How to Hit on a Guy so He Can Read Your Hints and Make a Move

The truth is that hitting a man is quite difficult. Most of the time, they can’t tell. Here’s how to hit a guy to get him to understand.

how to hit a guy

When you go out and meet the hot guy you like. You might walk up to him and hit him. Then you’ll be disappointed when he brushes it off and your self-esteem is affected. Do you know all these jokes? Guys don’t always know you’re hitting them. This is why you need to learn how to hit a guy in a way that he will understand.

Why is it so hard for men to know when women hit them?

Actually, mostly because they didn’t believe it. in their minds They are the ones who are supposed to attack you. It’s hard for them to believe that a woman would walk up to them and start engaging in a conversation just because she was interested in him.

These types of guys tend to be nice just because they’re not full of themselves. They know that women who talk to them don’t equal attraction. So when a woman really do find them interesting It’s quite hard to believe. [Read: 15 sweet ways to tell a guy you like him and win him over]

How to hit a guy to get him to understand that you like him.

There are many missed opportunities when women hit men who don’t know what they are doing. Men are not overly analyzing everything that women do. So he probably wasn’t thinking about the exchange you had while you were in him.

If you want to know how to hit a guy in a way that will really show your level of interest. Show that you have come to the right place. Here are some tips for showing a guy you like him when you slap him in the face.

#1 smile a lot Smiling is seen as a good thing. You don’t want to smile at people you don’t like or don’t want to talk to. Usually, guys can tell. at least that you enjoy talking to them

But sometimes you have to go one step further. and hence I mean, you have to smile and be happy around him if he sees how excited and happy you are to be around him. He’ll start to think that you might actually like him. [Read: 6 baby steps to learn to smile more]

#2 start physical contact There are some people who tend to be more irritable than others. Their touch usually means nothing. Physical contact means that you feel close and comfortable with someone.

And if you’ve touched a stranger’s arm and the shoulder that hit him, It will send a clear message that you are interested. Just don’t go overboard as it may seem too hopeless.

#3 Give compliments about his appearance. Men are not always innocent. He might even get a hint that you like him. The problem with this is that it’s difficult to do, and girls are often not brave enough to do it.

Saying something as simple as “hey look good” is more than enough to get the wheel spinning in your head. He will understand that you like him. [Read: Compliments guys want to hear more often]

#4 Talk about being together “sometimes.” This is a line that men tend to use with women. But it works for them too. If you’ve been talking to each other for a while and you’re not sure if he understands your hint. Tell him what you two should do together.

Make sure you say it in a way that indicates it’s a date, or they might think you’re inviting them to a group event or something that doesn’t show you like them.

#5 too much flirting I’m not the one who condones exaggeration. But in the case of learning how to hit men I will make an exception This is because guys have a hard time knowing if you’re actually flirting and not just being nice. try to be as clear as possible

Seriously, you can wink at him if all else fails. If he still doesn’t understand the fact that you’re a flirt after all. Hope might have run out for him. [Read: 15 obvious signs of flirting between guys and girls]

#6 Avoid the finer details The time for subtleties isn’t when you’re trying to get a guy. Hitting a guy wants you to be clear. And even if you don’t want to throw yourself at him You can’t expect that just saying hi will be enough to let him know you like him.

Try to be direct and clear with what you do. If you are complimenting him Make it clear that is what you are doing. He’ll take all those hints and maybe he’ll even act.

#7 ask him about his life Asking someone deeper and more personal questions is a surefire way to get them thinking of you in a romantic way. They will understand the fact that you are attacking them.

#8 tell him he’s funny men like to make women laugh Especially when it’s the girl he likes too. If you want to make him think of you in a really romantic way. tell him he’s funny

Hitting him in this manner attracted his ego. Guys love to be funny and are the ones who will make you laugh. When you bring clarity to it He will begin to see you in a more intimate way. [Read: 20 fun compliments your man will be dying to hear]

#9 approach him first Who said women have to wait for men to approach? If you see a guy you think is attractive, go to him, approach him, and introduce yourself. Aw, you can drop more than one hint at a time just by saying “hey, looking good” as you introduce yourself. myself

The way you approach him and call him charming should let him know how you feel. You can go one step further and touch his arm. These almost guarantee that he understands that you are hitting him. [Read: How to approach a guy you like and remain calm all the way]

#10 Tell him you like him. If for some reason the guy is so stupid that he still doesn’t understand that you like him, just tell him. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated or complicated.

Just saying, “I like you, see you next time” will let him know. You can also ask him to go on a date right there and there. In fact, guys prefer this approach over the others.

[Read: 12 signs it’s time to tell him you like him]

Some men are innocent. If you want to make him yours First you need to find a way to hit a guy in a way that he will really understand. These tips can help him realize your true feelings.

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