How to Lead a Guy On: 15 Shitty Ways to Play Dirty & Get Revenge

There are several reasons you might want to learn how to motivate a man. Be careful if you pick up a lost puppy. Finding a new home is not easy.

how to bring men on

There’s a very specific reason why women want to know how to influence men. Okay, I hate giving people advice about being stupid. But there are times when men beg to behave badly. Maybe you took revenge in your heart because some guy has wronged you. Sometimes bringing him along is a good way to counter him.

Whether it’s a high school guy who teases you and won’t let you demand your attention. or a guy who pranks your best friend that can lead a man to watch him fall… for lack of better words to accomplish

How to get a man to get revenge – 15 ways that really work

There are many ways to lead a man. But if you really want to see him fall for you and fell from the cliff This is the best way to play with him. use his head a little and let him eat from the palm of your hand .

just be careful Sometimes things come in circles, so unless he really deserves it. Remember that it might happen to you one day, karma is bad, and if you act like this Karma might come back and kick you in. [Read: 10 signs you’re stuck in a karma smackdown]

#1 Maybe answer everything The best way to lead a man is to answer his questions, perhaps. yes is a promise no it is not Maybe that’s what keeps him guessing and makes him think he’s a snowball in hell chance to score you even if he can’t secretly. If he invites you on a date If he asks if you like him Or even if you want to see a movie, just say “yes, maybe.”

#2 Flirting with him, but once he got into the story, he backed away. The best way to lead a man is to give a little taste of what it’s like to be with you. But don’t go too far Bringing him forward was a risk. If you reveal too much You just have to keep doing what you do. Or admit that you played him a fool.

You don’t want to be above him. Some subtle flirting is all you need to get him hooked. [Read: Leave a guy weak in the knees and craving you]

#3 Say things like “we” and “we”. One perfect way to know how to lead a man is to give him the illusion that there will be things like “we” or “us” by using the phrase when calling. if you want to bring him You have to make him believe that you are part of his world. In a relationship there is only us and us. when he heard that Show that he means to you

#4 send him a message. Nothing is easier than making a joke by texting. Sometimes we are not good at leading when they stare at us. Perhaps our conscience is starting to ignite, or we can’t hide the disdain for the man we pretend to like.

If you want to flirt with him without anyone seeing him. Do it by sending a sexy, simple message to mess with his head. [Read: The subtle art of flirting with a guy over text]

#5 Tell him you’ll find him somewhere. and bail at the last minute There is nothing worse than waiting for something all day and not letting it happen. If he invites you on a date, say yes, even if you mean no. no intention to go But let him blow up other plans and plot with you. The ending? Bail at the last minute so he’s left with nothing but himself lonely and lonely.

#6 Forget the fact that you have a boyfriend.. If you want to know how to lead a guy in the right direction. You can’t tell him that you’re keeping an eye on other people or that you have a boyfriend. That may involve removing the telltale ring or not addressing certain men the way you normally would. You can’t lead a guy if they think your heart already belongs to someone else.

#7 Smile and cling to his every boring word. The best way to make a guy think you’re interested when What you don’t care about is holding on to his every word and pretending that he doesn’t say anything other than what’s important.

Men love to feel powerful and valuable. So in order to bring him Remember to pay attention to every boring detail. Laughed even though he wasn’t funny. and flirt by touching his face to signal that you think he’s cool. Even if he is not [Read: 30 subtle, obvious and overly sexual flirting moves for girls]

#8 Compliments Khao Tan Men love nothing more than compliments. If you want him to think you like him. You should be praising him. In fact, doing the stupidest thing he says or does is a big deal.

Tell him he’s hot or smart. whatever he thought was important. For some men, old praise will do. [Read: How to compliment a guy: What men love to hear]

#9 Pretend to be impressed by what he thinks is impressive in himself. When he speaks, make “oh” and “ah” sounds when you know he wants to impress you.

Thinks his car is the best thing ever. His love for dirt bikes is amazing. *Even though we all know it isn’t* and pretend you think he’s the most impressive person in your life. The best way to lead a man is to have an impression of his unimpressive self.

#10 Show more skin than you usually do. in motivating men To dress more seductively than usual. That makes him think you’re trying to impress him and dress him up. Wearing a sexy little halter that says “I think you’re hot” even when he’s not there. [Read: 18 things to do to make guys think you’re an easy lay]

#11 Invite him to dinner at your house. One of the best tips for leading a guy is inviting him over to your house for dinner. Make it seem like it’s a little personal relationship for the two of you. when he appeared There were ten other people there. He’ll dream of taking you to bed all day to mingle with everyone you know. It’s not fun for him!

#12 Ask him to go to the movies and let him pay.. Hey, if you take him At least have a good time and watch movies. The movie was a perfect day. You may have to sit with him. But you don’t have to talk to him, look at him, or even accept him. When the movie is over, you go home. [Read: Cold, calculated revenge to hit back and get even]

#13 When he asks you yes. But only when he was going to drive and pay. Again, if you bring a man At least get some good stuff out of it if you’re going to see a concert. suggest that they may go together

Have him drive to get the ticket too. You can take him and get something out of it for you. on the way home leave his ass But wait until he pulls into your driveway!

#14 Have him buy you a present. or even suggest what you want. If you want to bring a man accept his gift I mean it’s only fair. It would be rude not to let him spend his money on you. Revenge is sweeter when his bag is empty. And you have to trade a lot of things. [Read: How to handle a guy who is full of shit]

#15 Send him a late night drunk text.. Booty calls without booty is the best way to lead a guy. Wake him up with your sexy message when you come home drunk. when he asks you about it All you do is claim to be drunk. The perfect way to bring him

[Read: 10 things you do that’ll make a guy think you like him]

If revenge is what you want Play him the way he plays with you and learn how to lead the guy. Just remember that sometimes what we think we want may not be as good as when we got it. Revenge is always best planned and doesn’t follow.

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