How to Make a Girl Smile: 50 Things You Can Do to Make Her Happy

Want to know how to make a woman smile? You’re part of that path now. you want her to be happy The rest is a piece of cake.

how to make a girl smile

You might think that learning how to make a woman smile requires a lot of practice or exaggeration. but in reality It’s not that hard. Most women want you to be sincere and a smile will appear immediately.

But if you’re shy, nervous, or inexperienced, Here’s how to make a sure smile.

smile to yourself

Before we talk about tips and tricks. Smiling is a great way to make people smile at you. Don’t overdo it or go over it like a clown. You wouldn’t want to freak this woman out.

But if you don’t talk a lot or just want to make a girl smile from a distance. To show off your skin as white as pearls. And she would always smile instantly. [Read: How to smile more often and change your life for the better]

What was your last game?

Are you looking to date this girl? Are you trying to start a conversation? Or want to cheer on your friends? Knowing where this is going is a good place to start.

You probably don’t want to joke around if you’re trying to cheer up a friend who is sad. But compliments can be appropriate for other situations, so think about the appropriateness of the effort in your particular situation.

how to make a woman smile

When you want to make a woman smile, don’t overthink it. You might find things awkward or bizarre. take a deep breath and enter with confidence most important is their own person [Read: 20 funny questions to ask a girl and leave her ROFL]

Most women have good instincts and can tell if you’re on the phone or are over-prepared. Being genuine is your best bet.

1. Compliment her

This is old, but goodie, solid compliments can go a long way.

Saying something like “Wow, you look great tonight” or even “That outfit looks amazing on you” is a classic. This doesn’t feel like you plan or come up with clever words. Good old-fashioned compliments are always golden. [Read: The sweetest compliments a girl would love to hear]

2. buy her something

I don’t mean gifts But if you’re at the bar to order something for her yes you can go drink but personally I think the appetizers are more unique and will keep her awake in a good way. Ordered her fries. Give her a milkshake or have something for you But this will definitely make her smile, if not more.

[Read: How to court a woman like a classy gentleman]

3. give her a hand

This way, I mean if she struggles to get the waitress’s attention. Take a selfie with friends Or whatever it is, offer to help. This is a nice intro to smiles. and even a little flirting and if you are lucky full conversation

This could include helping her carry leftovers to the car or opening the door for her. You don’t have to do anything crazy. to make women smile Just showing a little kindness is enough.

4. meet her eyes

Lovemaking can be considered a delicate art. And if you’re wondering how to make a woman smile? This is a good way to start. what you need to do whether across the room, bar or nearby Just make eye contact for no more than three seconds.

Most likely, you’ve already gotten a smile without saying a word. Now you can go in and have a good laugh. [Read: 10 subtle eye contact moves that work every single time]

5. Make the most of every opportunity

You may not have the opportunity to offer to help her with something. But there are many more people in the world. So no matter where you are Keep an eye on who is struggling.

I mean, However, you should act like a good person. It’s only helpful if a woman sees it. Help an elderly person get in a car or pick up something from a high floor for someone. When you’re going out to help someone It will definitely make her smile.

6. support her

Whether it’s your boyfriend, friend, or someone you just met and she’s venting. cheer her up This does not mean that you should offer a solution to any complaint or issue. that she’s sharing with you, just listen

Girls love it when a guy just listens to her, telling her, “Wow, that sucks” or “I didn’t even think of that.” She is sure to smile because of your fresh attitude. [Read: 15 courteous ways to be a gentleman and keep her happy]

7. Say it’s worth it.

What is it worth? that’s up to you whether you buy dinner Drive her somewhere or take her home Make sure she knows she’s important to you.

8. be a gentleman

The knight really is dead, so if you open the car door for her pull out chair help her with a coat or a modern version of this… Stay away from your phone when you’re together! she will rejoice with joy [Read: 20 ways to make your girlfriend incredibly happy]

9. Super romantic

In addition to being a stand-up The guy who shows off your romance will sweep her off her feet. From candles to flowers and chocolates. These may seem a little boring, but they work.

also, If you really want to stop everything to dance with her And I don’t mean at the club. Put slow music on your phone, hold her hand and dance in the streets. This is something most women only see in movies. thus bringing fairy-tale-like moments into her real life. There may be tears of happiness in her [Read: The complete guide to romance without the cheesiness]

10. Hold her hand

Whether she meets your parents You’re meeting her or doing whatever worries her. To gently squeeze her hand first. A simple touch like this tells a lot. like during those times

It lets her know that even though you might not be able to say anything at that moment. But you are with her and she is not alone.

11. Surprise her

Doing what she didn’t expect Not only will she think you’re cute. But she will surely smile. Cook her dinner after a long day or send her favorite lunch to work. [Read: How to surprise your girlfriend and score major points]

12. Sing to her

Whether you have the voice of an angel or not Singing to her was a romantic gesture. Take advice from Ashton Kutcher’s character in A Lot Like Love. He may not have a good voice. But the effort was what made the girl smile.

13. Send a message

This is the easiest thing you can do to make her smile. Just send her a good morning message. Let her know that you’re thinking of her all day. She will smile even if you can’t see. [Read: 300 most romantic texts you can send her]

14. Meaningful

It’s good to tell her that she’s beautiful. but going a step further Compliment who she is Tell her how smart or smart she is. It shows that you know her and notice more than her looks.

15. Write a love note.

Love letters are a dying art. Make her smile with sweet notes. You can spell every word with multiple pages or just leave the dessert in the fridge for her to look at in the morning.

16. Play With Her Hair

Don’t get confused if you’re going somewhere nice. If you’re watching TV in bed poke your finger This is very intimate and underrated.

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