How to Hit the G-Spot and Make Her Squirm with Pleasure

Lots of guys think they know what they’re doing in the bedroom. But instead, the woman pretends to be… again. Here’s how to hit the g-spot and pamper her.

how to hit g-spot

Finding a woman’s G-spot has been something that men need help with for a very long time. They certainly know the general concept of the matter. But they don’t seem to know how to properly acupress the g-spot to make their woman’s woman happy.

If that sounds like you, don’t be afraid. We’re here to explain how you can find it. So that you can please her like no one else can. It’s not easy And you will need to communicate with your partner in order to be successful. And you’ll have to practice if you want to know how to find the g-spot… a lot, although I’m sure you have no arguments with that.

female anatomy

What is annoying for women is that even though the parts Our bodies are the same, but they are not. Of course we all have the same parts and live in the same place. But they don’t all respond to the same stimuli, and that It’s why men have a hard time finding the g-spot.

It’s not that they don’t know where it is. But they didn’t take the time to get to know a woman’s body clearly. just because of you should Acupressure does not mean that you really are. [Read: How to tingle her g-spot without using a flashlight]

Here’s how to hit the g-spot to get her crush.

It doesn’t take a genius to know how to hit the g-spot, but it takes effort and dedicated men to amaze their women. You have to find a g-spot for your girl. And if you want to know how to contend with it You will find the g-spot.

It takes time and practice before you can figure out what to do to hit the g-spot every time, but eventually it will get easier and easier – both for you to find and for your woman to finish. with these tips You will be able to search in no time.

#1 learn female anatomy Here’s the answer if you want to learn how to hit the g-spot if you don’t know where the g-spot should be. You’ll never find it, so in order to get to the g-spot you have to learn and find out where it is in a woman’s body.

For those of you who don’t want to look in an anatomy book or just search online, the g-spot is on the inside wall of her feminine parts, AKA if you go inside. It will be a few inches in front of the wall, yes, you should be able to hit it. [Read: 15 things women wish men knew about the female body]

#2 use your hand If you want to find a women’s G-spot you have to go find it This means that you will have to use your hands. I’m not saying you should dig in and poke around. Make it a moment for foreplay and use that time to find a location without her even realizing it.

Putting your finger into her and sending the “come here” signal will help you find where you should be. Remember that every woman is different. So you may need to work a bit before hitting it. When you find it, it will feel different from the surrounding tissue. [Read: How to finger a girl – Fingering techniques to make her orgasm]

#3 Get acquainted with your girl just play with her Spend more time in foreplay. and get to know more about her likes and dislikes. She’ll definitely make it known when she feels like you’re hitting the right spot. And she might even point out to you that you’re really hitting the right spot.

#4 Talk to her. Communication is really important. You need to talk to your girl about what she likes or what you need to improve. If you feel like you haven’t done enough to please her. Ask her what she wants from you!

You can do this sexy if you’re not ready for a serious conversation. Just whisper in her ear during foreplay. “What do you want me to do? Anything, I’ll do it.” and look at what she said. It is possible that she will lead you in the right direction. [Read: Female confessions – The feeling of oral sex for women]

#5 Make sure she warms up first. The point about the g-spot is that the more stimulating it is, the better. She will only feel better. So if she is not in the mood or She doesn’t feel as much when you actually hit the G-Pot.

So if you want to hit it and make sure it’s as effective as possible. You have to make her go first. Foreplay is the best way to do this. Don’t skip the foreplay if you want to make sure you satisfy your girl as much as possible. [Read: 10 foreplay moves every guy needs to do to their ladies]

#6 don’t be lazy Knowing how to hit the g-spot and making sure you really hit it. It’s not easy. In fact, it takes some effort to make sure you do everything right to get it, so you really can’t be lazy. If you want to make sure your daughter succeeds

If you just try to jump on her and keep going. You probably won’t do much to pique her interest – especially if you’re in the wrong place. or you are not foreplay So you can’t be lazy when trying to hit the G-spot.

#7 Try doggy style This position is known to help men learn how to hit the G-spot. because of the angle you are approaching her So it’s much easier for you to get into the G-spot. It also allows her to move her hips in any direction to help you hit the right spot. If you’re not using doggy style as a tool to hit the g-spot, you’re doing it all wrong. [Read: Hot sex from behind – 16 mind-blowing ways to do it right]

#8 Put a pillow under her ass in the missionary. Missionary is a great way to hit the g-spot, but it takes a few tweaks to make the most of it. to make it even better Put a pillow under her butt when you’re in this position.

What this does is tilt her pelvis up and back. And it allows you to go in and press her g-spot in one shot without her having to adjust her hips. This also helps her relax and makes it a lot easier for her to accomplish. [Read: How to eat a girl out – 15 secrets to make her scream in bed]

#9 Repetitive movements are best. In that a woman will have an orgasm from the insertion. The *also known as the g-spot* must be stimulated repeatedly. It means you have to hit it over and over until she gets there.

This can be difficult because many men think diversity is key. And while changing the speed can help her get to her destination. Speed ​​and movement have to be constant to get the job done, so you can’t change every few minutes and expect to please her. This is essential for knowing how to hit the g-spot.

#10 Trial and error Overall, it takes a lot of trial and error to figure out what will make your girl feel best. Try different moves, talk to her and see what she likes best. Then throw something new here to see if she likes them more.

[Read: Sex God secrets – How to make a girl cum every single time]

Knowing how to hit the g-spot isn’t always easy. And it won’t be the same for every woman. However, these tips can help you find it to make her feel amazing every time.

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