Kissing Chemistry 101: How to Kiss Someone for the First Time

That first kiss is often scary but exhilarating. Will it be amazing? Disaster? Learn how to kiss someone for the first time and get it right.

how to kiss someone for the first time

First kiss was a big deal, now it’s not a deal breaker. If it doesn’t go as you planned. But it’s a great way to determine if there’s any sexual chemistry between the two of you, so it’s important to understand how to kiss someone for the first time and help you feel less nervous when it’s time for your spine to tingle.

It’s the kiss that makes you think “Do I want more?” Now, most people have had their first horrible kiss. But they tend to end well the second or third time, so you shouldn’t judge everything by just the first kiss. If your partner is nervous or feeling unwell Everything will change, but of course, you want to make your first kiss as intense and emotional as possible. [Read: 22 tips to make it the perfect first kiss]

Why do we put so much pressure on the first kiss?

We know that first kiss is special. It is a moment that we will never forget and like we have already set. It helps us decide if we want more. However, there are things that can go wrong with that first kiss. It makes you wonder why we put so much pressure on ourselves.

In many ways, it’s about first impressions. It’s the first impression of you as a sexual person. Sure, they see you flirting and looking good. But this is an action What are you doing to show them that you like them? that Way. If it’s bad, you’re worried that they won’t want to see you again or they’ll treat you badly in anything related to intimacy. [Read: How to kiss passionately and romantically]

However, that’s not true. Most people are so nervous about that first kiss that they don’t even remember. even if they do They’re very stressed about what the other person thinks about trying to kiss them. Until they don’t really miss you at all!

basically We are putting a lot of pressure on ourselves and focusing on one thing at a time. when we should go with the flow After all Kissing will get better and better. The more you know someone! [Read: 12 Foolproof kissing tips for a perfectly sexy smooch]

How to kiss someone for the first time to impress

whether you read about the first kiss It will always be scary. Yes, you should follow these tips. But if you’re worried It doesn’t matter what we say because you probably won’t, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. It’s really not worth it!

Think of it as a hug instead. It’s the first time you hug them. True, it sounds silly, but it’s not. It calms you down for a big kiss. You just have to go with the flow. [Read: How to kiss better so you can impress everyone]

1. Pay attention to hygiene

Sometimes you don’t even know your first kiss is about to happen. If you have the idea that might Pay attention to what is going on in your mouth. It takes a few minutes to brush your teeth. sniffing mint And avoid eating strong-smelling foods such as onions or garlic. But if you’re not prepared, that’s fine. in those cases They may not be the same [Read: 6 giveaway signs your date is ready for that first kiss]

2. Do not force

Sure, you know you want to kiss this person, but relax. Your first kiss shouldn’t be compulsory. It’s something you have meticulously planned. Your first kiss should come at the moment you both want. The moment when you both know it’s the right time. If you feel it’s your thing need I understand But you don’t have to push it. [Read: 13 sultry signs they want to kiss you]

3. Be a little flirty

Before the kiss, give the other person a signal that you want to kiss him/he kisses you. They can’t read your mind and see what you want. Therefore, guide them to find answers. Feel them playfully when you talk, hug them, get close to them. If they respond positively, then they are interested.

4. See how they interact with you.

Sometimes, we get so caught up in our own feelings that we completely ignore the feelings of the other person. How do you know if they want to kiss you if you don’t pay attention to their body language and reactions? If they avoid making eye contact with you and stay away from any physical contact. It doesn’t seem interesting.

5. eye contact

Eye contact is especially important in the first kiss. There is always that moment before the kiss when it’s quiet. Usually when you make eye contact and silently confirm it. that you want to kiss If they avoid eye contact That’s a good sign that they’re not interested. [Read: How to initiate a kiss that’ll make them remember you forever]

6. Ask them if they want you to kiss them.

When it comes to knowing how to kiss someone for the first time. Many people think asking for a kiss is a good way to kill someone. However, it’s wrong if someone really likes you. and you ask him for a kiss They think it’s very cute and respectable. This will clear the air and give you an answer.

7. Gently move closer to them

If you want to kiss to move closer to them. Make sure you stand near them. So you don’t rush into them and kiss them. You want your face to gradually Move towards them. This way, they will have time to move forward or back.

8. Tilt your head back slightly – nose bumps aren’t fun!

when you move your face closer to them You’ll want to tilt your head slightly to the side. By doing this you will avoid hitting his nose. It’s not the best way to start your first kiss. Stay away from the emergency room Even if you break your nose Just laugh it off—it’s cute. [Read: The meaning of a forehead kiss: What makes this kiss so special?]

9.Separate your lips as you move in.

when tilting his head and moving in Keep your lips slightly apart. as if breathing through the mouth Use your lips to aim at one of the lips. It is usually on the lower lip and presses your lips towards their lips.

10. Breathe through your nose!

unless you have a stuffy nose keep breathing through your nose Taking a deep breath while kissing isn’t the sexiest position. But if you can’t breathe through your nose don’t worry Just breathe through your mouth gently. When you start to choke [Read: How to kiss a friend accidentally and get away with it]

11. Use your hands carefully.

When you kiss, use your hands. Run your hands over your face, or touch your arms, back, or waist when you use your hands. You’ll add a touch of sensuality to the kiss, which relaxes and stimulates the other person. However, don’t jump over the top and start randomly picking them up – that’s not a good move. [Read: 15 secrets to make your first kiss really memorable]

12. Be sure to enjoy it!

The first kiss is always the most exciting. I mean, you kissed this person for the first time. so don’t think too much It finally comes naturally to you. You’ll learn what you like and don’t like doing while kissing. Your first kiss will also show you if you’re more interested in something with them.

Things not to do when kissing someone for the first time

We talked about relaxation. relieve pressure And we’ve talked about what you should do. Now let’s talk about some things that you definitely shouldn’t do. If you want to make the best first impression Avoid these pitfalls and you should be golden. [Read: 11 Signs of a bad kisser and 15 foolproof remedies]

1. Don’t go straight.

Please avoid this at all costs! The first kiss should be gentle, inquisitive, and intimate. It shouldn’t be filled with more tongue-wrenching festive passion than ice cream gets! Give it a light kiss and then see how it goes. If it seems they want more you can gradually Use a little tongue action – but only a little! Save all of that for later in the relationship.

2. Don’t feel it

We’ve discussed this a bit. But it’s worth mentioning again. It’s good to use your hands. But don’t fumble or move your hand to an out-of-bounds place. You just kissed them for the first time. So hold your own hands! Able to place hands on hips But if they seem to be fine – if you notice them pulling back or feel uncomfortable. Move your hand as far as you can. It all comes down to respect. [Read: How to kiss a girl for the first time and not screw up]

3. Control your saliva!

Yes, it makes you weak in your knees and you want to drool whenever you’re around. But please keep your saliva! when you are kissing them You have to make sure that you don’t accidentally drool over them. You don’t need to kiss like a washing machine, and you don’t need lube to kiss well! It won’t leave the best first impression. So just step back a little.

4. Do not walk too fast

The first kiss is always heartbreaking. So it’s understandable that you might just go ahead and try to get it over with. To some extent, however, it was not meant to be fast. But it should be savored and enjoyed. Slow down. Move at a speed that’s comfortable for both of you and be sure to have fun – it shouldn’t be a crooked thing! [Read: Simple peck or steamy makeout? What you can learn from a first kiss]

5. Don’t try to go any further.

For the most part, that’s just the first kiss – kisses and goodnight. Of course, some kisses lead to something else. But that’s not what you should be thinking. Don’t try to go beyond kissing. enjoy kissing kiss again if you want But say goodnight and send a message That’s the most romantic and respectful routine here. If you push things, it makes you seem like the only thing.

What’s the most important thing to remember when learning how to kiss someone for the first time? Don’t make things too complicated! Of course, you just read this list of dos and don’ts. But there is a lot to do with common sense and respect.

Enjoy that magical moment and there’s definitely more to come.

[Read: 15 kissing techniques for that heartbeat skipping kiss]

When you know how to kiss someone for the first time It’s time to put those tips into practice. Just remember to relax and go with the flow.

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