How to Know if You’re a Lesbian: 17 Signs It’s Not Just Curiosity

Finding your gender takes time. This is not something you should hurry. Wondering how to know if you are a lesbian? These tips may help.

How do you know if you are a lesbian?

Sex is a journey So it may take some time to understand your sexual preferences. it’s your life So take your time You may be trying to figure out how to know if you are lesbian or bisexual. Especially when you’re unsure about how you feel about someone or a particular gender.

if this is the case You might be thinking about how you feel about other women and if you feel sexual for men too. If this is your trip It’s time for you to know the biggest signs that you are more likely to be a lesbian.

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Sexuality is a personal matter.

Some people never truly work in sex. However, you can argue that they are missing out on a real, genuine lifestyle. The problem is that this topic is never really easy to face. Let alone really working on my own.

Your sexuality is an important part of your identity.

It’s your personal thing and no one can tell you what your gender is. besides yourself You may feel confused and unsure. But that’s just a sign that you need to spend a little more time and less pressure on yourself.

You don’t have to rush to label yourself. Some people never label themselves and they feel completely fine with it. As long as you live the life that is right for you. That’s all that really matters.

However, it is undeniable that understanding your sexuality gives you the freedom to begin exploring life in a way that works best for you. [Read: 20 sexually enlightening movies all about sexuality]

How do you know if you are a lesbian?

10 years ago, were you gay or gay? That’s our choice when it comes to sex, but now there’s the gender diversity people identify with.

You can be gay, straight, bisexual, maverick, the list goes on and on. Although there are more definitions about sex. But it can be a little overwhelming when trying to see you fit.

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But as we said before You should know that you don’t need to label yourself If you’re not sure what your sexual orientation is, that’s okay. No one tells you that you have to make a decision and let everyone know. Who said sex was easy?

The points below will help you determine if you might be a lesbian. However, know that a few nods won’t give you the final answer. You will only know when you feel it in your heart.

Hopefully if the answer is what you’re looking for. This will help you get started on your mission.

1. You have questioned your gender.

Now, if you’re questioning sex There is a high chance that you will not match.

If you are asking yourself if you are lesbian or bisexual. That’s a clear sign that you’re not the opposite sex. If you are straight You wouldn’t ask yourself these questions. [Read: The subtle clues that point out if someone is gay]

2. You find yourself attracted to women.

Now, you might be thinking, yes, but that means I’m bisexual too. Here’s another question. Do you like men too?

If you are interested in sex, both men and women. However, if you have feelings for women and not for men, then you are likely to be bisexual. You might as well be a lesbian.

The confusion arises when you add to the fact that it is sometimes normal to feel attracted to women even if you are straight. It’s not always sexual. Sometimes it’s possible that you admire her and feel confused otherwise.

The best advice is to take this as a potential signal. Instead, look for someone else to provide additional evidence. [Read: How to understand if you’re a lesbian or a bisexual]

3. Your sexual fantasies about women

That doesn’t mean you have to be a lesbian. It might mean that you are bisexual. But if you just fantasize about women That might be a pretty good sign that you’re a lesbian.

You can be direct and fantasize about women. You might as well be a lesbian. [Read: What it means to have a lesbian fantasy as a straight woman]

4. You feel more comfortable with the lesbian community.

Maybe you’ve been to a lesbian bar and felt more at home and welcomed than at a straight bar. There is something about the atmosphere and the vibe that makes you feel part of it. as if you get along well

if you are a lesbian You may love the culture and community. [Read: The main types of lesbians & why it’s important to tell them apart]

5. You can admire men. But you’re not sexually attracted to them.

We can all appreciate the looks of a good-looking guy. Of course, you can see a guy who is attractive and find him good-looking.

But you have no lust or lust when you see him. If you don’t find yourself sexually attracted to any gender other than women. Shows that you may be a lesbian.

6. You look at women

When you are sitting in a coffee shop or walking down the street. You are not looking for a man you are checking a woman If you’re staring at another woman’s butt or looking at their cleavage and wondering what it would be like to kiss her with your hand? You might as well be a lesbian.

If you don’t do the same when you look at guys, yes, you’re probably a lesbian.

7. Roms are not the same.

When you watch a rom-com, you don’t care about that guy’s happy ending. You’re watching hoping she’s having a good time with another woman and deciding that being with a guy isn’t what she wants. You wish that she was dating her best friend instead.

8. Your friends tell you

If your friends tell you that you are more male than female. or if they ask about your sexuality It might be a good sign that you’re not straight.

Your friends don’t say this as a joke. They’re telling you this because they feel. They feel that you are not straightforward.

This doesn’t mean you’re a lesbian. But you can be bisexual. This is a good pointer when trying to figure out if you are a lesbian. [Read: Definition of queer: What does the Q in LGBTQ really mean?]

9. You kiss a girl and you like it.

Maybe you have the opportunity to keep your mouth shut with another woman. For you, the feeling doesn’t leave you. You may have kissed a guy before. but with women The feeling was completely different.

This doesn’t mean you’re a lesbian. But you can be bisexual. If you are sexually aroused when kissing a girl show that you are not right

10. You fell in love with a woman.

She could be your best friend or the girl you met at the bar. but the point is You meet her and you fall in love. Let’s say the relationship is over. How are you feeling now?

If you have a relationship with a woman It shows that you like girls. However, if you continue associating with women and like them more than the other genders. You may be a lesbian [Read: 15 lesbian dating tips for the newly out lez]

11. You don’t date men often.

If most of your friends are women and the man in your life is gay You might as well be a lesbian. You surround yourself with supportive and friendship women. All your best friends are lesbians. And if a guy hangs out with you They just won’t match [Read: The signs that tell you if you are gay]

12. When dating a man, think of a woman.

You might be dating a guy. but you didn’t miss him You have your eye on the woman at the table over.

If you can’t wait to chat with your best friend or meet the girl you met at the bar for a date. You might want to check to see if you really like guys.

13. You like flirting with girls.

in general Women tend to be more independent and touch each other. Even if they are straight, do you like their touch more than men?

Do you enjoy flirting with girls or making eye contact with them at the bar? If a woman’s touch excites you more than a man’s. It’s possible that you may be a lesbian or at least bisexual. [Read: Is she lesbian? 20 signs your BFF is a bit too close for comfort]

14. Threesomes excite you.

If you are in a relationship with a real man and found myself confused about sex Do you have to think of your favorite fantasies? Do you fantasize about three people, especially with other women?

Do you feel more awake when you imagine a woman in bed with you? If your favorite sex fantasies as a “frank” woman, a homosexual or sleeping with another woman? It is possible that you are bisexual. or even a lesbian

15. You have tried on. but you can’t

Have you ever dated a man and you think you are happy Sex is good and everything looks good. But it seems you can’t stop feeling certain things in your sex life.

You date guys because you think being heterosexual is the “right thing.” You tick all the “straight” boxes because someone told you when you were younger, being a lesbian means you have to behave. Body and look different from other women. *All the nonsense you should know!* Secretly, you know that only women can excite you and stimulate your sex drive. And you choose to keep this a secret from everyone in your life.

16. You flirt with women online.

Have you ever tried to flirt with women online? on social media or in the chat room Either as a woman or under the guise of a man just to see how you feel, and sometimes the sexual stature it gives you is incomparable to what you have sexually experienced with a man.

17. You’re obsessed with female porn.

Have you ever watched porn *Like everyone else, so don’t be shy!* And your eyes are constantly on lesbian porn.

At first it was curiosity. But you soon realize that heterosexual porn doesn’t excite you as much as lesbian porn does. all possible Even if you watch heterosexual porn Your eyes are focused on the woman and you rarely glance at the man involved in the act. [Read: A straight girl’s view on the seduction of lesbian porn]

What should you do now?

You don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to. Perhaps these signs will give you the answers you need.

Maybe they gave you something to think about and you are still trying to learn to know if you are a lesbian or not. Maybe it’s because you’re not sure yet. [Read: What is pansexual? To full guide to everything you must know]

The point is to understand your sexuality is a journey. If you are sure now The next step is up to you.

You can go out and start exploring your new world. Or wait a minute and find your feet first. There is no right or wrong answer here. The only thing to do in this situation is to bury your head in the sand and refuse to explore the possibilities just because you are worried about the outcome. [Read: The best apps for lesbians to find love]

for many people Gender identification makes them independent. It made them feel like the parts was finally clicked into place. No one can tell you if you are right or wrong. The only person who knows is you

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Sex can be tricky. Not sure how to know if you are a lesbian? do not panic There are many different sexual preferences for you to identify with.

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