How to Help Your Ex Move On, Get Over You for Good and Find Peace

Are you wondering how to help your ex keep going? I’m protected from every angle because breakups are hard.

How to help your ex go on

Personally, I have dealt with this from both sides. I have helped my ex move on and the former need help moving forward. and from those experiences I’ve learned both how to help your ex move on and what not to do if you want your ex to move on.

Breaking up is tough. From dealing with your own pain to struggling with your ex’s feelings and moving on with your life. There are many things to consider.

whether you broke up or broke up Helping your ex move on is a responsibility that many have to bear when the relationship ends. And even if it’s a burden you shouldn’t bear But there are ways to help your ex move on. [Read: The steps to take to find closure after a breakup]

How not to help your ex move on

You might think you’re helping your ex move on. but what you really do It might be holding him back. Fooling your ex with their emotions will only make them more dependent on you. to find out what you might be doing wrong.

#1 do not comfort them Not comforting your ex may seem heartless. Especially if you’re a heartbroken person. Comforting them makes them rely solely on you for support, yes, in times of breakup. You can hug and cry together. After that, give them space to move on without you, or they won’t.

When you’re heartbroken, it can make you feel guilty. And that feeling of guilt only grows when you realize you hurt your past. The concern didn’t disappear overnight. But being there to comfort now will strengthen the bond instead of weakening it. [Read: How to stop feeling guilty and start living your life]

#2 do not give them hope Now you can tell them they will find someone and move on and be happy. But if you’re wondering how to help your ex move on, Well, let’s not give up hope that you have a future together. I have exes telling me that maybe we can do things or we can be each other’s backups. But what it does is prevent you from going further.

So if you want to help your ex move on. tell them the truth Even if it’s severe Do not let the slightest hope for the future between you. They will grab it for the rest of their beloved life. [Read: How to breakup with someone who loves you]

#3 don’t be there for them You may feel that it is your responsibility to be there for them. After all, you have dumped. But being there for them again will preserve your connection. I made a mistake with my last boyfriend.

after breaking up with him I comforted him. I want him to be alright But all it does is build our relationship. Maybe it’s technically over. But I still heard him come out, support him and reassure him. Our relationship took a long time to truly come to an end. And so we can both move forward with full strength for this reason.

#4 don’t reach out If you want to be friends with your ex, that’s fine, but do it at the right time. You cannot directly switch from relationship to friendship. There has to be mourning and going on for some time before you can step back peacefully into each other’s lives.

So no matter how much you miss them or want to send a funny meme, hold on, even delete their number from your phone if you need to. Don’t ask them how they’re doing or if they want to drink coffee and chat while the breakup is fresh. This slows down and may halt the process going forward both for you and your ex. [Read: 12 reasons why the no contact rule always works]

#5 You don’t have to answer. Again, it may seem cruel but necessary. when i broke up One time I went to my ex for a reason, to talk, to try to be friends. and he will always answer it gives me hope It keeps me from moving on. and make it more painful later

I hope he doesn’t answer Even if it hurts now So when I’m on the other side of this and have an ex I broke up with reaching out to me. I just ignored it. It felt rude and heartless. After only a few days, he stopped reaching out. We can both move on more smoothly. [Read: Breakup talk – 25 tips to end a relationship without making it messy]

How to help your ex go on

Now you know what you shouldn’t Doing What You’re Doing To Help Your Ex Move On, This Is For You should will do

#1 let them close A surefire way to know how to help your ex move on is to shut him down during the breakup. When you can give them the answers and reasons why you want to part ways. They will have the foundation they need to start moving forward.

If you leave things open or you can’t give a definitive reason for the breakup. They will continue to wonder and grieve. This will prevent them from moving on, so if you want to help your ex move on. Start early and make sure the breakup goes smoothly.

#2 secure. This is something that can be difficult for many people. Especially if you are compassionate, but necessary, you need to be firm with the breakup. You can’t let them direct you to feel guilty or take it back.

People in pain have a way of pulling you back. Just remind yourself why you want to end the relationship. Be firm with it. Some people don’t understand and won’t accept breakup. So stand in your soil. [Read: The breakup conversation template you can use for any breakup]

#3 give them space I know I’ve put this in the wrong section. But it’s an extremely important step in helping your ex move on. Sometimes you need to be completely separated from someone to start moving on. Give them all the space they need. even if they don’t want to

Your ex is upset and may want you to comfort them. instead of giving them space It’s the best thing for them in the long run. Even if they can’t see it now [Read: How to break up with someone who doesn’t want to]

#4 mature Helping your ex move on is a matter of maturity. You might think that showing off your new partner or having fun with them is a great way to help them move on. It will upset them and make them angry and jealous.

Making them hate you won’t help them move on. It will give them a reason to keep thinking about you, which will prevent them from going further. so be an adult

#5 move on by yourself Worrying that your ex won’t keep going won’t keep you from moving on. So try to forget about helping them and saving yourself. If you are still concerned about their welfare You are slowing down the whole process. So keep going

Being a break-up doesn’t mean you’re past it. You still have a relationship with sadness and life to go on. So focus on you You might think it’s selfish. But it can also help your ex move on.

#6 avoid rubbing in This is classified as an adult. But you may lose your happiness without realizing it. You don’t want to be obsessed with how they will read everything. Be aware that adding your pictures and stories of happiness won’t help them move on any faster.

Wondering how to help your ex? Even if you have a new boyfriend Avoid posting them on social media if your ex is still following you. at least a couple of weeks And try not to post your status or share with your mutual friends how your relationship is going.

It might feel good and you might think it will show them what to do, but if they’re really struggling to keep going, they’ll be fine. It will surely bring them back. [Read: 30 steps to take to help you make it through a breakup]

#7 avoid social media Avoid all social media after a breakup. A feeling of freshness at both ends, which can lead to an aggressive and sad post. It can also make you check your past.

If you’re worried that they won’t move You can read their Instagram or Snapchat stories to see what they’re up to. But their status is no longer your problem. remember you broke up And they see you appearing as the person watching their story. Make them think you’re still involved.

#8 Ask your friends for help. Sometimes helping your ex move on is more than just a job. If you have mutual friends Ask them not to talk about breaking up with your ex. The more they asked about it The more your ex will think about it. You can also ask them to make sure they’re busy to avoid housing.

If you’re trying to stop texting your ex despite that want him to go on Please delete his number. That might seem extreme. But if that’s what you want to prevent yourself from reaching out, do it. Just make sure friends have their numbers later if you want to be friends when you both move.

#9 stop feeling guilty shut it down now Yes, if you cheat, some guilt is helpful. However, if you break up with someone and they keep telling you how upset they are and how they will never forget you. That’s not your problem. And making it your problem keeps your ex from going.

Turn off bad feelings for them. Yes, maybe you hurt them. But they need to learn how to move on and become stronger for it. Don’t think of it as a reward for their gratitude. Letting go of your feelings is part of ending the relationship.

#10 Shut them off. Cutting someone out of your life is a bad thing and it feels bad. If your ex can’t go on, do it for your own good. When I’m struggling to move from my past I hope he cuts me off, yes, it would sting, but it could save me years of being hanged.

When I finally stopped replying to him and checked his social media. I can go on If he wants to help me move on He probably blocked me and stopped replying. I’m not saying it’s his fault. I didn’t move forward any faster. But what if you want to help your ex move on? Cutting them off will help.

[Read: Is it possible to remain as friends after a breakup?]

If you’re trying to figure out how to help your ex move on. First, realize that this isn’t your responsibility. Second, if they don’t move on, they’re making things harder for you. Follow these instructions and they should be able to move on.

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