eye contact is important. Eye contact is an indicator of whether you like her or not. It’s also a way for women to assess whether you’re nervous or not. which is not a big deal But show us your confidence level.

You don’t have to make eye contact like a creepy guy. But you want to look her in the eye when she talks. Test it by making eye contact until you take your eyes off it. You’ll know that enough eye contact is enough.

#7 Don’t think you have to continually talk. This is important because many people, when feeling nervous, feel the need to talk more. You don’t need to do this. To be honest, most of the way out of your mouth is useless at the end of the day and fills the silence. But those silences aren’t always a bad thing, so don’t say anything at all.

#8 Don’t ask yes or no questions. if you are nervous The worst thing you can do is ask her yes or no. Where does the conversation go when she only answers yes or no? Instead, ask open-ended questions so that she answers the question with a story or a few sentences. It calms you down while she’s talking. [Read: 35 brilliant conversation questions that work like a charm]

#9 Don’t be too eager to buy her a drink. Maybe I’m biased but from my experience when i was young I will accept a drink from almost everyone whether I like it or not. As I got older, I stopped doing it. However, some women don’t. You don’t have to buy her a drink to get her interested in you. Wait half an hour or an hour to chat before offering her a drink.

#10 You don’t need her permission. Okay, so you can do it when it comes to sex, yes, you definitely need her permission. But I’m not talking about that. If you want to dance with her say to her “Let’s go dancing” and lead her to the dance floor. You can do this without asking her if. “Would you like to dance?” It doesn’t turn on as much as when a guy asks you if you want to dance, for example. [Read: How to seduce a girl – 14 moves to make her sexually desire you]

#11 Don’t lean in. I know, you might think this is weird. but it is important When a man leans in especially at the beginning of the conversation. It shows an enthusiasm that women don’t want to see right away. Remember this is all the games you play with her. She wants to be chased and you want to chase her. Don’t give her what she wants right away.

#12 Show your best qualities. If you want to know how to play the game the right way. during the conversation Lets show your best qualities. You don’t have to sit there and write all of the things you think are good about yourself. Instead, use your life experiences to show her what kind of person you are. The worst thing you do is tell her you’re funny. [Read: 15 qualities all girls want to see in a guy]

#13 Looks classy. Having a game doesn’t mean you’re a player. Of course, it means you’ve got a girl. But you don’t do it by calling girls “girls” and treating them like crap. No, you’re classy. You have manners and respect for the woman you’re talking to because you chose her too.

#14 Domination is hot. women need men After all That’s what every woman is looking for. They want men. Don’t let other people interrupt you while you’re talking. Now, you don’t have to yell at them or raise your voice. But you have to keep talking Show that you are not done yet. [Read: How to be a man the way he really should be]

#15 Don’t breathe like you just ran a race. I know you like her I know the feeling but you have to chill. You might even take your hand out of your pocket and stop playing with your phone. But you’re breathing like you’re running a 10km, take a few long, slow breaths. This will lower your heart rate. calm you down

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Once you know how to play the game It’s time to go out to practice. Remember to take the time to reflect on yourself and see what you’re doing right and wrong.

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