How to Love Someone without Smothering Them

Could too much love be a bad thing? Find out how to love someone the right way. without oppressing them or hindering their individual growth.

How to love without holding back

When you fall in love with someone It’s normal to want to shower them with love and affection.

But have you ever overdo love?

Can you love someone so much that they don’t like you or your love?

Loving someone and hugging someone

To be honest, loving too much is not bad.

And you can’t make your partner hate you just because you love them so much.

But you can definitely make your partner dislike you when you start holding on to them.

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For many people, repressed love is not just excessive affection.

You might think that holding back too much love is a sign of your love for that special someone.

but in reality Holding your breath is a selfish act.

You don’t hide your partner because of love. You cover someone with love because you crave their love. want his attention Or it could be that you might want to help him solve problems, or you might want to protect them.

But did you do it because you thought it would make your partner feel better? Maybe not.

almost always You may hold your partner back for selfish reasons. Either to confirm your relationship status or feel better about yourself as a good role model for your partner.

How to love someone the right way

Nobody likes being incarcerated. There’s a fine line between showing love and hiding someone.

You may not want to hide your love for your partner. But have you ever felt that your partner tried to push you away or looked for excuses to get away from you from time to time? You might just be a lover holding back by accident.

First, strong displays of love and affection are interrelated and personal. What is concealed for one couple may not be cute for another. When you take the time to slowly fall in love with each other These are the little things that you both can learn about each other and each other’s expectations when it comes to love. [Read: New relationship advice to have a perfect start]

If you feel like hiding from your partner or if your partner tells you they need more space. Here are 10 things you need to do to relieve stress in a relationship.

#1 Don’t use love to control anyone. Don’t expect equal love from your partner right from the start of the relationship. Love takes time to bloom. You often say ‘I love you’ to your lover. because I feel like talking Or because you want to hear your partner speak back to you?

Don’t use love as an excuse to control your partner or lead them to obey your commands. When you show too much love Just to test your partner’s feelings or expect something in return. That’s something you can’t hold back and something that will make your partner rage faster than you think.

#2 Give your partner space to grow Spending time together can feel great. But even if you have the time of your life in the arms of your lover Learn to step back and give yourself some space from time to time. You may not realize it, but sometimes the presence of you all the time can annoy your loved one. The proverb, Absence makes the heart grow. Love, exists for a reason. [Read: How to give space in a relationship]

#3 always busy You don’t always have to answer calls from your partner. especially if it’s a small thing. Have you ever skipped work or left something important to use later when your partner asked you for something nonsense, like going to coffee because they were bored or helping you clean the house even though you didn’t? That hasn’t reached your queue until next week?

Two things will happen here. First, you’ll feel like you’re sacrificing something important to be with your lover. That will make you feel like a sacrifice who gives love above all else. And you will expect the same response from your partner. Second, your partner will accept you and expect the same special treatment at all times. Do you know how this arrangement can be shaken in the long run?

#4 Don’t call them all the time. contact is acceptable But expecting every update about their lives A couple of hours was overwhelming. avoid this behavior Unless your partner and you want to keep in touch all the time.

This is especially noticeable when your partner is hanging out with their own friends. You call your girlfriend a lot or text you miss you when they’re with your friends and you’re home alone. You’re bored, your partner is having fun. you want attention This is another case of suppression and abuse of love.

#5 balance your romance Learn to improve your relationship with the perfect balance of love, sex and friendship if you want to love someone the right way. You both need to feel more involved in each other’s lives than just love or lust. Learn to be friends, close friends and everything. This will help you avoid feeling jealous of anyone who is close to your partner as a friend.

#6 keep it exciting Make your partner want more all the time. innovate and looking for new ways to make things always exciting with love Instead of forcing your partner to treat you better or like a princess all the time. Do something that will inevitably make your partner treat you better. almost always We asked why our partners became boring. But we don’t even know how boring we’ve become. [Read: 30 sexy ways to spice up your sex life]

#7 have faith in your relationship Feel more confident about yourself and the relationship you’re in. Often, lovers tend to oppress their partner when they feel that they are not good enough for their partner or not doing well enough for a healthy relationship.

the feeling of having to do more and more It can make you do worse things. Start believing in yourself and knowing that you are hot.

#8 Do you really have any reason to feel insecure? Holding your breath is a sign of a slight insecurity. You feel that you have to be the best couple in the world. And you overdo it because you fear your partner will miss you less. or gape let you go find someone else You can’t always prove your love to others. And the more you go to prove your love The more you will be encouraged. [Read: How to prove you love someone the right way]

#9 Don’t be easily threatened Would you be threatened if someone at the party tried to make eye contact with your partner? Do you hate hearing that some good-looking people have a crush on your partner? If you do It shows that you may be insecure and may be crushing your partner with too much love.

If someone secretly likes your lover It doesn’t mean your lover will leave you. And if someone tries to make eye contact with your partner That doesn’t mean your partner is ignoring you. instead of feeling insecure look on the bright side Others can look and crave. But your partner is yours!

#10 Stop craving attention. Can you sit next to your partner for half an hour without demanding attention? Do you find yourself trying to get mad or giggling or looking for other ways to distract your partner? This may be acceptable at first. Especially when both of you are young in love. But if you find it difficult to spend quiet time around each other, perhaps you’re the one who needs attention all the time. [Read: 10 fun games for couples to play in bed]

The more attention you demand. Your partner will be more embarrassed to pay attention to you. And the more your partner doesn’t pay attention to you. The more you begin to hug them lovingly in hopes of reciprocity. And this cycle will continue on and on. Until both of you are confused, annoyed and bitter all the time!

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Hugging someone with love is not a bad thing. As long as your intentions are unselfish. If you want to know how to love someone without hiding too much from them. Keep these tips in mind. After all, many of us are addicted to suppression without even realizing it!

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