How to Kiss a Guy for the First Time and Turn Him On –

Kissing a guy is an instinct, but these 10 sexy tips for kissing a guy for the first time are sure to be memorable and sensible at the same time!

How to kiss a guy for the first time and make him a man

Remember the first time you kissed a guy?

You obviously have a hard time trying to find the right way in your head.

But as soon as you approach the inevitable moment You know it’s natural, easy and simple as breathing.

All you have to do is do things slowly and easily and wait for your two lips to start moving together until the perfect stroke.

It may seem complicated at first, but it’s as simple as locking your lips.

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how to kiss a guy for the first time

When you kiss a guy for the first time The first second is always difficult.

You may have kissed many men.

But you’ve never really kissed this guy before.

You both have your own style and approach to kissing. And it’s easy to turn the perfect opportunity into confusion.

Tips for kissing a guy and rousing him

if you want to kiss a guy Instead, open him and separate your lips from him with the impression after the kiss. Just use these 10 tips for kissing a guy to do just that. [Read: How to talk to a guy and make him like you more]

#1 come close to him yes this is easy All you have to do is come close. Don’t stretch your neck to kiss him from a distance. It’s inconvenient and you can’t enjoy the perfect first kiss. The closer you are to him The more you both enjoy kissing. And your chances of arousing him more discreetly.

#2 let him be the leader Kiss him, but let the man lead Unless you’re dating a kisser for the first time. Touch your lips to him lightly. Then wait while he puts pressure on your lips against him.

Don’t shut up or wrinkle, as this will harden your lips, which will make him feel like you’re kissing a wall. Keep your lips soft and slightly separated. It will feel soft, delicate and approachable. [Read: 25 tips to look cute and sweet when you’re with your boyfriend]

#3 short talk stupid The first kiss was breaking the ice. But it’s nothing more than that. Unless both of you are extremely violent or hot-tempered. If it’s a romantic moment with a lot of love or passion in the air, slow down if you want to create a memorable kiss. The first kiss should be a light kiss. on both of your lips, which lasts for a second or two. Separate your lips after your first kiss. Look into his eyes, followed by a few more small first kisses.

#4 Each kissing style is unique. Don’t force the kiss or jump in, even if you’re worried the kiss won’t last long. It might turn out to be a bad experience. gradually learn from each other As you both kiss softly a few times. Both of you will gradually See how you both move while kissing and follow each other’s signals to create the perfect new kissing style.

#5 split your lips After using his lips lightly touched his lips. many times Touch his lips for a few more seconds each time. and on the way Make a small portion of your upper and lower lips. So you know it’s okay to use your tongue a little when he’s ready.

#6 putting your hands When you start kissing him, gently move your hand and place it on his shoulder or under his arm. It’s an intimate movement that will bring you both closer together. and when doing this You’ll get close and let him know it’s okay for him to touch you back. Putting your hand on your shoulder or underarm will give him enough room to move your hand toward your face while kissing you. [Read: 10 tips to seduce a man easily]

#7 touch your body gently Body touching between the two of you can be sexy and intimate at the same time. And the best part is that you can wake him up without acting like you’re easy to catch.

while you kiss him Move closer and slide your hand behind his back. Get close to him and he will instinctively approach you. If you plan this movement correctly. His breasts are in the perfect position to gnaw your breasts every time you both move while kissing. And this will be something he will always remember as part of your first kiss experience.

#8 move your face while you kiss him Lift your chin up and turn slightly to the side. To have him kiss your chin and neck instinctively. This pose is more intimate than a simple kiss on the lips with no other movement. It will also make him feel more alert. It’s like it will tickle you and leave you breathless in seconds.

#9 take a while to kiss The first kiss wasn’t really the first kiss. It’s a series of kisses. A time that helps both of you understand each other’s kissing patterns and increase intimacy. If you want to kiss your crush perfectly. Instead, spend several minutes kissing each other for the first time. and on the way Both of you will feel more connected and in sync with each other’s movements. A kiss that doesn’t feel right will always make you wonder if the chemistry is gone. Instead of worrying about it, take it slow and learn at the same time. [Read: An embarrassing first kiss story]

#10 Move your hands. enjoy kissing But don’t stop there. If you want to know how to kiss a guy for the first time and leave him wanting more. You have to do more than kiss him. move his hand away from his back and slowly moving along the arc of his shoulders and chest It will bring both of you closer together and give him the confidence to do the same to you. Enjoy each other’s kisses and sensual touches. As your hands move along each other’s bodies for the first time

But if you’re not ready, his hand will take him. Especially if he gets closer to your chest or zip. to hold his hand gently Then move it to a position where you feel comfortable for him to touch. He will receive the issue and wait for your approval next time. [Read: 25 tips to make your boyfriend happy in little ways]

Things to remember when kissing a guy for the first time

# Sitting kisses are best if you plan to spend a few minutes kissing and kissing. Especially if you’re in the car, it’s more comfortable, relaxed, and you don’t have to worry about weak knees anymore.

# Kissing a guy while facing each other is perfect for a light, romantic kiss, especially the first goodnight kiss after a date.

# Kissing while standing can be uncomfortable at times. Especially if you want his hands to be tucked under your shirt. He’ll have to lift your shirt all the way up, which isn’t ideal for a sweet first date.

# You don’t have to talk through the entire kissing experience. Your expression will say it all.

# If you know you’ll end your date with a kiss chewing gum or with mint to avoid bad breath If there is no gum Have a sip of water and lick your lips. It will nourish and feel softer during kissing.

# Go with the flow. You will never go wrong So let’s start slowly with a little bit of lip liner and work together. [Read: Tips to make your boyfriend want you more than ever!]

# The first kiss ends with a warm hug. Or even the gentle smile and the last soft kiss on his lips. It would be the perfect way to end the date and leave a lasting impression on him.

# make the last move The move to kiss him one last time before saying goodbye after you’ve both left lets him know that you love his kisses and want to start all over again. [Read: How guys really fall in love with a girl in seven stages]

And that’s all you need to know when it comes to kissing a guy and leaving a memorable impression. Just use these tips for kissing a guy for the first time. And you will definitely enjoy it more and leave him wanting more!

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