How to Hug a Girl: 25 Tips to Give a Girl the Kind of Hug She Wants

Knowing how to hug a woman can be difficult. Especially if you start doing gestures. If you’re not sure about the rules of hugging a girl. Here’s your advice.

how to hug a girl

Hugging a woman seems the easiest in the world to do. But what if you don’t know some unspoken rules about hugging the opposite sex and want to know how to hug a woman? These tips will help you prevent misunderstandings.

Think about it: A man hunched over a big girl with arms wide open can be seen as a sign of love if done right or mistaken for a form of sexual harassment if done unconsciously. mind Therefore, it is advisable to know the proper way to hug a woman before holding her. Unless you want your intended romantic gesture to be interpreted as creepy.

How to hug a woman – the little details you need to know

If you are wondering how to hug a woman the right way? Keep these tips in mind to make sure the person you’re hugging feels loved and not the victim.

1. Women prefer to be “hugs” rather than “hugs”.

Even if men really don’t care. when they receive a hug from the opposite sex But women tend to be more conscious of their personal space and are wary of close physical contact.

examine 11 hugs women give and what they really mean So you can understand how she feels when she hugs you.

2. Consider the relationship you have with that woman.

Are you two close? If so, how close are you? Is she an acquaintance? A friend of a friend? Like childhood friends for over ten years? Do you have any romance? Have you ever been in a romantic relationship before? Are you family? Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before hugging her.

3. Look for signs that she wants to be hugged.

A relaxed, open demeanor that invites you to get closer is a good sign that she will embrace you. If she smiles wide Showing that her arms are open and looking relaxed, great! However, if her body language seems off and she puts some distance between you. It tells you to stay away from her and never let go of her. [Read: 13 signs of unspoken attraction to know if someone is into you]

4. Is it appropriate to hug her at that moment?

Hugs are a form of close contact as an expression of love, friendship, intimacy, or support. If the situation does not require it, it may wait later. [Read: The man code: The most important rules of a gentleman]

5. Consent is required.

Hugging a woman takes 60% of men’s effort: Relax your body and use a hug that opens your arms as an invitation. The other 40% will be a woman who accepts the gesture and moves closer to you.

Real life is not like a Korean or Japanese drama where you pull on her as she backs away from you. Hug her tightly as she breaks into a hug with tears in her eyes. This may result in an inconvenient slap or run away from you.

6. Play it safe if you’re not sure – and sneaky!

If you’re not sure if the girl is ready to hug or not. Try this method.

As you bid your *little* goodbye, lean your shoulder towards her as you walk towards her and pull your hand from the side of your waist. It’s as if you’re about to enter into a wide handshake. This pose looks comfortable. But it’s cherished and smart to do. Because she’s not sure if you’re going to hold hands or hug. and let her decide

If she hugs her, hug her. And if you put your hand out Let’s hold her hand!

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7. Always be gentle

Don’t hug a girl like you hugging your brother in college. Keep a man’s rough embrace where they need it.

8. The mind you put your hands on

It depends on the nature of your relationship with that woman. Always place your hands in a woman’s neutral place. A pat on the back or a light pat on the shoulder to comfort the crying girl would be appropriate. But if beyond the limits of her lower back calls for a slap. [Read: How to comfort a girl is the most thoughtful way a man can]

9. Pay attention to your hygiene

Hug a girl after you’ve finished a lap in the gym. This will be a rejection even if the girl is interested in you. At least make sure you take a shower before hugging the girl. Or just warn her that you’re too dirty to hug!

10. How long do you think your hug is?

As a rule, long hugs are for those closest to you and in a relationship that is closer to you. Short-term friendly hugs are for the casual atmosphere. Hugging a woman you’ve met for a long time can be awkward and creepy.

When it comes to knowing how to hug a woman Let her control the length of the hug if you’re not sure if you’re still lingering. As soon as you feel her arms lift from your back. do the same

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A hug for girls for every occasion.

**friendly hug For your friends, family, and acquaintances you want to be close with. Or even strangers with whom you shared that moment. These are the most harmless and friendly hugs.

1. Single arm sling

When it comes to knowing how to hug a woman You should keep in mind that this is the least intimate hug where the hugger wraps one arm over the recipient’s arm or shoulder. And this is done with a little pressure on both bodies. [Read: 20 types of physical touches and what each touch means]

2. A casual hug

A comfortable hug is achieved with just one arm, with each arm wrapped around the shoulder and pressing the upper body together in a quick movement. There is a distance between the hug from the middle of the body down. This hug was done quickly.

3. side hug

This is a hug without the recipient facing the hugger. The hugger will wrap both arms from the recipient’s side like hugging a bear. The recipient is therefore unable to hug back.

4. Comfortable hug

just like in the movie This is a kind of hug that you give to someone who needs comfort or a shoulder to cry on. The hugger puts one hand on the back of the recipient’s head while the other wraps her back. The recipient faces the hugger’s chest and puts both arms on the hugger’s back. There, there. [Read: When a woman is crying: The gentleman’s dos and don’ts]

**Hugging each other tightly For someone who means something special to you. according to the meaning of the name These are more intimate and involve more physical contact. Use it for your special someone, your lover or your spouse.

5. hug tightly

It’s similar to the purpose of a casual hug, but with both bodies pressed tightly and a slightly daring hand rests. The hugger puts one arm above the recipient’s neck or upper back. while the other hand is wrapped around the lower back The recipient does the same to create a reflection of the hugger. His head was placed on the shoulder of the other party.

6. Embrace the slow dance

A hug like this is just as romantic and sweet in a cute way as you would carry a girl to a nightly dance. A girl wraps her arms around a man’s neck. As the man put his hand around her waist This hug is perfect if you’re about to kiss or just play music and dance while you talk face-to-face. [Read: How to touch a girl on a date and make her desire you]

7. Hug from behind .

Usually used for surprise hugs. The man crouched from behind and put his arms around the girl’s waist. The hugger then presses their bodies together. And you may add a little throat numbing or ear biting for your pleasure.

8. The make out hug

This is a full body hug where a girl wraps her arms around the man’s neck and her legs around his waist. This takes force because a man is actually carrying all the weight of a woman. From the looks of it, you can probably guess what this hug is for.

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Summary – The 3 Questions to ask yourself when hugging a girl

When you know the different types of hugs how to hug a girl and the etiquette of hugging You know all about hugging a woman confidently. If you’re not sure she’s cuddling A quick hug will solve that problem without being uncomfortable. But if you’re confused Here are a few questions that can help you decide in seconds!

First, ask yourself these questions:

1Is it okay to hug her in that place and the exact moment?

Are you in a crowded elevator? Are you walking over a dangerous rope bridge? Are you in the middle of an intense Jenga session? If your answer to any of these is yes, then no, that’s fine, don’t rush it. You’ll always have the opportunity to hug her where your body allows. [Read: 16 non-sexual touches to feel connected and loved]

2. Are you okay with being hugged?

Use your instincts again. Use your eyes and ears too. If she looks awkward in front of you. or if she looks angry or irritable It might not be the best time to hug.

3. Are you really ready to hug her?

Even if she’s okay with hugging you But are you really ready? If you are too nervous It might scare the girl you like. Take a deep breath, relax, and don’t overthink it. Hug her when you feel like it’s time. If you feel very insecure about this Get close and wait for the woman to move. No jitters and no awkwardness here!

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Things to remember when hugging a woman

1. IMPORTANT WARNING: Don’t hug a girl if you have a mistake. Sure, you wouldn’t, but it’s okay to check before you hug. That is if you are sure that she wants to feel guilty! [Read: 19 signs she wants the D and wants you to take her home]

2Don’t try anything crazy… no swirl don’t run together No movie copyrights are clinched either. You have to work first.

3. Don’t smell her hair, even if you think you can be discreet. It looks creepy, don’t do it.

4. Don’t accidentally kiss her. Yes. You don’t want to go there. Hugging her was enough of a headache. Kissing her requires a whole other story.

How to start HUG

in the end! To the good part! Here’s a summary and a short guide. It’s about how to embrace a masculine woman who’s cool and confident just the way you are. Follow these steps to make sure you’re hugging the girl you like the best you’ve ever had.

1. face her Small movements make a big impact. Facing someone signals that your attention is focused solely on them.

2. lean towards her This is to show your motivation. Leaning in means that you want to be closer to that person. What happens next is up to you.

3. Open your arms This is a universal sign for “hug me.” Combine this with the first two steps and the girl will know what’s going on.

4. Wait for her to open her arms back. Give her a moment here and wait for her. Make sure she spreads her arms too. Otherwise it is pointless to continue. No open arms means no hugs.

5. move forward *or fingers forward* Let’s say she’s open to hugging. That still doesn’t mean you’re in. It’s possible that she’s just being polite.

6. Put your arms around her a little. Now, will you find that hugs are worth all the hard work and effort you put into reading this feature?

7. Wait for her to do the same. If she hugs you back, oh baby, it’s perfect so far!

8. Hug tightly. Don’t hug her too tightly or she might start to feel uncomfortable. hugged her a little tighter But don’t hold her back

9. Check to see how she responds. If you’re stiff, you don’t care; if you’re struggling, you don’t care. If you let her go She had stopped messing with it. If you stay a little longer show that you are golden [Read: 15 body language cues a girl gives away if she likes you]

10. Wait for her to release It’s only polite to let the caress loose. If she doesn’t, you can probably let her go. 2 – 5 seconds after the start of the hug But we know you want the hug a little longer, right? When she lets you go, smile, show her how much it means to you.

Remember that hugging is not the end of any relationship between a man and a woman. What’s next? But starting with a warm, cuddly hug will help her see how much you care about her.

A hug is one of the most intimate gestures you can give a girl as a way of showing affection. And when you know how to hug a girl the way she wants to hug. She has the power to comfort, encourage, and show your love in the warmest way possible.

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