How to Keep a Girl Interested: 22 Ways to Make Her Want More of You

Wondering how to get a woman’s attention? Good. Taking care is one way. So you’re on the right track. Read on for more insights.

how to make girls interested

There is nothing greater than falling in love. However, on the other hand, there is nothing worse than falling out of it. If you want to know how to get a girl interested? You have to make a little effort. but it’s worth it

Often men are too comfortable to believe that women will love them forever. So they stopped trying. Of course, you don’t have to wear a suit and tie and take the girl to a fancy restaurant every night. But that’s not what most women want anyway.

If you want to be sure that she loves you for the rest of your life. You have to get her attention. make her feel special and doing the little things that mean a lot Learning how to get a woman’s attention is taking care of her. not deceiving her

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This feature is about learning how to keep a girl interested in you when you’re dating or in a relationship with her. If you’re looking to grab a girl’s attention while you’re not dating and get her interested in you. Please read this manual. How to get a girl’s attention and attention before you say anything to her.!

But if you’re wondering if your boyfriend is interested in you, read on as we have everything you need to get a girl interested in you. And happy to be with you too!

She lost interest?

because you came for the answer There’s a good chance you’re already doing a lot of these things. Are you worried that your girl will lose interest? Looks like it? Is it really you? Or are you dealing with low self-esteem?

If your relationship has just changed You might be right Does your boyfriend fall back? Are you far? Maybe things just feel bad?

If you care enough to figure out how to get her attention. Show that you are doing good things. already many There is always room for improvement. Good to you who want to be even better. [Read: How to make your girlfriend feel lucky and loved by you]

how to get girls interested

Learning how to get a woman interested in you doesn’t have to be that complicated. Usually if you’re a good person and the two of you are in a good relationship. Your risk is relatively low.

but there is a thin line to walk if you are too good You run the risk of losing her interest. Nobody likes a doormat. If you play too hard She might find it too tiring. and always try to get your attention.

If you want to know how to get girls interested You have to treat her properly and have fun.

1. Don’t let yourself go

Even if you’ve arrived here and have already shown your love to each other. But letting yourself go isn’t cool at all. when you don’t take care of yourself It says you lost interest. You probably don’t want to stop taking baths and general hygiene just because you know she likes you.

Of course, looks shouldn’t matter in a relationship. But this is not about looks. Taking care of yourself is devoting yourself to yourself. You dress, comb your hair, put on your cologne, not to impress her, but to do your best.

Show that you care about yourself She will see that and will still attract the effort you put into herself. [Read: 21 things you do that’ll make your girlfriend adore you a lot more]

2. Bring her a present.

Gifts don’t have to be expensive. In fact, they cost nothing. Anything from a post-it that says “You look hot today” to pretty flowers. The one you picked up on your way home. Tell her she’s always in your heart and make her appreciate it.

Don’t stop trying to make her happy. This includes bringing a surprise gift from the heart. Remember, this could be anything from fast food french fries to funny t-shirts. that you think will make her smile Gifts are not about money. but about the thought put into it

3. mysterious

when you become a lover It will be easy to ignore and make yourself comfortable with each other. comfort is good And that doesn’t mean you should leave the bathroom door open or leave your beard ashes in the sink. The mystery is not about being secret. but just not revealing everything

No matter how long you’ve been together There are some things that you should keep to yourself and remain a mystery. [Read: Do girls fart? This and 15 other mysteries demystified!]

4. Don’t be selfish in bed.

over time It may take a little more time for each other to power up. That may mean that you have to put in a creative effort to satisfy her sexual desires. what you do during 2-3 The first time may become routine.

Of course you want to have sex But make sure you value her happiness too.

If you can’t come up with something new and be yourself, ask her. A good way to get a girl interested is to be attentive enough to ask instead of thinking you know what she wants. [Read: 18 sex tips for men to make her crave for a lot more]

5. be a gentleman

just because you are a lover That doesn’t mean you don’t have to open the door for her. Pull out her seat to have dinner or pay her. Some etiquette should not be overlooked.

Not the 50s, but she still deserves special treatment. Give your sweater if it’s cold. Help her carry heavy things. These things should not go away because you are committed. She will appreciate the effort and remain interested. [Read: 15 courteous ways to be a gentleman and keep her happy]

6. challenge her

Not every woman wants a “yes” man. It’s normal to agree with her. But she needs someone in her life to challenge her. If you disagree with her Don’t just nod your head. Have a deep conversation about what you disagree with.

You want to encourage each other to be better. You want to challenge her and ask difficult questions. Without this, things would quickly get boring.

7. stay for you

On the other hand, when she needs a shoulder to cry on, be hers, has time to push, and has time to pull her in. make her feel loved and secure If you want to vent or just cry just hold her

She wasn’t always looking for someone to fix her problems. Sometimes she needs ears to listen without judgment. If you want her attention be friends with her too [Read: How to become a better person in your relationship]

8. Compliment her

If you think she looks pretty, tell her. Don’t assume you’ve said enough. Each compliment makes a difference.

A simple “you look sexy today” will brighten her world and make her feel like you still see her as special as you did when you met. It’s not too hard to care about. Plus, compliments should be above her looks. [Read: 20 genuine compliments she will love to hear and always remember]

9. Never stop flirting

Remember the sexist sarcasm you used to make about her look in her jeans? Or how do you brush up on her just to feel her shoulder against yours?

How long has it been since you treated her as if you were still trying to make eye contact and flirt with her? If you want to know how to get a girl interested in you. Don’t stop flirting with her and let her know if you have to pick someone again. You will still choose her

10. Pay attention to her.

It’s easy to get acquainted with each other and start accepting each other. If you want her attention She must always know that she is important to you.

That doesn’t mean you can’t hang out with a guy or have to respect her first. Just show her that you care. If you’re interested, it’s not hard to show. [Read: How to treat a woman right – 15 ways to make her want to stay]

11. Don’t let her take advantage of you.

There are some women who will test the outer boundaries of your relationship. She might want to see how much control she has on you. If you let her always win do what she wants do not express your opinion or do whatever she says on her whim. She will deceive you and be disgusted.

Learn to refuse and stand up for yourself. If she doesn’t respect you call her out You both deserve to be treated well. Showing her that you won’t be treated badly might be all she needs to keep her standing and make her more interested in you. [Read: 20 signs of a bad girlfriend who’ll make your life a living hell]

12. Continue to surprise her.

It’s not hard to get bored. If you want her to be interested in you You have to try new things. Continue to keep the relationship fresh.

Find a new sex toy. Plan a surprise vacation Or do big things with her for no reason at all. The art of surprise is the best secret to undeniably getting a girl interested in you. [Read: 20 sweet ways to make your girlfriend incredibly happy]

13. Thank you

in a relationship We tend to start to role play and expect things from each other, however, those things shouldn’t be overlooked. If she’s still washing dirty underwear and washing dishes. don’t hold on to her Make sure she knows that you appreciate everything she does for you, no matter how regularly.

If you stop appreciating what she does or ignore it. She will begin to look for other people to admire in many ways. As she does, saying “thank you” goes a long way! [Read: How to know if you’re the selfish one in your relationship]

14. Ask Her About Herself

It doesn’t matter how long you stay together. There is always something to learn more. Keep asking her questions. Ask her about her life, her friends, how is her sister’s new job?

Showing her that you’re interested in every area of ​​her life and wanting to know what’s going on with her will keep her interested.

15. Planned Date

The burden of planning a date usually rests on a young woman. If you want to know how to get her attention Plan things yourself, schedule a night out, make reservations, take her to places she’s never been. You can also plan two dates.

It wasn’t hard to get her out and make sure she didn’t go through with the plan. She will really appreciate it. with one night’s rest from planning [Read: The best 50 date ideas to wow and amaze your girl]

16. Open your mind

Don’t turn it off. Of course, you want to be a little mysterious. But you must be able to open up to her. If you turn off your mood or stop opening up after a certain point. She’ll feel like you’ve found a wall in your relationship.

She wants to understand you better and wants you to talk to her to do that. [Read: 30 things to talk about with your girlfriend]

17. Keep in touch

Text her all day, say no 24/7, but ask her how are you today, send her a funny meme, let her know you’re missing her.

Many women lose interest when men stop doing that. They think they don’t need to keep trying because they are committed. But you have to let her know that your crush is still there, just as you want her to be.

18. Talk about what happened.

talk about relationships Many people hate this saying. but without you She may be confused until she loses interest.

If you really want her attention You have to be willing to talk about your feelings. what you want and what you want [Read: The 25 best relationship topics to talk about if you want to keep your girl happy]

19. Respect

You both need respect and offer. This is very important. without respect Every part of the relationship collapsed. Second, some women were despised. They will lose interest

If you feel like you’re being mean or just feeling bad. Speak openly and honestly. Make sure you know what respect for both of you means and how to show it.

20. Maintain Intimacy

Intimacy is more than sex. It holds her arm when you’re watching a movie. brush the hair off her face And kiss her goodnight. Those little touches are important to keep her interested.

When you stop touching her with those sweet intentions, she’ll feel like you’re pulling away and going away. [Read: 20 types of physical touches and what each touch means]

21. Keep focusing on you.

Don’t let the relationship take all your attention and attention. to make women interested You must be as amazing as ever. If you let the relationship define you You’ll never be yourself again when you meet.

Remember to keep working for yourself. Focus on your career and dreams. This is what she sees in you that is very attractive. Letting it go and focusing solely on her won’t get her attention.

22. Give Her Space

Don’t hold back on her, just as you like to spend time alone or with your friends. give her the same Let her have time to be alone You are both independent and need space no matter how much you love each other.

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The relationship was fun in the beginning. But it’s not difficult for both of them to start accepting each other. If you want to know how to get a girl interested? It takes some effort, but it’s worth it.

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