How to Increase Semen Volume: The Best Kept Secrets that Work

If you want to know how to increase semen volume You probably read a lot of scientific material. The good news? easier than you think

how to increase semen volume

Why is a teaspoon not enough? We are talking about semen, of course. The average man sheds about half a teaspoon or so. 3-5 This isn’t a “load” of what the ejaculation nickname means, and it’s not something most men have seen in porn, so you might be trying to learn how to increase semen volume based solely on that method.

N.S. maximum semen The volume hits between the ages of 30-35 and reaches an all-time low for most men around the age of 55. This has made curious men find a way to increase their semen volume while they can by increasing their production in semen. trousers

There are many reasons why men want to increase their semen volume. Whether you are trying to give birth to your own eggs Or are you just obsessed with the idea of ​​taking more pictures for your loved ones? These are some of the best tips and tricks for how to increase your weight. [Read: Cum like a porn star – How to shoot a powerful load every time]

semen with sperm

To be clear, this feature describes a method to increase semen volume. not sperm Semen and sperm are two different things with different functions.

For example, the oval-shaped “head” of the sperm is called the acrosome. This acrosome contains chemicals that help the sperm penetrate a woman’s egg to rejuvenate her. It’s like your own personal spermic acid. [Read: What does cum taste like? The truth from women’s mouths and science]

But sperm is not semen. Sperm refers to a tadpole that glides like a tadpole found in the semen that produces a baby.

Semen refers to the fluid that the semen rides around, such as the hot white Ferrari’s private sperm. Indeed, only semen 5-10% Sperm The remaining semen contains more than 200 proteins, potassium, zinc, vitamin B12 and other vitamins and minerals. It’s essential to help your sperm get where it needs to be. If you want to breed, the more you know! [Read: 12 amazing facts that you didn’t know about semen]

Why would you want to learn how to increase semen volume?

Why do men want to know how to increase semen volume? There are several theories about the increase in semen that makes men feel more masculine. or accused of leading to manhood Reality comes down to two main points:

1. Giant load looks hot

When it comes to bathing your partner with your “love,” it’s hot when there’s more. Whether you’re ejaculating in her chest or face. Bigger is always better [Read: 16 ways to get your girl to give you head and really love it]

2. Children spawn

Some men think that more weight means stronger sperm. That’s not entirely correct. However, more semen means you are. have a chance to fertilityWhich is good news for hopeful fathers. Less ejaculation can make it difficult for your partner to conceive. This means that the higher your load, the better. The higher the chance that your partner is about to be fertilized.

how to increase semen volume

Whatever your reason for wanting to add your little soldier. We are here to help. 8 Tips to increase semen volume and get the semen you want. [Read: 12 amazing facts you didn’t know about semen]

1. Avoid sperm supplements .

If you want to increase semen volume Avoid supplements like the plague. There is very little scientific evidence to support the claims of companies that sell supplements. Odds are the only outcome that you will get with sperm enhancement is an empty wallet. [Read: 14 strange, interesting facts about sex you didn’t know]

2. Pelvic floor exercises

If you want to shoot a lot of weight The pelvic floor muscles are your new best friend. Isolate the same muscles that help you stop the flow of urine and hold it for three seconds before letting it out. Rinse and repeat.

Tightening this muscle increases blood flow to your penis. Do Kegels several times daily until you increase your PC muscle hold for 10 seconds each time. over time Some men find that this increases semen volume. [Read: Kegel exercises and why both men and women should do it]

3. Stop smoking!

Everyone can agree that smoking is bad for you. Not only is it directly linked to lung cancer. but also wreak havoc on your semen! Cigarettes destroy semen. By reducing the ability to fight enemies that destroy sperm. Studies also show that men who smoke have less fertility than men who don’t smoke.

in addition, Smoking also hurts sperm.. Sperm contains the protein Protamine . 1 and 2 balanced marriage Smoking offends this. cause protamine 2 Lack. This can damage the DNA in the sperm and lead to miscarriage or a complete lack of fertilization. [Read: Smoking and sex – Horrible ways in which smoking can screw up your sex life]

4. Reduce your alcohol consumption

Instead, you need to reduce the amount of alcohol you drink and increase your water intake. The more you drink, the better!

Your body is 60% water.. So it is logical that the more water you drink You will only have better health. The benefits of drinking water are too many to count. Water helps the digestive system to function in a healthy way. saliva formation body temperature treatment and semen production

The less water you have Your body will produce less semen, so drink it up! [Read: How to make a guy cum fast – Sexy, sneaky moves for quick results]

5. Improve your diet

The way you take care of your body is largely related to the way you eat. It turns out that your semen is no exception! Some foods are said to increase semen production. The amino acids commonly found in eggs, yogurt, lean meats and quinoa contribute to semen production.

Zinc is also said to increase the amount of sperm you produce and ejaculate. Foods high in zinc include chicken, yogurt, chickpeas, and cashews. [Read: Aphrodisiacs and 20 foods that can make or break your sex life]

Horny goat weed (barrenwort) or epimedium sagittatum is said to increase testosterone levels and lead to stronger secretions. Gokushura It is also said to increase sperm count and aid in semen production.

6. Boxers or panties?

The old question: boxers or briefs? Wearing tight underwear can decrease ejaculation. research study 1 years, let men wear tight-fitting underwear to 6 The following month with loose boxers for the rest. 6 Months. The results showed that during the months the participants wore tight-fitting underwear It was found that sperm decreased by 50%. [Read: Weird penis – 10 penis behaviors that are totally normal]

7. Avoid some lubricants.

Lubricants are a great addition to your sex life. Especially for the woman you love. This can lead to increased happiness and an increased likelihood that your woman will have an orgasm. The downside? studies show Some lubricants destroy sperm. and reduce the firing range of your semen [Read: The best lubricants for sex – 15 winners from the kitchen cupboard]

8. Less sex and less jerking

This is one of the worst tips on the list. But it definitely works! Have you ever noticed that the longer you ejaculate, the better? This is because your semen has been created. It not only means that they will be happier when they are released. But it also means there should be an enviable wad when you finally do.

Focus on… your jizz?

Now you know how to increase semen volume. It’s time to work Whether you’re trying to get the woman in your life pregnant or you just want to look like a heavy-duty porn star. Now you know what to do. You should also make sure it’s not as difficult as you might think. Just a few lifestyles have changed and flourished! More semen to do whatever you want to do with it!

[Read: Spit or swallow – What should you do with your man’s happy ending?]

Can you learn how to increase semen volume? certain! Will it spray all over the room like a garden hose? Probably not. The safest bet is to follow our advice to increase your load. But maintain reasonable expectations about your results.

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