How to Know if a Kiss Meant Something Real: 16 Ways it isn’t a Fling

It’s important to learn to know if a kiss has any real meaning, otherwise it’s easy to mistake a kiss for something else. Is it true or nothing?

How do you know that a kiss has a meaning?

It’s important to learn to know if kissing is real or not. When you’re really dating or liking someone. You might mistake a kiss for something else.

Is it a friendly kiss? Are they trying to say they like you? Is it a kiss because of boredom? Is it love? Sexual desire?

It’s not always easy to spot the signs of what a kiss means. Sometimes kissing is a nonsense between friends. and sometimes more than that

After all A kiss can have many different meanings. as you know They can tell you that they want to be together. But you ignore all the signs

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It’s not safe to think that all kisses mean more than that.

For many of us, kisses are very important because they are meaningful and intimate. It’s hard to kiss someone and don’t think it means enough to them. but the truth is Some people don’t see kissing the same way.

For example, you might kiss the person you desire and feel connected to in love. But that doesn’t mean other people feel the same way. Some people like to have fun and their fun way is to kiss others. This may sound silly and crazy. but it’s true

A kiss can be casual, passionate or friendly. It’s important to keep this in mind so that you don’t just assume that everyone who kisses you wants to fall in love with you or have children with you. [Read: The perfect first kiss – 22 tips to make it oh-so-amazing!]

Why is it important to know what a kiss means?

By considering how to know if the kiss is true or not. You will understand their intent. Actions are always more important than words. So knowing the meaning behind the kiss will help you instantly understand how they feel about you or if it’s just a simple kiss for them.

The last thing you want is to mistake a swinging kiss for something else. Or you might mistakenly assume kissing with someone else you like. *But they didn’t feel that way!*

Learning to know if a kiss really means anything will save you a lot of embarrassment. And it will be of great benefit to your dating life.

How do you know if a kiss is real and romantic?

You have to be able to take a step back and look at the situation from a distance. If you want to figure out if kissing means more than that. This is something to consider when deciding whether kissing is more than just your lips touching them.

1. You feel like it does.

You can’t take this seriously. but at the same time listen to your gut Remove emotions from the picture and assess whether you feel in your heart whether the kiss is real or not. Your instincts can tell you more than you think.

Don’t think about how much you want the kiss to mean or your fear. Just focus on what your gut tells you. [Read: 10 things to do if you catch feelings for someone you don’t want to]

2. it’s slow

The speed of kissing tells you a lot about their intentions. A soft and slow kiss full of love and passion and not related to sexual desire It means that they clearly enjoy the moment and want to stay.

You’ll see a lot of emotionless kisses full of urgency. Which is why it’s rare to kiss slowly. That won’t happen. A slow kiss is always a passion – remember that the next time you kiss someone for the first time.

If you want to know exactly how to know if a kiss is real or not. Be careful with that slow kiss. [Read: 15 kissing techniques for that slow, heartbeat-skipping kiss]

3. They are not drunk.

Okay, we’ve all had drunken moments. where the lines are blurry because you’re drunk It is understood that people will have more guts and touch when drinking and partying.

That’s why people kiss so often at alcoholic parties. But if both of you are conscious or almost conscious. It might mean more than just a drunk kiss. [Read: Drunk kiss dilemma – So you kissed someone, what should you do next?]

4. After being silent for both of them

If you don’t have a regular night out after that. It means more than that. It means you are processing the kiss and what happened. You don’t do that without feelings involved.

If it’s a casual kiss Neither of you would think of dealing with feelings. And the conversation went smoothly. And their behavior will become comfortable.

5. Something that feels different

Your dynamics are different. You can’t really explain, but now you’re treating each other differently after kissing. Perhaps they were more careful around them. yourself or smile at you more But whatever it is There was definitely something different.

If it’s nonsense, nothing will change. There is something unspoken between you and you just can’t determine what it is.

6. They care more about you.

If you notice a particular change in behavior It might be good news if you want them to like you.

As we have said in the above point. If they care more after the kiss Show that the kiss is sincere and sincere. after the kiss They may care more about you and worry more about your daily life. [Read: 18 very sure signs a friend likes you romantically even if they pretend not to]

7. want to do more

After all, a kiss that means something is something you want to say over and over again. Really, why wouldn’t you want to kiss them again, especially if feelings were involved?

Think about their lips and you find yourself kissing again and again. That could be a sign of something bigger between the two of you. In determining how to know if a kiss really means anything, pay attention to how you feel after the kiss.

Do you yearn for it? Or is it something you don’t care about if it happens again? [Read: 13 sultry signs someone wants to kiss you]

8. You are seeing them as important people.

Instead of seeing them as friends like before. Now, you’re seeing them as someone you can romantically date and be with. It’s as if you look at them from a different angle. And all you see is the potential for dating or being together.

9. You wonder what it’s like to date.

You really shouldn’t think about it. If this kiss wasn’t real The fact that it feels so real you can’t help thinking about the romantic possibilities. And it’s very likely that a kiss has some real meaning and you can feel it.

The more you imagine life dating them. The more feelings are formed You should also see how long these thoughts will last. If they disappear within a few days It might not be genuine at all.

10. Don’t tell anyone

If kissing doesn’t really mean anything You don’t care if other people know or not. This is why it’s easier to tell people about your meaningless jerk than to tell someone you really have feelings.

In determining how to know if a kiss is true or not. Notice your behavior in relation to that kiss. When both of you are out and about, tell the other person that it happened. It’s a sign that you want to keep the moment. You don’t want people ruining it with questions and accusations. [Read: 15 secrets to make your first kiss more memorable]

11. It might seem a little awkward between the two of you.

when the feeling appears It might feel a little uncomfortable. Either of you may not know what to do or how to act. And that can cause both of you to act weird when they are around each other.

If you look back on your first kiss with your crush or lover years ago Notice that after that first kiss, it can feel a little uncomfortable. *But in a good way!* It’s awkwardness mixed with a lot of feelings. If you feel that something is uncomfortable There may be an elephant in the room.

12. They say it doesn’t.

Nothing is more evident than the confession that comes from them! If they come to you and confess that they really like you. The kiss definitely meant something.

There really is nothing to ask here. If you’re wondering how to know if a kiss really means anything, wait a moment for them to personally tell you how much it means to them. [Read: How to decipher the true meaning of these 15 types of kisses]

13. You feel tense around them.

Sparks? chemical? It’s suddenly getting hot here? These are the thoughts you can’t help but know if kissing really means anything.

If you feel the tension in the air Most likely, you’re not just imagining it. In fact, they probably would too! If this isn’t evidence of a meaningful kiss. We don’t know what else to tell you. [Read: 20 strong signs of sexual tension to know if you make each other horny]

14. It’s a “Kiss”

Oh come on, you know what we’re talking about. It’s the type of kiss that leaves you breathless, heart pounding, and you want more. The kind you’d think you’d only experience in movies. until it happens to you

It’s impossible to pretend to kiss like this without real feelings for each other. If there is spark and passion, it is sincere. [Read: The perfect first kiss: 22 tips to make it oh-so-amazing!]

15. They make eye contact.

Eye contact is more intimate than others give credit. In determining how to know if a kiss is true or not. Let’s see if they make eye contact before they actually kiss.

Did they look into your eyes first? Maybe they stare at you passionately before grabbing and kissing you? This was definitely not an ordinary and meaningless kiss. if so There shouldn’t be any serious eye contact.

16. You’re smiling during a kiss.

If you both smile during a kiss, you’re doomed! *Again is good!*

This means that the kiss is so sincere that you can’t help but smile. Wouldn’t you rather smile if you kissed and were kissed emotionally?

It’s an underestimate. But this is one of the best ways to know if a kiss really means anything.

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So how do you know if a kiss is true or not?

You can know if the kiss was real or not based on what you felt and how they acted during the kiss. Was it a slow kiss? Did they look at you first? Is there any tension in the air? If all answers are yes Show that the kiss is real!

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Reading the signs to know if a kiss has a real meaning can be a skill or not. You really have to care not only how you feel. But also pay attention to how the other person treats you.

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