12 Ways to Ignore Someone Who Mentally Stresses You

Feeling discouraged but neglecting anyone? Learn these 12 ways to get rid of annoying coworkers. mania or leeches without being too harsh

how to ignore someone

There are some people who are uncomfortable with being around. They tend to think negative, gossip, criticize, and everything they touch becomes ugly. These people are the opposite of charm. However, we cannot avoid them entirely because they are family. Our boss, our customer or our best friend. as much as we want to get rid of it. it is impossible We work in the same office as them. or have friends in the same group

Unless there’s a clear reason for you to hate someone. *They talk behind your back They don’t pay back what they owe you, etc.* It’s pretty weird to sit and talk to them because of the chance. It’s their personality that you don’t like. not what they do

How to ignore people who abuse you the wrong way

Here’s an easy way. That you can avoid or ignore people who are mentally stressing you out.

#1 Hide from your news feed. Let’s say you’re friends on Facebook or social media. And their posts kill you every day. The solution is simple: unfollow them! it takes time 5 seconds to do and after You’ll be relieved that it doesn’t exist in your online world anymore.

It would be nice if you unfollowed them in real life too. But let’s do one at a time. Get rid of annoying and stressful people on your social media accounts. Simple. But some of you still want to get updates, right? Do you want to know how annoying they are? It’s not worth it! unfollow them now And if there are times when you really want to know? just go to their page [Read: 5 big lessons you need to learn to deal with judgmental people]

#2 Give short and easy answers. If you don’t like anyone, don’t talk too long! Why are you? You don’t have to! That’s another thing that’s plain and simple. But some people find it difficult to do because… A: They’re the people they like. B: The people they hate are powerful people *boss, customers, etc.* or C: They’re afraid it might be too obvious. and they fear confrontation

It’s okay to fake your boss and customers. But what if you’re just pretending because you don’t want people to think you’re bad? It’s time to get serious and get some balls. Keep the conversation short and direct. You might look busy. Or just go out and go to your cubicle for a good nap. [Read: 20 signs you’re a people pleaser and don’t realize it]

#3 Don’t smile wide and warm. There’s absolutely no need to force a smile. Don’t worry, it doesn’t make you the Ice Queen. Smiling at someone who stresses you out is like feeding a crazy dog. Just do what you do and hope they ignore you too. Even small talk can affect your well-being. So don’t entertain with a big smile.

#4 Late reply as long as you can. Whether it’s via email, DM, or Skype message, there’s always a delay in your response. except for work Calm down and realize that a slow response is not a “cold shoulder” harassment?? They should send messages that you don’t want to be near them. The great thing about this is that it is efficient. But they can’t face you. They will sound stubborn or bossy if they ask you why you don’t respond quickly.

#5 listen to music on the headset It’s a great way to escape the world without explaining yourself, right? It is one of the most popular anti-social devices. which you can easily use when you want others to leave you alone. It will not only prevent you from talking to them. but also alleviate your worries. Create a playlist with all the feel-good songs so that when they walk towards you You just hit play against bad energy.

#6 Limit face-to-face interactions. If you are angry with your coworker It is difficult to avoid them for a very long time. because it will affect your work You may be fired for not complying. Just because you choose to avoid But you don’t have to torture yourself by seeing his face every day. If there is a way to send your work via email or chat via chat, do so. This will make your life easier. less interaction less stress [Read: 13 happy things you need around you for a really happy life]

#7 change your routine If you usually leave the office around 5 PM. Maybe you should leave a little earlier or later. If you usually eat at McDonald’s try to eat somewhere else Take another route to get to work. Small changes in these routines can change the way you interact with the person who stresses you out.

#8 Find out their daily routine and stay away from it. Take the time to observe the routines of the people stressing you out and stay away from them. If that person happens to be your neighbor. Pay attention to his or her schedule so that you are not at the same place at the same time if they mow the lawn every Saturday morning. Don’t have a barbecue in your garden at the same time.

#9 decline the invitation If they invite you to a party in the Hamptons But they really stress you out. Don’t go, deny it. Make excuses so you don’t seem merciless—but even if it’s not a requirement. I want to stay at home and sleep all day.”?? not too lame [Read: 10 tips to set boundaries around difficult people]

#10 Don’t attend the party they’re attending. If you know they’re going to a party Don’t go there! Again, in a simple and simple theory But it can be a little difficult in real life—especially if you have a lot of common friends. Just limit the parties you join. And if you join the party where they are Stay away from them without making it too obvious.

#11 Take a deep breath. If you have done all of the above. But still close together, it might be time to start with the fact that they will always be by your side. Take a long, deep breath for at least a minute. And it will help you recharge after experiencing negative energy. It also keeps you fit. This way, you can protect your core from rejection and work as it should. [Read: 12 steps to change your life and fill your life with happiness]

#12 Be happy to the point where they no longer affect you. This may sound like advice from Dr. Phil, but it’s the best bet on this list. Yes, the best way to ignore people who are oppressing you is to be so cheerful and cheerful that you want to hug your enemies.

If you develop this attitude Absolutely no one will be able to rain on your parade or make you bitter. However, it takes a lot of work. Because you have to change the way you think and feel. In addition to cultivating “I don’t care”? Attitude You should develop inner strength to protect yourself from stress.

contact with negative people criticize And being annoying all the time can spoil your mood, mind, and body. We can avoid this by following the techniques mentioned above.

[Read: 12 simple ways to calmly deal with negative and difficult people]

However, if unavoidable We must learn to live with them gracefully. If we don’t neglect them We must kill them with mercy. You won’t believe how this will change your relationship and the way you think.

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