How to Impress a Guy in 13 Oh-So-Awesome Ways!

What makes a woman so attractive and irresistible? Use these 13 tips to impress a guy. And you will think of him after you walk away from him.

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For men, physical attraction can be important.

But it’s not everything

An attractive face can grab a guy’s attention for a few seconds.

But to impress a guy and make him fall in love with you. You definitely need more.

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Ever wondered why some women are more attracted to men than others?

Ever wondered why a woman who doesn’t look so handsome can still make all men fall in love with her?

How to impress a guy and make him want you

Great men love the chase to win the hearts of women. because they like good competition

Alpha males want to be the best and want to be surrounded by the best of everything.

It is an evolutionary characteristic of Alpha. while the lower man dealt with the rest of the best.

The greats always want what others desire: success, wealth, cars or whatever.

They want to chase after a great woman who gets the attention of other men. and stole her from under their noses

So if you want to impress a man You have to learn to be attracted to great men no matter where you are.

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And when you get the attention of the boys already excellent It was time before the other men will begin to fall in love with you and need you

Impress a man and the finer qualities you want.

If you want to impress a guy and get him hooked on you. The first lesson you need to learn is this. You have to play nice and sweet with him. But you have to look busy at the same time.

Respond to a guy’s flirting, but don’t start it. Make it look like he’s a flirt with everything. That’s the key to impressing any man. and make him fall in love with you [Read: How to make a guy like you by making him want you badly]

When you laugh at his jokes or are embarrassed by his compliments. Show that he can impress you. but at the same time When you haven’t started doing anything to please him. He’ll work harder because he knows he’s still not satisfied with you enough to totally defeat you.

You have to show him the door to your heart. but made him work hard to find his way through the door. This will make him respect you more. more crazy about you and fear you [Read: 9 sneaky ways to get a guy you like to ask you out first]

13 ways to impress a guy

The great girl that the young man need is high care But she wasn’t arrogant or arrogant. She’s a nice person too. But she never tried to impress a man.

Want to be that girl and impress the guy you like? Keep these 13 attributes in mind. Then you will be fascinated and desired by the person you like.

#1 Don’t judge. But at the same time, don’t be impatient. If you don’t like something, say it, but don’t mess with it. The guy you like may be fascinated by some things that you don’t appreciate. But that doesn’t mean you should look down on him for that. show interest in what he has to say Share your truthful opinions about it. But don’t be violent or judge. [Read: 10 things girls should never say to guys ever!]

#2 punish him when he is cocky Are you a woman who forgives a man if he lets her wait more than half an hour before he appears? change that attitude Don’t let men look down on you or be comfortable around you.

At the beginning of a relationship or when you just got to know the guy. It’s very important to make sure he’s serious about you. Ignore him or walk away if he’s putting his weight around you. Talk rudely to him when he’s paying more attention to others. And don’t even think about scolding him if he bullies you.

If you’ve done this right from the start of your relationship. he will respect you more But at the same time, it should only be used when he sees your worth. The rest of the time, be the sweetest woman in the world around him! [Read: 15 traits of a desirable high maintenance woman]

#3 Smile and laugh a lot around him. Men are fascinated by the laughter of young women. Laugh at his jokes if you think he’s funny. And give him all his attention when you’re with him. You don’t have to start a conversation too much. Just sit down and let him know you’re enjoying being with him. He will do the rest and impress you too.

#4 Discuss with him. and win it Men are fascinated by the emotional intelligence of women. Don’t let any guy act like he’s smarter than you. Be aware of what’s going on in your world and talk to him. A goofy bimbette might look tempting for a few hours. But she will be his joke after that.

When a guy thinks you’re not smart He’ll think you’re just a candy. Not a partner for life [Read: Should a girl ever dumb it down it impress a guy?]

#5 misbehave. The mischievous side is a big turning point for every guy. sit really close to him And watch him feel uncomfortable around you, brush his body. but made it look like an accident. act like a shy girl but innocently seduced him. [Read: How to tease and seduce a guy in a not-so-obvious manner]

#6 Don’t give up too easily Remember this if you want him to go crazy with you. Even if you like a man very much But don’t give up easily too, and tried to please him from the start. When you try to please a guy too quickly He will begin to take it easy. because he knows he has won your heart and if he was a normal person He will stop trying to flirt with you or impress you.

Even if you like him Don’t show him your weak thoughts for weeks. Go on a date or spend hours talking to him. But make sure he loves you completely before you tell him you’re crazy about him. Understanding the right way to get a guy to chase you is very important if you want to be in a serious relationship with your crush. [Read: How to make a guy chase you and get addicted to you]

#7 tempt him with your looks Dress modestly and look good when you’re around. You might think that people who like you won’t judge you. But that’s not always true. If you’re dating that guy and he’s out of style while out with you, Wouldn’t you feel a little disappointed when you walked down the street with him?

Look your best. Be considerate of everyone around you. And the guy you like will feel lucky to talk to you. [Read: 25 ways to look really cute and melt a guy’s heart]

#8 very fragrant Let your scent linger when you hug him or walk past him. Men are good suckers. Especially when the women they’re interested in leave their perfume in mid-air. Try different perfumes Then choose the perfume that best suits your personality.

Spray perfume on your wrists, behind your ears, around your neck, or under your collarbone. And the hairspray will guarantee you leave your perfume behind every time you walk past a guy. Just remember to never rub the perfume with your hands as it will kill the fragrance. [Read: How to keep a guy you like interested in 30 super sexy ways]

#9 kind to everyone Men are instinctively drawn to kind girls who are sweet and approachable. Keep yourself warm when you talk to a guy. Even if you are not interested in dating them. Don’t insult a guy who tries to talk to you just because he’s not a great conversationalist. but at the same time Don’t put up with people who insult you.

#10 Be natural and lively. Don’t get tired of not talking too much. Even if you are with friends, get involved and engage with them. Men may love shy women. But no one appreciates someone who is just part of the furniture.

Attend events, have fun, and even when you’re with the guy you like. don’t guess too much Cut him off during the conversation and ask him to go with you somewhere because you feel that way. When you are natural and unpredictable A guy will try to please you more because he doesn’t understand what you like or dislike. [Read: 25 compliments for guys they’ll never forget]

#11 Show men the competition. Don’t ignore all other men when a guy is interested in you. When you let a guy know that you’re only interested in talking to him. He’ll assume he’s won your heart, talk sweetly with other nice guys, flirt casually, and have fun even if the guy you like is around.

Remember that you are not dating him yet. So let him see that he has a lot of competitors to deal with if he specifically wants to go on a date with you. The more competitive The more he will honor you. And he will try to flirt with you more.

#12 Don’t use him. Just because he’s cute enough to offer help doesn’t mean you have to run your errands all the time. Ask him for help to make him feel like a brave gentleman around you. but do it the right way [Read: How to play a damsel in distress and ask for help the right way]

#13 Leave it in a memorable manner. The best way to impress a guy is to let him live with your exciting and memorable memories. Flirt with the guy you like from time to time without making it clear that you’re flirting with him or trying to impress him. When you flirt with him in an unclear manner He can’t help but remember you all the time and wonder if you really flirted with him or was it just his imagination. [Read: 30 subtle, obvious and sexy flirting tips for girls]

This stage where you impress a guy is not like a dating arena. When you two are dating It helps each other understand each other better.

These 13 tips should be used to impress a guy you haven’t dated yet. If you want to impress the guy you’re dating. use these 25 secrets to make your boyfriend happy every day.

But when you’re still trying to impress him or assess his potential for dating, use these 13 tips for impressing a guy. It will make him take you more seriously. fall in love with you more and more respect for you!

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