How to Hit on Girls: 15 Things Men Need to Know to Be Successful

Picking up a girl and taking her home isn’t easy – trust me, but only if you know how to hit a girl the right way. it’s much easier

how to hit girls

Women are smarter than most men would like to believe. Many people think that if they walk towards a woman tell her that she is beautiful Then hang up the magic pickup that she will go home with him. But that’s not how to hit a girl if you really want to go home.

We understand how nervous it can be to approach a woman and try to give her some time each day. You are afraid of rejection and look like an idiot. But there are ways to hit women that will make your efforts more successful.

A man like a woman never comes home.

Men have certain “types” that women avoid. and by avoiding I mean, we leave the establishment just because they walked in. Those types are selfish creeps and assholes.

A woman can typically smell ivy a mile away. If you walk in and immediately start scanning for all the women in the room. and started staring at a few people It’s really creepy, and yes, we noticed. like an asshole When you walk in with your nose in the air and act like you’re above everyone else. A woman will never come home with you. No matter how much you use these tips, [Read: 10 creepy guy types all girls avoid]

How to hit girls successfully

It’s not really rocket science. However, there are things that men should do but aren’t. You can’t expect all women to be blown away by the little pickup lines and overused compliments. [Read: How to approach women – 15 tips you absolutely need to know]

These tips on how to hit a girl will be helpful in your efforts to bring a beautiful girl home. Just remember that every woman is different. So you may need to find something that works for the particular woman you are interested in.

One trick to keep in mind is to hit women less and be more open to your progress.

#1 make her feel special If there’s one thing every girl likes, it’s a special feeling. We like to think that we are the ones that catch your eye. and if you let me know The chances of bringing us home will increase. That being said, still have to be honest. So pay attention to a woman and let her know that only you are in love with her. [Read: 14 small ways to make a girl feel special]

#2 buy her a drink This might seem like a no-brainer. But you’d be surprised how many guys do this. All you have to do is buy her a drink. and make sure she knows you have a drink for her. This is usually enough to get a woman to come to you. If she doesn’t answer, approach her and ask how the drink was. Simple as that.

#3 Find interesting things to talk about immediately. A lot of girls would rather talk about their interests than talk about the weather, so if you approach her and talk about the band on her t-shirt or something important going on in the world, you’ll be fine. She also tends to listen and respond more. [Read: Interesting and easy conversation starters when talking to a girl]

#4 just introduce yourself I can’t tell you enough how much women appreciate this straightforward approach. If you just walk up to a girl and hold her hand while telling her name. She’ll feel better spending time with you. That’s the way to hit women and be successful. just give her name

#5 embarrass her – a little We all remember teasing the person we had a crush on when we were little, right? Take that idea and apply it to adulthood. Embarrass her a little and tease her nonsense. She’ll feel defensive – in a good way. This way you can run closer and start a conversation.

#6 make her laugh If you can make women laugh Show that you are in her grace. If you are funny and friendly She will feel comfortable with you. This will definitely increase your chances of bringing her home. When women can laugh freely around you. She will trust you more easily. [Read: How to make a girl laugh and like you instantly]

#7 Ashamed of myself. Instead of embarrassing her shame yourself There are several ways to do this. You can travel in front of her on purpose or even spill a drink. Making herself look bad would not only win her pity. But her nurturing nature will make her want to help you.

#8 approached her while she was alone Knowing how to hit a girl knows when you should leave her alone. Approaching a large group of young women is not a good idea. Most likely, she’s hanging out with her girlfriend for fun. If you see a girl with fewer friends or even alone. She always goes out to meet someone. [Read: What’s on her mind when you approach a girl in a club?]

#9 Bring a pilot – don’t make it clear. If you and your friend approach a girl She will be more inclined to talk to you. Why? Because she won’t feel like you’re trying to take her home with a friend with you.

Most girls will assume you’re just having a random conversation and she’ll open up to you. That’s when your pilot can take action and make you look good. [Read: How to choose the perfect wingman while meeting women]

#10 Show her you are a good time and invite her in. Before you start hitting girls, have fun. and make sure everyone sees you having fun. When you show girls how much fun you can have and what you have to offer. She will want to enjoy it. So she might walk up to you and start hitting you. if not then She will accept your progress towards her.

what not to do

As far as I can tell you what you should do to pick up a girl. You should also know what not to do. Knowing how to hit women also includes knowing what to avoid.

#1 Don’t hang up the magic pickup truck. Some pickup lines work. But most of them don’t work. Using a line that is old and known to her often results in rolling eyes. She will turn away and not even look at you.

#2 don’t try too hard If you get rejected and keep coming back, try harder. It’s not as cute as you think. It’s annoying. Don’t try too hard to get a girl. If you don’t feel natural Shows that you are doing too much. [Read: Approach anxiety – 16 ways to overcome it in a few days]

#3 Avoid using pet names. Calling a girl “darling” or “lover” before you know her real name won’t help you get her home. It will do the opposite. She will creep out and be driven by those names. so don’t just

#4 don’t brag about money This is all caps for a reason. Men think that women will flock to them if they spend a cent, but it’s actually nonsense to you. And we will ignore it. In fact, we will completely avoid you.

#5 Don’t go from girl to girl in the same place. Women are aware that any guy is hitting everyone. We are watching you, so if we see you fail with another woman then approach us. We’ll walk out before you get there. Why? Because we don’t want to be the second, third or even the last choice of anyone.

[Read: How to approach a girl you don’t know and impress her]

know how to hit a girl What is it that many men think They know how to do it when in reality they don’t know. These tips will help you get a girl and get her home successfully.

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