How to Kiss a Girl on the First Date

Have you ever wondered about the best way to kiss a girl? Most men can kiss. But there were times in a man’s life that he was rejected and the woman shook her head. This leads to shyness and a huge hole in your ego. Here’s the complete guide on how to kiss a girl on a first date in a way that she won’t turn away from you!

kiss a girl on a first date

Going for a kiss is a scary time for most men.

Like the first conversation And just like when you asked for her phone number. It’s a strategic point where you might be rejected.

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How to flirt with a girl on a first date

Most guys talk for a few minutes or hours and then dive into kissing a girl on the first date. without knowing how to kiss a woman

Knowing the crucial moment before you shut your mouth is just as important. with remembering his own name So Lovepanky’s kissing expert was born. 5 Simple tips to help you know how to kiss a girl on a first date. Start lip service!

#1 touch before kiss

Touching her hands and arms in a more sensual manner than usual. while talking to her Focus on trigger points, such as your forearms and upper arms.

This is the perfect way to make her feel comfortable. If she likes your sensual touch Instead, move your hand up to play with her hair, slowly moving from your arms up to your neck. Followed by earlobes, slowly moving towards her hair.

Twist her hair and don’t curl like a dog. Be gentle.

#2 Stop talking before flirting with a girl.

Stop your voluminous conversation and slowly let her know your intentions by looking at her mouth. This indicates that you want to continue the conversation quietly. with your lips Don’t stick your tongue out like a panting dog. Keep yourself calm. You don’t want her to think you’re licking her.

#3 make eye contact

If you want to know how to kiss a girl and want to know if she’s ready? Make eye contact once and see if she looks back at you for more than five seconds. if less It shows that the way you stare at her doesn’t convince her. You have to go back to the steps. 1! Your eyes should look tender. You are a lost puppy She might be embarrassed Instead, stare and let your eyes tell you that you are ready.

#4 teasing her with a kiss

don’t go kill you are doing very well So you have to prank the victim by kissing her cheek and neck on either side of her face. she will want to kiss you Instead, brush your lips across her and avoid kissing her and moving to the other side of her neck. The feelings and tension you create for her will shake her. Turning her hormones into a groan

#5 kiss of happiness

The real secret behind knowing how to kiss a girl on a first date is to take it slow. Slowly slide your left hand over your lower back, holding her lightly, but not so lightly that she might tip over if she put the weight on your hand! Your right hand should be on her neck. Tilt your head slightly to the right. (or left if you’re a lefty) and close your eyes before your lips meet. Move towards her and let your lips come towards her. Now you are officially the king of kissing. Not only can you kiss easily. You can also walk around Be proud of knowing that you know the right way to give your chick a Kiss of Bliss. [Read: How to make out with a girl on the first date]


1. Check your breath before kissing. The last thing you want is to be rejected for smelling like garbage.

2. Do not force yourself to approach her. You may have a black eye and sore testicles.

3. Don’t french kiss until you start using your tongue. Remember that when kissing a woman You will always be right You may have already started to move for a kiss. but let her act

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Shut up darling Now you know how to kiss a girl on a first date. There will be no more denials after this!

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