How to Keep an Erection Up For Longer in 20 Ways

Having a hard time trying to get an erection or keep it intact? Use these 20 tips for maintaining an erection and you’ll be on the high side all the time.

How to make your erection last longer in 20 ways

Erections are funny.

when it’s hard you will feel good about yourself

But when it’s weak no matter how hard you try It can be a cause for serious psychological concerns.

If you don’t really suffer from any medical condition and still find it difficult to maintain it. There is a cure and a gradual cure when you need it most.

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How to make an erection last longer

The erection is in your head most of the time.

And if it’s in your head These tips will surely help you.

First of all, are you awake when you feel horny?

If you can get an erection when you’re alone You’re fine and you just have to learn to relax when you’re with a girl.

Why do men suffer from erectile dysfunction?

There are several reasons behind why you might have an erection problem with your partner. Your girl might think it’s because you don’t feel like she’s attractive anymore. But it’s almost never like that.

Here are some reasons behind why you might have a hard time getting an erection.

#1 you are bored a few years have passed It’s easy to find sex games monotonous. Even if you have an attractive partner.

#2 Condoms may make you numb. Condoms can hold your member firmly. And it can definitely affect your performance if you’re uncomfortable with it. Use a thinner condom if needed. But don’t avoid using it unless you and your partner are only bonding with each other. [Read: Strange facts about condoms]

#3 Too much excitement can cause you to lose an erection. Sometimes you may be aroused and that can cost your life! is strange But too much excitement and adrenaline can make you feel weak and jittery.

#4 Pills can make you limp. Many pain relievers and other heavy drugs It always makes you dazed right there. If you have a hard time performing when you are sick. Don’t blame yourself for this.

#5 Are you afraid to limp again? This is the biggest reason why so many men suffer from erectile dysfunction. Mental damage can do more harm than physical damage.

#6 pressure. Especially if you’re stressed about giving a good time. with a woman or trying to get a woman pregnant

#7 you are tired of life When you’re not enthusiastic about your life or if you’re depressed. It would be a miracle if you could actually get an erection!

#8 You don’t have a good lifestyle. Do you eat well and sleep well? Healthy lifestyle habits can broadly affect your sex drive and performance.

How to harden and last as long as you want

An erection can ruin a relationship or complicate a relationship if it happens repeatedly. Your boyfriend will assume you don’t find her attractive anymore. Your weakness will make you irritable and irritable. And you both start to annoy each other for no reason.

But there is a delightful way to do this and ensure you get an erection and keep it for a long time. Just use these 20 tips for maintaining an erection. And it will make a difference in your life in a few weeks.

#1 talk about your imagination distracted from the small head yours and use your big head on the bed Chatter and fantasies can help awaken sexual pleasure for both of you. [Read: Tips to talk dirty in bed]

#2 get weird Talk about each other’s secret fantasies and fetishes and indulge in them. Sometimes all you have to do to awaken your little one is a whole new sexual experience! [Read: Top 50 kinky sexy ideas to try in bed]

#3 in bed comfortably Don’t carry your weight on your arm for too long when you’re on her. Stay relaxed and avoid any situations that bother you, such as excessive sweating. overeating before sex or having sex when you are too tired

#4 get innovation Too much of a good thing can be boring. Your girl might be the sexiest thing in your life. But if you don’t create a new way to have fun in bed. You may feel boredom, which will eventually make you feel less satisfied and less aroused.

#5 Take your time, don’t rush This is something most men don’t know and don’t care to know. Foreplay always helps men endure longer. You might think it’s useless. But with 15 minutes of foreplay before your drill, your little one will have more time to warm up for the show. Don’t think about your erection until you need to pierce her. And when the time comes, be assured that he will be ready. [Read: The beginners guide to sexual role playing]

#6 Don’t focus on your little head. Instead, focus on the satisfaction and satisfaction of your partner. When you spend too much time reflecting on how alert you are. You will run out of fun to stop your erection.

#7 talk to your partner When you can’t get an erection for long It will upset both of you. Learn to talk about it and build mutual confidence. Always make sure that bad sex doesn’t hinder good love.

#8 breathe. Take a deep breath in the morning to increase the oxygen in your bloodstream. And it also calms you down when you’re stressed.

#9 Exercise and look sexy Let’s exercise better. Good cardio exercise will keep you fit and healthy. It also improves your flexibility and blood circulation. When you look good, you feel alive there. And the increased blood circulation will ensure that your boneless friend will stay upright and stiff for a long time. [Read: Guide to dressing for sex]

#10 Quit smoking if you can. Smoking damages your lungs. This affects how much oxygen your lungs can absorb. This increases muscle fatigue and makes you feel tired all the time. The more oxygen in your body, the more All the major muscles will only be easier to work with.

#11 Don’t masturbate too often. Masturbating can be a great help in controlling premature ejaculation problems. But it’s not good if you want to keep it solid for a long time.

#12 Party. Go out and meet people and have fun every day. When you have an active lifestyle Your body will come alive again. because the body is filled with hormones of happiness This is triggered when you interact with others.

#13 Flirt with other people. The longer a man stays away from flirting His testosterone was even lower. Keep your libido high by having a little bit of extramarital talk sometimes. And you will always enjoy sex.

#14 Don’t change positions too often in bed. You may have heard that changing positions is more fun. But doing so will cause you to worry too much about whether your member will remain erect during each piercing and end up feeling more stressed. [Read: How to arrange your bedroom for better sex]

#15 Stop worrying about the last time. Well, yes, the last time you had a hard time. But guess this is not the last time. You can’t expect sex to feel good every time. And when you have a dry spell Don’t let that bother you. just have fun foreplay Stop thinking about what happened last time.

#16 Remove your restraints. love your body Many men and women dislike looking at their bodies during sex because they think they look ugly. If your body bothers you Do something about it and beat it as fast as you can.

#17 Remember the good times. Think about the first time you and a girl had sex or had sex. and talk about the bed There is something sexually exciting at first that will instantly bring back the excitement and sex appeal.

#18 Don’t rush. It might seem like a good idea to put it in as soon as you realize it’s difficult. And it’s relieved that you’re upright enough to pierce her. But this routine will cause you to lose your confidence gradually. And it makes you afraid of slow absorption and relaxation over time.

#19 Don’t just think about piercings. Lovemaking isn’t just about putting it on. If you want to make it hard and make it hard You have to learn to understand that lovemaking isn’t just about poaching. When you pay full attention to the piercing It is inevitable that you will put a lot of pressure on yourself. Take the time to please her in other ways. And you’ll see how relaxing and sensual sex can be. [Read: The complete guide to have sensual tantric sex]

#20 Avoid sex for a month. If nothing works for you This should definitely happen. Stop dating each other for a month. including seeing each other naked But they support each other and encourage each other by going out often. grind at a party kissing in public and petting each other when you’re feeling emotional. You can bring back your arousal and curiosity by limiting your gender for a while. And that will keep you erect for as long as you have to perform. [Read: Sexy public flashing confessions]

Just use these 20 tips to keep your mood alert and over time. Your confidence will increase. And your little one will be ready for a standing ovation and again whenever he has to perform.

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