How to Know if You Like a Guy: 15 Feelings You Can’t Fake

you are confused We’ve all been there. There’s a guy you like. Maybe. You’re kind of unsure. This is a way to know if you like a guy or not.

How to know if you like a guy

You might not even notice how you feel about a guy. I mean, sometimes you’re so focused on the other person that you forget what’s in front of you. But there are some ways you can get your feelings in advance. That way, you’ll be leading the game and able to figure out what to do next.

How to know if you like a guy

There were times when I just realized my feelings. And of course it was too late. He goes with another woman, but she’s lame, whatever. So fear not, this is the fun part. We’ll tell you how to know if you like a guy for sure. Here are 15 signs that really count.

#1 If you’re thinking about him, you probably do. Come on, did you know if you’re wondering if you like guys? you might as well You’re just too scared to admit your feelings. Listen, if you’re scared, I get it, but it’s not healthy for you to deny your feelings.

Maybe you don’t want to like that guy. Well, the heart wants what it wants, so accept the fact that you like him and decide what you want to do. Don’t spend too much time thinking about whether you like him or not. If you ever think about it, you like him. [Read: 19 sure signs of falling in love to watch out for]

#2 How often do you think of him? Do you think of this guy every day? when you see something funny Is he the first person you want to share with?

Baby, that’s not a coincidence. If he’s always on your mind You need to reevaluate your feelings because he’s not just a friend. This is a tell-tale sign when you’re looking for ways to know if you like a guy or not.

#3 you can’t concentrate There were times when I spent all day thinking about that guy – I would giggle to myself and casually play on his Facebook. *It’s not creepy It’s completely normal… right?*

If you find yourself unable to pay attention and stay focused. Show that you are experiencing strong feelings towards this guy. I mean, what are the other excuses for this? definitely. [Read: How to stop obsessing over a guy you’re interested in]

#4 You don’t think about other men. When people start to have serious feelings for someone Everyone seemed to have disappeared. When I had my first boyfriend I don’t see anyone but him. Someone nice to invite me to go on a date? Yes. But I didn’t notice their appearance because I didn’t care.

That might be the case for you. and if so You have a serious case about this guy I really like. You’ll survive. Trust me, this one is straight from the guide on how to know if you like a guy 101. [Read: Am in in love? 21 signs to decode that fuzzy feeling]

#5 You are not a fan of the other girls around him. This is a classic sign. If you feel your body warming up and your face starts to twitch when you see guys chatting or flirting with other girls. show that you are jealous

I know this all well I’m going to turn red – isn’t that obvious? So pay attention to your body’s reaction when you see your guy with another woman. You may try to avoid the situation, however, your feelings will always show – at least for yourself.

#6 You are excited to hear and/or see him. If you’re smiling at your phone every time he texts you. Are you happy to hear from him? Don’t worry, it’s cute and perfectly normal.

I get upset when my crush texts me. Show that you definitely have feelings for him. [Read: 15 classy ways to make a guy go crazy over you]

#7 you nervous around him Sometimes when you’re around the guy you like You can’t be yourself. It is difficult. you want him to like you So you’re nervous when you talk.

I used to stutter and stutter when talking to a guy I like – yes, I’m very attractive, I know, but it’s normal. If you want to learn to know if you like guys or not. This is a good sign.

#8 you look a little more neat Usually when you like someone You’ll spend another five minutes fixing your hair or applying lip gloss. You want to attract and impress them.

So if you don’t know that you look more playful than usual. It’s time to admit you look cute because of him [Read: What do I do if I like someone who’s already taken?]

#9 you behave differently Maybe you’ve chewed with your mouth open or sitting with your legs apart – I’m guilty of the latter. But when you’re around a guy You might sit up a bit more or be more positive.

Sometimes your changes won’t be good. For example, he smokes, so you start smoking. But for most situations You’re just acting more embarrassed or giggling. That’s a pretty good sign.

#10 You are thinking about the long term. It’s normal to daydream. But are you seriously thinking about yourself and this guy? Two years from now? married? child?

Okay, if you’re considering and imagining a future with this guy. Are you trying to see if he’s the right partner? Yes, you don’t do that to someone you don’t care about. [Read: 25 signs and qualities that make a guy a really good boyfriend]

#11 You spend more and more time with him. Usually your weekends are spent with girls, but now your Friday nights are spent with this guy and every week that goes by. You will spend more and more time with him.

If you are going to draw a card “We are just friends.” It’s time to wake up and breathe in the fresh air. You don’t invest your time in people you don’t like. If so, you will hang out with everyone. [Read: 9 sneaky surefire ways to get a guy to ask you out in a few days]

#12 You talk about him with your friends. How do you know if you like a guy? Maybe you didn’t know But you probably already mentioned him to your friends… Oh, like a hundred times, which isn’t bad at all. Unless you mention all of them – you might look a bit boring to your friends. but in reality You’re excited about this guy. Why? Because you like him!

#13 You start liking what he likes. If you start watching UFC or football, it’s not because you suddenly find it interesting. all because of him

This is a great way to get to know and spend time with him. But it shows you and him that you are interested in his hobbies because… You like him!! [Read: 25 tips to look cute and melt any guys heart effortlessly]

#14 It’s a little thing.. You remember he hated the chocolate covered almonds, but liked 3 Marshmallows in his hot chocolate, of course, you know these.

even if friends His may not notice the small things. even these but you noticed Noticing the small details of his life is a clear sign that you are interested in him. If you’re not interested, don’t worry about it. [Read: 12 things guys look for in a girl besides her appearance]

#15 Emotional Overload. You’re happy, then you’re sad. Then you’re jealous and you ignore him. If you are experiencing an emotional roller coaster It may be that you are trying to rationalize it.
Having feelings for someone can be overwhelming. Especially when you’ve never experienced it before. You just have to accept your feelings. then it will be easier [Read: How to get a guy to notice you and fall for you]

Don’t overthink your emotions. It will drive you crazy. take a deep breath and take it easy instead. You already know the truth. you just have to accept it And that’s the way to know if you like a guy or not.

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