9 Wild Ways to Have Sex in the Shower and Enjoy It!

Bathroom sex is exciting. But it can be very uncomfortable if you don’t know the right way. Find out how to have sex in the shower and enjoy! by Jana Snow

sex in the shower

Bathing sex can be a lot of fun.

But anyone with little experience knows how uncomfortable it can be.

Having sex in the shower is definitely sexy.

But it’s fun when you think about something and avoid things that make sex in the shower uncomfortable.

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How to have sex in the shower

Having sex under the shower is more than just a new way to have sex.

Bathroom sex is intimate and can help both of you feel closer and more connected.

When you’re taking a shower with your lover You don’t always have to think about sex.

You can both rub the loofah together and spend some time talking and relaxing after a long day at work.

While having sex under the shower can create an emotional connection between you and your partner.

Sometimes, both of you may not want to have sex after a long day. in a time like this Bathing is probably the best way to keep yourself rejuvenated and grateful for each other.

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9 Things to know about having sex in the shower

Having sex in the shower can be an unpredictable experience. It can be fun when both of you are in the mood. But the slightest wrong move on a slippery surface is enough to make sex in the shower uncomfortable and not worth the time.

use these 9 Tips for having sex in the shower and your chances of starting to love bathing again. [Read: Things that turn a guy on sexually when he sees a girl]

#1 bubble up Don’t even think about sex. Take a warm shower with your loved one and rub your neck with soap, shampoo, or even a slick conditioner. Just hug and relax in each other’s arms as you both loofah on each other’s backs.

The woman could sit on the man’s lap for a while and put her arms around him if there was enough room. Both of you will feel good in each other’s arms. and at the same time A slippery body will begin to make everything look sexier.

#2 to each other Even if you’re not comfortable giving your partner a mouthful at the end of a hard day. Well, don’t worry when you’re both under the shower. Water that always flows makes things It feels hydrated, soft and refreshed, and even more so. It won’t be a one-sided pampering activity anymore! [Read: Tips to make him go down on you without a push]

#3 clean each other rub your hands all over by paying more attention to those special areas. Before long, scrubbing and fingering will stimulate both of you. You can also use a manual shower or stand under running water and sexually arouse each other.

#4 Allocate enough bath time. Don’t take a shower just to feel warm and relaxed. Stand under the shower and make sure they have enough time under running water. Doing it wrong will make one person feel more cold and uncomfortable than the other.

#5 foreplay in the shower Watch yourself in the mirror as you caress each other, with or without bubbles. Watching yourself naked will keep both of you awake. It’s like watching a sexy couple put on makeup in front of you and filming in front of another sexy couple at the same time. Who wouldn’t have been turned on by that? Kiss each other in the shower while the water runs over your face. the kiss will be soaked hot and sexy [Read: Top 10 sexual fantasies for men]

#6 Use a towel. spread a towel on the floor when you are going to take a shower You need to feel comfortable and avoid slipping. And even if you’re both kneeling and cuddling under the shower or having sex. A wet towel can provide the knees and buttocks with the necessary cushioning for comfort. and do not have to tolerate cold floors as well

#7 The best position. There are no best sex positions in the shower. What works for one person may not work for another. This depends on your own flexibility and space in the bathroom. But some of the most comfortable poses under the shower include the dog pose where the girl kneels and palms. while a man stands behind a woman And when you both stand facing each other and the girl puts one leg slightly higher. wall or stable rest

Girls can also lie down under the shower with their knees bent if there is enough room. And men can go upstairs as in missionary positions. Another safe position to use is when a man sits on a towel with his legs in front and a girl sits on him and faces him. at the end of the day It doesn’t matter which position you choose. As long as you avoid those cramps and slippery situations. [Read: 50 sexy kinky ideas to try in bed]

#8 hold on to something Make sure you always have a solid foundation. It is very easy to slip on the water surface. Especially when your mind is preoccupied with sex. Don’t put your feet on something you think might not support your weight. In fact, it’s best to avoid resting your feet or body on anything that is not as secure as a wall or floor. And remember to keep slippery objects such as soap away from your feet. It’s better to be safe than twist and regret.

#9 Don’t change positions too quickly. Sex in the shower can be exciting and uncomfortable. Like a miser It’s what’s going to give you sex, but not the cozy warmth of your bed. enjoy sex But avoid changing positions all the time. Stick to one thing unless you have cramps or are uncomfortable. not restless or moving a lot Pick a location and spend a few minutes in the shower. You’ll enjoy shower sex even more this way. Try too many things and you’ll kill the mood. [Read: The complete guide to having sex on your period]

gradual Choose a comfortable position use these 9 Tips for having sex in the shower And you will definitely have a better bathing experience and want more!

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