How to Make a Girl Jealous & Leave Her Begging for Your Attention

Are you wondering how to make a woman jealous and pay attention to you? Remember when you poked the green-eyed monster. It can’t be taken back!

how to make a girl jealous

A woman is quite complicated. It’s true. We are often picky, irrational, and sometimes crazy. What men need to understand about women is that we are not easily tolerated. However, jealousy can certainly arouse our interest. Knowing how to make a woman jealous can be very helpful in your dating endeavors. As long as you use it in the right way

women love attention We want to be the center of your world and when we are away. it will be boring That’s why making a woman jealous makes her want you more.

The trick is knowing how to do it in an obscure manner.

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Girls just want to feel special.

If you take one thing out of this reading Girls must feel special. It is what drives us to do what we do.

If we feel forgotten and ignored by you. We will start working hard to get it. And if we still don’t understand We will begin to wonder if we should leave and find someone else.

It brings out our animal side, to be honest. Women are competitive too. And if you challenge us, we’ll do it. That’s why jealousy is a great way to grab a girl’s attention and make her work for you. [Read: 14 simple ways to make a girl feel special and loved]

Want to learn how to make women jealous? should act carefully

However, all of this comes with a warning. When you try to make someone jealous You can never be sure how the situation will turn out.

Jealousy is an unpredictable emotion. It can turn someone’s attention on you and give you the results you want. Or it might make them want to move away from you.

If you try to make a woman jealous She might think you’re not worth her time and the whole thing might turn back to you.

That’s why you need to know the girl well enough before trying this risky strategy.

Of course, using jealousy to your advantage is certainly very helpful. You just have to tread carefully and not go too far. Unless you want to drop the unwanted green-eyed monster back into its cage. [Read: How to recognize the signs of jealousy in someone & guide them out]

how to make a girl jealous

The problem with making a woman jealous is that if she knows what you’re doing, she’s gone, so you have to be sneaky. about it and do it in a way that she wouldn’t notice.

If you want to make a woman jealous but aren’t sure what to do, don’t worry. We’re here to give you a complete guide on how to make her work for your interests. Follow these tips and she will be with you in no time. [Read: How to make a girl fall hard for you – 20 steps that’ll make her absolutely desire you!]

1. Blow hot and cold

This technique of making girls jealous works amazingly. When you pay attention to her and ignore her. It will make it harder for her to fight for your attention. She will taste a little of what you have to offer, and she will crave it.

So when you’re with her Pay attention to her and compliment her sometimes. But don’t pay attention to her sometimes. It will drive her crazy and she will want to get your attention back.

2. Compliment the girls around her.

Nothing makes a woman more jealous than being abandoned. If there are other women around you give them a little compliment Nothing too crazy though.

Just comment how you like their outfits, hair and even their shoes. If you really want to drive a woman crazy with jealousy. Call other girls “really cool” in front of her! [Read: How to compliment a girl the right way]

3. Laughing at what the other woman said.

The thing about girls is that we all want to be funny. We all want to be the one who makes men laugh because it’s so rare. She will go crazy with jealousy.

She’ll start telling jokes and try to make you laugh too.

if you do this Stay strong and don’t laugh. Even if you think it’s funny. You can smile and recognize jokes. But the laughter must be kept inside. [Read: How to play hard to get with a girl – And play it just right]

4. Be innocent to other girls while she watches.

This doesn’t mean you should spank her ass or date other girls. This means just touching another woman on your arm, lower back, or even just slamming your shoulder towards her.

These little touches will make a woman really jealous. It’s because you’re making other women feel special. And since every woman needs that special feeling. It will make her jealous that she doesn’t understand. [Read: How to innocently flirt by touching]

5. Talk about how good other girls are.

You don’t have to talk about other women or anything serious. As long as you’re talking about how fun or cool other girls are. She will go crazy with jealousy. She’ll want to prove to you that she’s fun and cool too. which may work for you

6. Ignore her messages and calls. But engage with other women on social media.

A good way to make a woman jealous is to ignore her texts and calls. But try to communicate with other women online.

If you tag a girl in a photo on social media or even share something with other people’s profiles, she’ll go crazy. She’ll want to make a joke and it will make her really jealous. [Read: How to think like a girl and win her over]

7. Post pictures with other girls on social media.

The best way to work is if the pictures you post are where the girl is with you. However, only post your pictures with other girls. and don’t take that picture with her. She would really envy this. When she’s not being “bragged”, it drives her crazy.

8. Talk about the fun you have when doing things without her.

It doesn’t have to be with other women either. If you have a good time with them Lets start talking about its magic.

A girl like you wants to be the one to make fun of you, so when you’re having a good time without her It will really make her jealous.

9. When you are with her Keep laughing at the messages you receive.

When you look at the phone and laugh at the things she doesn’t know it will make her jealous

Once again the girls want to take responsibility for making you happy We want to be the one who makes you laugh. If we weren’t and others were doing that work, we would be jealous.

10. Ignore her while talking to others in the group.

If you’re standing in a group with other people, ignore her, talk to others, laugh at all their jokes. But don’t know what she said.

Don’t be rude if she speaks to you directly. Don’t talk to her only in groups. [Read: Negging game – The philosophy of negging and how to do it right]

Things not to do when making a girl jealous

As long as there is a good way to make a woman jealous. But there are some things that you should totally avoid. Don’t do any of the following to make a woman jealous as this will only make her angry. [Read: 21 things guys should never say to their woman]

1Don’t kiss another girl in front of her *or at all*

This just shows girls that you need someone else. That wasn’t the point that made her jealous. She will leave and move on if she sees you doing this.

2. Never leave her.

If you just shut her out That won’t make her jealous. That makes her feel like you don’t care at all.

And if you’re trying to make her jealous, then you should be interested, so she’ll admit that she doesn’t want her into your life. And she will completely stop trying to pull you in. [Read: 12 reasons shutting her out completely will never win her over]

3. Don’t put her down

Insults never make a woman jealous, if anything, they only make her angry and hurt. These two things won’t win your love. But they will make her write that you are a fool and she will go to the next man.

4. Do not try all the advice above.

We’ve discussed how to make a woman jealous and the tips we’ve mentioned will definitely help. However, don’t do too much at once! Don’t try to explain multiple tips at once. Because all you’re going to do is make her think you’re a lunatic. She will let you stand there. Your mission has completely failed.

Sometimes you have to try to get people interested in you. It’s not the best idea to play games. But often it’s the only thing that works.

Of course, making a woman jealous is a game. But as long as you play carefully You should find the results you want. if not then It’s possible that you’ve gone too far.

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Knowing how to make a woman jealous can always be helpful to you. You will be able to make her notice you and ask her to get your attention.

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