How to Make a Girl Come: A Woman’s Open and Honest Confession

Unfortunately, too many men are unaware of the women in bed. This is a way to make girls feel satisfied.

how to make a girl come

It might be harsh, but it’s the truth. Not enough men know how to make women come. They may think they do. But often women just masturbate or pretend. I know that sounds gross. But it wasn’t the man’s fault at all.

Women are very complicated. Moreover We’re also pretty quiet about what we really want in bed, all of which means we’re just really shooting ourselves. When it comes to how often we can reach our climax. But if men are more aware of what women really want. in order to come It might be a little easier.

Why do you always have to communicate in the bedroom?

I’m sure you’ve probably heard how important communication is in a relationship. But what is important to your sex life? It is extremely important to tell your partner what you want and want in bed for a variety of reasons.

First, all healthy relationships require a healthy sex life. Sex is an important way to connect and bond with your partner. If you feel completely dissatisfied This can result in resentment and feelings of detriment to your partner. Open up and start talking about what you like and want in bed. [Read: How to effectively communicate in your relationship]

How to make a girl orgasm and satisfy her in bed

If you know how to get a woman to sleep You’ll be hooked, but I admit, it’s not that easy. You have to practice and figure out what your girl likes in particular before you make her every time. But if you need general help I’ll go over the most common things a woman needs in bed to get it done.

#1 relax her The most important thing a man needs to know about how to get a woman to come is that she needs to relax. She can’t be stressed and stressed. Men can leave regardless. But women are very different.

This is because most of a woman’s orgasm is mental. So she couldn’t focus on what was causing her stress. So you have to keep her in good shape and relax, give her a massage, do the housework that stresses her out. and do everything to make her feel comfortable [Read: How to give a relaxing and sensual massage]

#2 let her trust you Because a woman’s climax is a matter of the mind. as I said before She must be able to fully trust the person who brought her. If she thinks you’re hiding something or if she doesn’t trust you in general. It will be harder for her to leave. So focus on showing her how committed you are. and it will be easier for you

#3 use your finger AKA don’t skip the foreplay. You can’t go straight from making out to slipping in her. It won’t work like that. After dating her Start touching her with your fingers. She must be stimulated internally and externally before she can come. [Read: How to finger a girl and make her orgasm]

#4 You can never go wrong with oral. to learn how to make women come You have to learn to love your mouth. Most women are unable to get off g-spot stimulation and respond to clit stimulation to get off, and the best way to do it is through oral sex.

You’ll have to practice this a lot to learn what she likes and wants. Many women need different pressures and focus on certain areas in order to get to that point. Take your time and remember what she responds best to.

#5 Ask her what she wants This is a very easy way to learn how to make women come. Just ask her what she wants. Some girls may still be too shy to talk, but if you ask, she’s more likely to tell you. Next time you’re busy Just ask her what she wants you to do.

#6 listen to what you want After she had made it clear what she wanted. You really have to do those things. If she says she wants it orally, do it. If she said she wanted a certain position so do that Don’t ignore what she wants most because she won’t get out of the car and she’ll be annoyed that you don’t listen. [Read: 10 ways to be a better listener in your relationship]

#7 Pay attention to her body language. The body language of a woman accepts everything. She may not be able to tell you what she wants. But her body will tell you focus on breathing the sound she made and how your body responds to your touch You’ll quickly learn what she likes and doesn’t matter if you pay attention.

#8 live longer Sorry, no regrets, this is important. Women take longer to reach orgasm than men. It’s just an anatomy. But men need to learn how to hold back until women learn. So or they need to know how to end her later?

You can easily prolong your orgasm if you just pull it off and bend down to her for a minute or so until you relax. You can also save yourself the day knowing what you’re getting and practicing longer and longer each time. [Read: 20 ways to easily last longer during sex]

#9 try something new Don’t do the same thing you used to do. If your girl hasn’t finished yet, why repeat? It’s important for both of you to try new things in the bedroom because you never know what you’ll both like.

You can do whatever she doesn’t know she wants. So change it up and try new moves. occasionally

#10 Show her that you enjoy yourself. I know it may take me a while to learn how to get a woman to come. But should be a fun experience. show her that She wants to know that you love trying to get her off and that you love it, especially when she really comes. This will help her relax and not feel selfish over long periods of time.

#11 Focus on the clit. Clit stimulation is essential for learning how to get a woman to come. Many people can’t quit piercing, so they want you to focus on their clit. You can do this while you’re inside her by using your hands on her while you’re at it. Remember to adjust your speed and pressure until she responds positively. [Read: 10 sexy ways to please her clit and leave her satisfied]

#12 Find her g-spot. it was there every woman has one You just have to search for it and find the best place to hit it. Generally, a woman’s g-spot is a few inches high on the front wall of her vagina. However, you won’t always be able to feel it without stimulation. Fingering and turning her will help you find it.

#13 Don’t forget the rest of her body. Her genitals weren’t the only place that could awaken her. Her breasts and nipples played an important role in dismissing her. Focus on sucking, squeezing, or even biting. As long as it seems she likes It was fair game.

[Read: How to satisfy a woman in bed and make sex amazing]

I know how hard it is to learn how to make a woman come. but when you do You know it’s all about getting to know her needs and paying attention to what’s best.

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