How to Know if Your Best Friend Loves You: 15 Signs That Don’t Lie

Best friends falling in love aren’t new. it happens all the time So let me help you figure out how to know your best friend loves you.

How to know if your best friend loves you

Surely you and your best friend love each other. But here’s a way to know if your best friend loves you more deeply and romantically.

There is definitely a possibility you spend a lot of time together you know each other very well you are compatible The romantic feelings that appear on the surface are not uncommon.

but as you said You don’t want to risk your friendship to ask them to break up if you’re not sure. So how do you know your best friend loves you? [Read: 20 unmistakable signs your friend is crushing on you]

Do you love your best friend?

If your feelings for your best friend don’t transcend platonic love. Why do you think your best friend might love you more?

Did they show a signal? Has anyone mentioned you? If you’re worried that they have feelings for you. But you didn’t do it for them. You may need to calm down. in letting them know but from my experience just wait for it to come out If he has feelings for you, they will eventually make it known. If not, you don’t need to worry.

But if you love your best friend and think there’s a chance they might love you. You want to know how they feel. you deserve [Read: How to get over a crush on a friend and stay platonic]

You invest a lot with your best friend. If those feelings become love There’s a good chance this relationship will be an amazing relationship. But you don’t want to risk ruining friendships by suppressing feelings, being jealous, or acting like Ross. friend.

So instead of wondering and hoping they’ll wipe you out. Here’s how to know if your best friend loves you or not.

How to know if your best friend loves you

It’s not as complicated as you’d think to know if your best friend loves you or not. you know this person well It’s easier to tell that they love you more than strangers or acquaintances.

Most likely, you know that they are hiding something from you. Like they know you are or not. So it’s best to figure it out as soon as possible so that you can face the feeling and go from there.

#1 others noticed it When your family and friends say something, it’s a great way to know if your best friend loves you or not. when other people notice a change in behavior or chemistry It’s pretty obvious [Read: Friend to lover – What you really need to know]

#2 They are more touching. Maybe you can hug all the time. But now they hugged each other a little longer. Maybe they’re sitting nearby, or even brushing your hands. These little signals may seem like nothing in the distance. But body language can tell clearly. [Read: Clearly noticeable signs of body language attraction]

#3 they are crazy about you You might think it’s normal for your best friend to rant about you to other people, but think about it. If your best friend tells family or friends all of your amazing qualities. There may be a deeper reason.

#4 They are uncomfortable talking about your dating life. If you notice your best friend bragging about your relationship or your crush, you’re in for a treat. Maybe that’s because they secretly love you. This is especially noteworthy if they used to be fine with all of them.

#5 They haven’t been dating for a long time. When your best friend loves you They must be afraid to say anything. It could be more than attention. This means they are not interested in dating other people.

They’re focused on you and likely to be pinning, so if they’ve dated the right amount, you’ll be fine. But now they’re single and they’re not giving you the right reasons. maybe because they love you [Read: 18 signs a friend likes you romantically even if they’re hiding it]

#6 teasing turns into flirting All of my close friends were joking. But if teasing feels like a flirtation and makes you feel different. They may express their feelings in detail. We don’t normally flirt with our best friends, so if you’re wondering how to know if your best friend loves you, check out our best friend. Keep an eye out for their flirting game.

In fact, we tend to feel comfortable with them if you suddenly notice a different aura from them. may be love

#7 you notice the moment This is a big deal Some people think it’s all in your head. But I think it’s one of the most obvious signs that your best friend loves you. If you share a moment that you think they can kiss you. Or did you just know there was a spark? they love you

Of course you probably won’t. But these are the people you know well enough to call them your best friends. So if anyone knew, it would be you.

#8 They take you out on a date with a friend. What’s your friend’s appointment? I’m glad you asked This means that they take you to events that are likely to be dating. But they’re not called that because you’re best friends.

Maybe they’ll take you to a family member’s wedding or take you to an event. Of course, it could just be going on a date with something more awkward. Most people only bring someone very special to something important like this. [Read: 10 signs you’re dating your best friend already and just don’t know it]

#9 you have history If you’ve been in a relationship before or have dated before. It’s very likely that the feeling will reappear. It happens. It’s very common.

In this case it should be quite obvious. Do you have experiences with people? This is so romantic So you know what to look for.

#10 They notice little things. Are they the only ones who notice your haircut or when you’re in a bad mood? Best friends always come to us. But those who love you look at things. in a different angle

They are really upset to see you upset and happier when you are happy.

#11 You talk all the time. I often talk to my best friends. But when things Going from friends to feelings, things change. Conversations don’t just start randomly. but still goes on day and night

when someone loves you They want to hear from you and interact with you as much as possible. [Read: 13 friend zone hacks to get your friend to like you a lot more]

#12 different things You know your best friends and friendships. It’s likely that you’ve been friends for a long time. But if you notice a change in the relationship Show that something happened

If things have gone completely out of the ordinary to surprise you or dress around you more. These are signs that they love you.

#13 Their family loves you. If your best friend’s family loves you That often sparks more love from them. If they are close to family see they love you Make them proud and happy, and maybe even relieved.

If their parents like you around and you are comfortable with them There’s a good chance they’ll see how their child feels around you. They’re glad you made them so happy.

#14 You can feel it. go with your gut If you know you know This is your best friend we’re talking about. They might try to be cool. But you know what happened If asked, it would be true. [Read: How to listen to your gut and give strength to your inner voice]

#15 They say they do. If they tell you that they love you, even in subtle ways or when drunk, it might be true. They could almost die screaming from the roof of the house.

And if not, ask them, tell them how you feel and ask them what happened. When everything comes out on the table Both of you will be very happy.

[Read: How to ask a friend out without risking the friendship]

Finding a way to find out if your best friend likes you is easier than you think. Most of the signs are always in front of you.

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